BREAKING – RCAF WING in Cornwall Ontario To be Torn Down for Condos? PETITION Jan 25, 2014

RCAF WINGCornwall Ontario – While eyes have been focused on the No Tanks protest and the new ugly low level bridge replacing our majestic high level one it looks like a sad prediction may be ringing true.

Documents discovered by CFN are triggering questions about the RCAF Wing on Water Street.  It’s lease was up last Spring and contrary to assurances that it’d be renewed  it has not been to date.

Likewise, it’s on Federal Land like the controversial Kaneb Oil Tank property which was remediated at tax payer expense only to see the Federal Government via Transport Canada grant a ten year lease to Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc.   And that begs the question if that parcel of land also could be leased out to private interests without consultation with the public, Akwesasne, or passing muster environmentally.

Could this lead to condos on our waterfront without due process when the public to date has clearly rejected such proposals?    And could this be connected to discussion that the mayor and CAO are having with the Federal Government regarding disposal of Crown lands along Cornwall Ontario’s waterfront?

S Alexander CouncilCFN viewed an email from Stephen Alexander to the Air Force Wing representative and that reply to Cornwall Council.   That document showed a clear desire by the Waterfront Land Committee (in charge of acquisition and led by Councilor Denis Thibault) who’s been missing in action throughout all of the tank controversy.

We have not received any response to requests from more info from any of the parties as of print time and will be updating as we gain more information.

RCAFA 300x250 2013-08-26What do you think Cornwall?  Should this heritage site be bulldozed and turned into condos without any due process?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Whats next? Our homes must be on federal land too then, are we going to sit back and let the feds and city council do this? The destruction of a meeting place for people who have lost close friends and family through their effort to protect that which we hold most dearly? Our freedom? We must not let this happen, i will fight the good fight, we must stop the feds and our council before the city allows the feds to open that door to take over every parcel of land in Ontario. This is not just Cornwall’s fight anymore. once standards are set for one city every other city, town and country farm will follow. I see protest marches with thousands participating, stand up for our Legionaires, past, present and future

  2. RCAFA Wing Should Be Declared a Historical Site

    The RCAF should long ago have been declared a ‘Historical’ site, thus not allowing it to be changed in any significant way. This site with its view has long been used as a PUBLIC venue and serves for many city needs including the Waterfront Committee meetings and weekly entertainment and dinner site.

    What would happen to their plane as well.

    This whole site is an extremely picturesque venue in itself for International Tourism through it’s RCAFA heritage along.

    I cry foul if this site becomes a private use only site. Might s well shove an oil tank there for how everyone must feel about such a shocking announcement.

    Please do NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. With the new border allowing more ready access to our Lamoureaux Park as well as to our two downtowns the pristine site loss and also the access to the local boat ramp below is so inviting to the enhanced traffic we are about to have here.

    We need to place traffic lights at Cumberland and Water Streets to better control this new flow. As well. we must enhance the invitation to our two downtowns via high, well lighted signage on top of the new earthen security wall place along the canal by the CBSA needs.


  3. No absolutely not. You leave that RCAF Wing up there and it belongs to the veterans. Leave them alone. Go and build on Water Street – take down the old arena and take down the old CJSS and buy out the dumps along that stretch and build there to your heart’s content. Build only the kind of condos that Mr. John Markell built which are in good taste. Leave the park alone and leave the RCAF alone as well.

  4. The Waterfront Land Acquisition Committee should hang their heads in shame over this one. My dad served
    in the 1st WW in the RFC Royal Flying Corp and served this country in the Canadian Army in WW 2 . Air Force Veterans returning home after WW 2 managed to acquire that Historic Home and build the addition onto it , any attempt to take it away now clearly shows disrespect for them and for those who gave their lives defending our freedom .

  5. A great shame on the Waterfront Committee and you all hang your heads down in shame and resign. That waterfront should not be touched at all by your grubby hands. The people who fought and many died for what we have today and that airplane means a lot to many people. There are plenty of us everywhere who will fight to keep it the way it is. Hands off the entire waterfront. You take down the old Si Miller arena that is falling apart and the old radio station and properties that many landlords would be happy to sell it to you but hands off the Waterfront and hands off the RCAF or any other auxiliary of the armed forces personnel. They fought for this country and leave them alone.

  6. Well I guess I’ll be running in the next election after all. It’s about time this city had someone with the gumption to stand up and tell the sellouts on our waterfront committee(s), and on council, the mayor himself, and our fart catching MP… that they are dicks.

    And, if and when this report is confirmed, I will do just that and put my name to it as well.

