Justin Bieber Turns Himself Into Toronto Police Service – Official Release – Jan 30, 2014

Toronto Police Service
News Release

Man arrested and charged after assault investigation, Justin Bieber, 19, faces one charge

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 – 9:41 PM
52 Division

The Toronto Police Service would like to advise the public of an arrest in connection with an assault investigation.

It is alleged that:

– on Monday, December 30, 2013 at approximately 2:50 a.m., a limousine picked up a group of six people outside a nightclub in the Peter Street and Adelaide Street West area.

– while driving the group to a hotel, an altercation occurred between one of the passengers and the driver of the limousine

– in the course of the altercation, a man struck the limousine driver on the back of the head several times

– the driver stopped the limousine, exited the vehicle and called police

– the man who struck him left the scene before police arrived

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, Justin Bieber, 19, of Calabasas, California, surrendered to police at 52 Division. He is facing the following charge:

1. Assault

He is scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on Monday, March 10, 2014, 11 a.m., room 111.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-5200, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at www.222tips.com, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave A Tip on Facebook. Download the free Crime Stoppers Mobile App on iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry App World.

Milena Cardinal



  1. This is an old story that has “starred” too many, too successful young entertainers. If he really works at it the kid could be the next Frankie Lymon!

  2. One of the finest musical artists that Canada has ever produced!
    A genius is seldom understood,

  3. LOL LOL. ROLF! This is news???? This is publicity for this piece of crap. The more attention that he gets the more he makes money and the people are so mighty stupid to believe in this garbage. Honestly I have never listened to him once and I never will. I cannot stand looking at his face let alone listen to what he sings or says. He is a despicable piece of garbage and most of us are more than fed up of him and wish that he would disappear entirely from the earth. No matter what he does he doesn’t get in trouble like the rest of us would. This is all a hoax that only the very weak minded would believe.

  4. “The men don’t know but the little girls understand.”

    from Willie Dixon’s “Back Door Man”

  5. Oh come Jules… He really is an amazing singer and interpreter of fine songs.
    Here’s just an example of some of his great lyrics..
    Baby Baby Baby, Baby Baby Baby, Baby Baby Baby, Baby Baby Baby…
    It doesn’t get any better than that!

  6. Jules he is a teenager with lots of money that he has earned because of his singing talent… yes he is on a rough spot right now or two but he needs parents to step in and not be his pal but rather his parents… “A piece of crap” not a really nice name to call anyone

  7. LOL LOL. ROLF! Furtz you are a riot. LOL LOL. OMG I can get better music from a barking dog. LOL LOL. This kid is so ugly and scrawny and there is nothing to this (I can’t call him a man at all since he looks like a broomstick) and I have never listened to anything that he has sung at all. I look at his face and I go YUCK! what a disappointment. Films and music sure went downhill and to the worse.

  8. @Furtz
    Yeah, and he stole that line from James Brown!

  9. Jane Doe this so called man has a mother (a single mother) who has never disciplined him at all. He goes to Argentina and stomps on their flag, goes to Brazil and writes on a brick wall, goes to Australia and again writes on walls, urinates in a bucket in a restaurant that has a picture of former US president Bill Clinton and we can go on and on. Where is his mother anyway? She doesn’t care one bit. There has been no discipline at all. These are not parents at all and society is crumbling and this is supposed to be the next generation. My children don’t want any kids to raise in such a society and I don’t want to be a grandma seeing my offspring in such a horrible society. My parents raised me well and other parents that I knew in my day raised their kids up to be well and only certain ones were not raised well. Society has gone down hill and I hate to see the other generations to come since it is a horrible scene to see today. You cannot be friends with your children and at the same time be a parent. It is one way or the other. This so called man lacks a father and that is one of the main reasons why he is a vigilante.

  10. Jules: I know all about his mother.. and his father and we all know hid dad is not a good role model…I know all of his crimes well that the media has had hold of… I raised three kids 2 boys and a girl.. In their teenage years my two boys got into lots of trouble lots.. One in particular..They grew out of it… So I understand a little bit about a family that is split up and no discipline and becoming a star very young.. I don’t think our society is that bad sorry I take offense to that.. “The bieb is a vigilante” LOL.. now you have toped all of your statements I think…

    |I hope he gets the help he needs or someone who is dear to him will help him get through this phase of his life so that he may have many years of being the entertainer he wants to be.. remember all this money and fame at 19.. I don’t know what I would have done with it all… I suspect the same as bieb!

  11. @ Jane Doe. I tend to agree with you. Neither of his parents are what you’d call brilliant, and the kid’s musical talent is pretty limited. With smart management and some voice and dance lessons, he became a freak phenomenon bringing in untold millions, making lots of people, including his parents, very wealthy. The people around him will milk this cash cow for all its worth until he dies from an overdose or whatever.

  12. Jane Doe you might have heard about Freddie Prinze back in the 1970’s who had a show with Jack Albertson who was a vaudeville actor. Freddie was young back in those days and he is the father of Freddie Prinze Jr. who is now a singer. Freddie Sr. became mighty famous and was very young back then and I think that he was only 20 or something like that at the time. He was on drugs but didn’t do any crime or harm to anyone and didn’t make a spectacle of himself. One day he committed suicide and Jack Albertson said that he had too much too soon.

