Gary Samler to Run Again for Council in Cornwall Ontario – February 9, 2014

photo from his 2010 campaign

CORNWALL Ontario – A familiar face is running for council for the second time.   Gary Samler, former military and poverty activist in Cornwall Ontario paid his $100.00 and will run again in 2014.  Mr. Samler also has been working with a group that supports veterans suffering from PSTD.

To learn more about Gary check out the video above.  He is the fifth person to put their name forward in Cornwall.

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  1. you sold me gary. lets work together and accomplish some good

  2. All the best to you Gary. I will watch and listen closely and learn I’m sure. Who knows, you may just capture my vote too. By tall indications to me, you will be in this time.

  3. I’m in Gary.

  4. Mr. Samler I don’t live in Cornwall since 11 years and living here in Ottawa and I am praying for you to get in as a counsellor. I am wishing you all the best there is and keep up the good work. Seniors cannot afford the very high taxes and utilities on top and wait until 2019 when things go through the roof in utility bills. Here in Ottawa we are under Ottawa Hydro and that is very expensive. The veterans are coming back sick both mentally and physically and they are in my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping that Cornwall goes back to the ward system and yes there are too many counsellors for such a small town.

    Jamie go for the mayor’s seat and I don’t care if Bare Ass is running or not go for it and you are more than qualified for that job. I would like to see Mr. Leslie O’Shaughnessey come back as well as Mr. Mark MacDonald. Big changes are needed and to make Cornwall a better place or else it will be a literal ghost town without a doubt.

  5. You had me when you stated honestly the problems with the current council and your obvious desire to separate yourself from the dysfunctional atmosphere and make an attempt to focus on the positive. I am certainly all for more candidates who embrace the needs of the community and place those needs ahead of their own personal agendas.

    I will watch and listen as well.

  6. Mr. Samler you most likely have heard the words that when something that you want in life does not happen it is usually for your good. Well in this case I think that the Good Lord saved you from becoming a corrupt person being under Bare Ass. A good man Mr. Leslie O’Shaughnessey had the good thoughts of leaving such a corrupt mess and did just that. You never know that maybe the people of Cornwall will wake up and see how bad things are or think that they know and get rid of the mess of trouble that they have voted in another time and found themselves deeper and deeper in debt, very high taxes and nothing to show for it except mighty rich and crooked lawyers from TO to represent Bare Ass at your expense, a polluted dump that was bought by stolen money, and I can go on and on. Whoever becomes mayor of Cornwall is going to have their work cut out for them and it is going to take someone with good sharp pencils to figure out how to get out of the mess and corruption. Thank your lucky stars Mr. Samler that you didn’t get in with this band of corruption. Lets hope that Jamie gets in or someone of his equivalent because otherwise Cornwall will be gone. The gang didn’t jump the ship (Cornwall) for nothing and they know what is coming.

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