  7. I’m with Mr. Beattie. My dad too, served our country in the second world war and was always happy to have the wing to go to and hang out with other veterans. Do not touch the waterfront. It is beautiful as it is and everything is not about the almighty dollar. Some things, you can’t put a price tag on. You really should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking such a selfish narrow minded thought. We are the people and we have spoken. Let’s see who is listening.

  8. The façade of the RCFA Lamoureaux park site is part and parcel on the face of many tourist pamphlets in our past. The RCAFA Wing is indeed the spirit and face of Cornwall itself to most who use it and have seen it, including our tourists, I would venture to say. A pristine picture in itself, an artists dream painting with geese and water lawns and trees in its wake. You can’t get better than this.

    The RCAFA Wing id the heart and soul and yeas, the spirit and saintly home rendering history like no other building in Cornwall. The very thought of it being demolished rather than enhanced is shuttering at best, so scary when I first read the header I thought I was having sleep paralysis for god’s sake.

    This property holds memories as surely as our Cornwall Historical Museum. One in the physical while this one in our hearts and minds, affecting our very lives and those of our heritage, our ancestry, surely as often pointed out by our good neighbors of Akwasasne. The destruction of the RCAFA Wing would be no less than the desecration of a burial ground.

    Do not do it. Here’s a message for those who have such a bent on it’s change, a hex on you and the city of Cornwall that will continue to plague you and yours for generations to come. How does that fit your fancy.


    Dave Windsor

  9. Our veterans being assaulted yet again. Lets stand up for them like they did for us.

  10. As we can read here and elsewhere, the citizens enjoy, desire and relish the RCAFA as it is. I do not see that a Condo project is part of the suggestion here, yet with a lease that’s run out, I do see a call for help to assure it is rewritten. Perhaps this is a ploy to have a rush of memberships, but if the ship is indeed slipping away, why would we want to join at this time? That being said, the support of the Wing is unparalleled to any thing else going on in this great park region. Take note folks. Home of Balloonfest, Ribfest, Canaada Day, Winterfest, summer picnics, all of these and more and there is the RCFA Wing, right in the middle of it.

  11. Here we go again ! Surely Jamie, the Feds would not pull the same ridiculous stunt as they did with the tanks ? Is anyone on Council, going to give us a factual time-line ? When was this discussed, by which group, the motions that were made, by whom & who represented the City at these meetings with the Feds ? I’m really hoping that this is just one big “cluster —- ! But for those of us that truly love our Waterfront, one does not have to be a historian to remember, the attempts that were made, not that long ago, to develop-build in our beautiful Park ! We must never, let our guard down, for one second on this issue. Thanks CFN for airing this topic .

  12. Damn right Robert…We will stand up for our vets. The only place that should be bulldozed is CITY HALL with all the narrow minded idiots sitting behind their desk pretending they know what is or is not going on.
    Who in their right mind would even want condos in this area? Oh! Bobbies clique, that’s who.
    We, the people of Cornwall MUST NOT let this happen.

  13. Author

    W.R. if the NO TANKS situation has taught us anything it’s that our local and Federal govern’t are treating us like Mushrooms. Keep us in the dark and throw some (*&)^ at us every once in awhile. We sent a clear message that we didn’t want tanks on the Kaneb property and nearly two months later they still are negotiating? Negotiating about what? Not about taking the tanks out; but about the city taking over Crown lands. In the last year of a clouded mandate? Please; after watching the city give out $3.5M in corporate welfare to Smart Centres I for one do not want them negotiating anything. Just disclose what happened and get the tanks out. And leave the Wing alone.

  14. I wonder if they realize that, by federal law, if this building goes on the selling block , it is offered to the nearest federal entity, which just happens to be the Mohawks of Akwesasne. And with that it could be preserved and maintained indefinitely.

  15. 2014 being an election year I do hope that the taxpayers in our town get the message of whats
    going on here. Mayor Bob Kilger has been talking with Akwesasne over a possible partnership
    with them to acquire Federal Harbor front land without City Council’s approval which is required and even if that did come about the Trillium Lease would not be settled $$$
    WR it sure is one big cluster—– but feel the whole mess unless proven otherwise leads to our
    City Hall group . I would suggest to City Council that they Stand up and get the true answers to
    this mess and get Economic Development there to be able to question them as to all details
    including correspondence E-Mails etc that they had with Trillium . The Taxpayers deserve the
    Truth, including whats going on with the RCAF Wing .