    Many celebrities who have a lot of money help people like orphanages, help to give towards surgeries for people in need, countries ravaged by hurricanes, etc. Someone like Justin Bieber needs the hard knocks of life to straighten him out and not have parents who are sucking off of him and just being his friend. The kid needs discipline. If you protect your kid when they do wrong then the parent is in the wrong and not being a good example. I have seen something where Miley Cyrus is a friend of Biebs and trying to help him out as well as a wrestler and some others but if he is not willing to listen and keep doing what he is doing he will end up in suicide or something sooner than what people think. These people are not good role models at all and I never had any role model except for my wonderful parents.

  13. Jules… Could you name me some celebrities at 19 who are giving to charities etc? Miley Cyrus is another one and in my opinion is a bad role model for teens.. As Hannah Montana every one loved her my granddaughters included.. Again my emphasis is on his age.. he is a teenager and his thinking is that of such… I have never said I liked him I am just looking at the whole picture! You are lucky you had wonderful parents not all of us did and we still came out OK with time hard work etc…

  14. Jane Doe I am not into celebrities and the ones that I liked are either very old or deceised and those who are alive sure do give to charities. These people are not children but give of their money and time and one is Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton when they were alive along with a slew of many others. There is no need to behave in this way at all. Yes he is young but there is no excuse at all. Money is debt and you will all soon find out what I know is going to happen soon and then when it does remember me what I said.

    I never watch TV since 11 years and I am telling you all the truth. We have TV here in the house using Rogers Cable with a tons of channels and I don’t sit and watch that cursed thing and wish that it wasn’t here in the house. As for Miley Cyrus I never watched her program and have only heard about her being mentioned because I watch the net and her name came up a number of times but I never saw her until I saw Ellen on the net. I never watched Hannah Montana and don’t know what it is about – something for kids is all that I know. To be totally honest with all of you celebrities should not be taken as role models. I will not go in about show business with any of you and it is up to all of you to know what it is about and these people who go into the business become very corrupted since they have to be or they cannot succeed. They find out what it is when they are already lassooed in. Michael Jackson found out along with many others and if they spoke the truth they would be murdered and many were along with himself.

    No not everyone’s life was good at home and mine was not perfect but I would say that they were the best parents (at least one of the best parents) that I would choose if I had my life over again. Many people have lived a hard life but the Good Lord gave us all choice to make in this life and if we choose the wrong path then we will pay the consequence. I have said it many times that I was not the same kind of believer as I am today and always questioned things. I am so mighty grateful for the way they raised me. We didn’t have a lot of money – we were poor – but we were instilled on learning to appreciate what you have and that money and earthly goods are not everything. Justin Bieber is going to have to straighten up or he too will not get to live for very long. Even Donny Osmond told him along with Paul Anka that very soon his style of music and entertainment will soon be done and then what.

  15. Furtz you said a lot of things that are true on this topic of Bieber and that his parents are not very bright and about people around him will milk him. Do you remember Michael Jackson. If you don’t know about Michael Jackson go on the net and see about his life. His parents lived off this young man and Michael had a great deal more talent than Bieber would ever dream about. Michael had more talent than what the people out there could ever imagine possible. Michael came from poverty and Gary Indiana is one of the worst places to live in the US but he was pushed on by his father and had great success. With that success came great sorry and he knew that money was not everything. One time when Michael and Lisa were married in that sham type of marriage they went on tour to different countries and one was Romania. He went to either a children’s hospital or an orphanage and he saw a young child (baby) who had heart problems and he gave of his money to have surgery done on the child. That made me cry (I was touched by his generosity) and that is the way life should be. Instead of celebrities using drugs they should help their fellow man.

  16. We could go on and on ya know.. I watch TV I watch the weather, the news of the US and Can My goodness I watch the cooking channel and I watch movies on W.. You mentioned older actors Julia Roberts and others how old are these folks, not in the same generation… What about Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears shall I go on.. Drugs.. rehab after rehab.. It is like my adult children never got into drugs etc but 25 years ago there was not much of that around… Alcohol yes and they got into that..and they did not have millions of $$$… I am not going to give any more of my time responding to you… You are just too negative on everything.. even TV!!!!

  17. Jane Doe you do not know the meaning of the world Hollywood and it is of the occult of the holly stick and wood is of course a stick and used to give you the illusion. All celebrities know this and a great deal more and I cannot go into that here and if you do not know about the occult and other things that go back thousands of years ago and where it all originated and all the histories then I cannot help you out here. Britany Spears is a woman who is very mentally ill and so is Lindsay Lohan and they come from families that are torn apart like Biebs. An actress that I always loved was Audrey Hepburn and she went through hell during WWII and she was of blue blood status. She was Jewish/Dutch/British in origin and her father was a banker and there was blue blood on her mother’s side. She left Holland during the war and went to England and went to exclusive private schools and got into show business. This wonderful lady got in with the United Nations and went around to Africa and saw the suffering. Even though she was wealthy she gave of herself and her money and that is what I call a real human being. I don’t believe in drugs and alcohol to the excesses that people use and have seen enough in my day. Kids need discipline and love and they cannot have a parent that is a friend because the two do not work out at all. We have a terrible society today and yes there are some good people but the society has gone downhill and that is the truth and not going to get better. The Bible is right all the way and every word is the absolute truth. You have no idea what is coming and if you did I don’t know what you or others would do honestly I don’t know. Biebs needs a good kick in the pants just like the wrestler Steve Austin said about him. When the strap was taken out of the schools and society things went to hell in a handbasket.

  18. I will speculate that this young man, like many that come from single parent homes, probably harbours trust issues. Now his whole life is swimming in people he doesn’t really know that are deep in his business and dependent on him for their livelihood. Can you imagine what this could do to this poor kid’s head?

    I know this may sound silly to some people , but, inside, the little guy’s life might be far more unhappy than your own.

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