  16. Jamie someone mentioned a good idea. Take a bulldozer and park it in front of city hall and a good thing is to bulldoze everyone inside along with the building and we could be rid of them all and put the clique inside as well and you would have me there celebrating the wonderful event. This is a real dictatorship. Since Bare Ass and that lunatic Guy Lauzon is in nothing will be accomplished. We cannot turn our face around since you never know what kind of nonsense that they are up to. There is quite a connection between the feds who we cannot trust and Cornwall’s present bunch of untrustworthy gang of you know what like what you mentioned about the fertilizer on the mushrooms but cannot say the real word here. LOL LOL. They have to go pronto before they do any more damage. I said it all before many times and I mean that fully.

  17. In regard to the new low level bridge / high level bridge perhaps if the federal gov’t had maintained the high level one there wouldn’t have been a need to replace it. But a decision was made 14 years that the high level bridge would be replaced. It was probably at that time the decision was made to do just essential maintenance. Take a look at the south channel bridge (U.S. side) and compare it to the north channel. The south channel bridge has been maintained properly, the north channel bridge was not

    Now in regards to the RCAF Wing I agree that it should stay. But it’s lease was up last spring and from what I read they were told that if the lease was renewed it would be on a yearly basis, not the ten year lease the RCAF Wing wanted so they could plan for upkeep, upgrades.

  18. The lease at the RCAF should be renewed and renewed for good. I have no relatives who have been in the armed forces but I respect the veterans for all they have done and there are not enough thanks to go around and the little bit is to let them keep their club. When we are in Cornwall that is the first place we like to go and walk is around that beautiful park of Lamoureux along with the other parks. There should be no buildings of any sort on the river. Water is the most precious commodity besides oil and it should be a crime for anyone to pollute the water everywhere on earth. No houses, no condos or anything to interfere with the beautiful scenery and the health of water. I said before to those “wing nuts” meaning stupids to build condos in the impeccable taste of Mr. John Markell on Water Street and not huge buildings that block the sunlight and are horrible to live in. It is like living like a caged animal. Don’t forget to throw the bums out fast because they are up to a lot of harm.

  19. I sort of agree with you in regard to buildings on the river. However in other cities, Brockville for example, there are condos, etc. on the waterfront. I think if it is done smartly, perhaps the way the Renaissance Group wants to do it it can look nice, not crowded and bring in additional tax dollars for the city. Putting them in the Cotton Mills district is the way to go. But I say no to any new buildings between the civic complex and the bridge. I have a feeling we will see something, hopefully nothing to do with industry, on the old Domtar property in the future. Hopefully they will knock down the two remaining smokestacks. Once that area is redeveloped they cannot knock those down. Concrete fails and when those smokestacks become old they need NOT to be in the midst of condos, apartments, houses, etc.

  20. Jules said
     ‘January 26, 2014 at 12:58 pm
    Jamie someone mentioned a good idea. Take a bulldozer and park it in front of city hall and a good thing is to bulldoze everyone inside along with the building and we could be rid of them all and put the clique inside as well and you would have me there celebrating the wonderful event. This is a real dictatorship. Since Bare Ass and that lunatic Guy Lauzon is in nothing will be accomplished.’
    Now Jules, I understand your anger over a lot of issues here in Cornwall. I just have to tell you that your remarks are far from cultured and way off the mark. To criticise a situation is one thing, in fact it is our right, but to be so accusatory as to make it a personal attack with dangerous suggestions is totally out of line. Far be it from me to suggest you tone it somewhat as we know you have a gift of, well, words, surely to goodness redirection can show a new attitude, ‘whoever you really are’.
    Thanks Jules. We know you are better than that.

  21. You are right Mr. Windsor but just a very wishful thought on my part. LOL LOL. Something sure does have to be done with Bare Ass and his gang before they do anymore damage and they have absolutely no vision at all. It isn’t just anybody who can lead a town in the right direction and those clowns are destroying the beauty of the town.

    Hugger 1 I totally agree with you about those condos and they should be built in the old Cotton Mill area as well as Water Street and other places where housing is coming apart at the seams. There are many landlords who cannot keep up their properties and would love to sell and be rid of problems. Condos done in good taste is what is needed and not huge highrises that block off people’s view of the river nor to interfere with people to enjoy the park. Yes taxes are needed and I don’t condone that at all and I would like to see responsible people build in a decent way like what Mr. John Markell has built. If you have ever seen the inside of any it is with great taste. The Domtar properties have to be cleaned up and that is a job in its own. You cannot build on something that is mighty harmful to people’s health expecting taxes in return. That could take years and yes for the smoke stacks to come down as well.

  22. @ Dave Windsor. One has to maintain a sense of humour and tolerance when reading the comments on this site. Jules might be a bit off the wall at times, but no more so than a lot of us, except for me, of course.

  23. Thanks for your come back guys, of course I understand. Further to that my fear is some or our current councillors after spending 8 years kissing you know what, not accomplishing ‘THEIR’ goals will still have the gall to expect us to allow them yet another term to again sit on their hiny, shoot more B.S, than ever, give the impression that they know ‘ALL’ so they should be able to give the direction for how things are done by the newly elected councillors.

    Forgive MY sense of humor, but that seems somewhat retarded to me. If we re-elect this group (save a very few) (my wish list to see an 8 year man re-elected would be Mr. A. R.). Yes, perhaps one or two of the one term to date councillors as well……….NO MORE, \it is time to retire the lot of them otherwise.

  24. A bit off the wall at times???? LOL LOL. I am a lot off the wall more so than what I type. I have a lot of laughs at this end of the machine. What I said about the bulldozer reminded me of that wacky doctor on MASH the one that they nicknamed Ferrit Face. This doctor got hold of one of those Sherman tanks and rode on the tents and the people running in different directions to avoid getting run over. I am laughing like crazy thinking about that episode and would be funny to see all the rats scurrying for cover. LOL LOL. Oh well at least I can laugh about it all. I can dream can’t I? Having laughter at Bare Ass and his gang of scoundrels is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Not one of them is any sane or they would have left him a long time ago.

  25. Jamie, Will you publish the email ? not asking you to name names but publishing the email to show this is 100% real would go along way!

  26. Author

    Rob we are still investigating this story, and we cannot divulge a source ever. After nearly five years and 7,500 stories without ever having to print a retraction we’re very proud of our track record on stories.

  27. I respect the RCAF building for what it is now, but do any of you actually know what it was before it become that? The actual history of the building and what it was used for?! It was the home of the superintendent of the seaway. you know that.. (my grand-parent’s and great grand-parent’s lived in that home) The St. Lawrence Seaway project was considered one of the major engineering feats of the twentieth century. First conceived as a hydro project, the Seaway project served the twofold purpose of providing much needed hydro resources and deepening the water levels in order for ocean freighters to gain access to the inland ports along the great lakes. Which lead to a dramatic increase of jobs and the ability to ship commercial goods… Maybe people should check their facts about a location.

  28. Hugger1…I hear they are moving the smoke stacks to Kilger’s house so he has a place to blow out his hot air! Oh SORRY! That’s one to his house and one to his secret place in Ottawa.LOL…Yes, concrete does fail just like the Mayor has done to the citizens of Cornwall.

  29. I remember the St. Lawrence Seaway going up all too well and I was a child back in the 50’s era. I long so much for those good days to be here now. That old house would be considered a historical house and should not come down at all to build “condoms” LOL LOL I do have a good name for them. Do you know that a house like that costs tons of money here in Ottawa. You don’t take down history but instead you preserve it and I can’t see any other good use than to let the vets have it.

    Did you know that Harpoon Harpo is closing many veteran departments on the east coast as well as in Thunder Bay and doesn’t give a rat’s behind about them. Bare Ass and his gang of thugs don’t give a hoot about them either and it is about time that everyone stands up and fights for them. We were talking about this just a while ago and my husband said that it is a prime piece of real estate that they have their eyes on and that is all park land that should remain as park land and that wing should be kept as a wing. People do not be fooled in any way and stand up and fight and that is for everything in this life or things will be taken away from everyone if you do not stand up and fight. I know too much and if I told you a lot of the truths it would scare all of you. Stand up for our rights. Kick the bums out of office the sooner the better.

  30. Cornwall Hockey I love what you said. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

  31. I cannot believe what is happening, Why do we have a representative of the party in government telling us all the good things he is doing for us, and look what has been going on lately, the tanks on the river side and now condo being built in our park. Where is Mr. Lauzon, funny we have not eared a word from him on both count. Actually we know who the boss is and we can also see that his member of parliament does not count for much, otherwise maybe Mr, Lauzon would have been able to tell us something about what is going on.

    Let’s find out who we have to contact and do something about it.

    P.S. Contact every alderman at city Hall and let them know we are not happy.

  32. Monique….. condos are not being built on the waterfront in the forseeable future. Jamie just suggested that as a possibility if the lease for the RCAF wing is not renewed. As for contacting every councillor that helps, but we are dealing with the federal gov’t and any time youi deal with them it takes time, red tape is so much fun.

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