CFN Unique Visitors Up 45% From Jan 2013 to Jan 2014 – Our Monthly Numbers SPECIAL OFFER!

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It’s always fun going over numbers and stats and here are some of ours for January 2014!

It’s amazing to see our growth continue at the pace it is.

 January 2013 vs January 2014 we saw some impressive up ticks.

Unique Visitors

 January  2013  41,530

January 2014  60,316  up 45.2%!

Total Visits

January 2013 117,429

January 2014 193,936 up 65%!

Page Views

January 2013 1,770,374

January 2014 2,397,912 up 35%!

Canadian traffic 87.7%

US  6.8%

Most Popular Day on CFN?


Busiest Hour of the Day?


70% of our Canadian Traffic comes from Ontario! 

1,357,552 visits!

Our Top 25 City Viewers for 2013

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Montreal

4) Toronto

5) Gatineau

6) London ON

7) Kingston

8.) Vancouver

9) Calgary

10) Mississauga

11) Brockville

12) Hamilton

15) Alexandria

16) Clarence Rockland

17) Prescott

18) Waterloo

18) Brampton

19) Petawawa

20) Guelph

21) Hawkesbury

22) Morrisburg

23) Oshawa

24) Edmonton

25) Oakville

Average time per page visited

26 seconds

Bounce Rate

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Our Top Five Most Viewed Stories in January

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1)  2014/01/someone-scored-in-cornwall-ontario-restaurant-staff-find-odd-item-left-behind-january-27-2014/

2)  2014/01/breaking-rcaf-wing-in-cornwall-ontario-to-be-torn-down-for-condos-petition-jan-25-2014/

3)  2014/01/mohawk-council-of-akwesasne-rejects-opening-of-new-bridge-to-cornwall-ontario-on-friday-january-24-2014-mca/

4)  2014/01/fire-on-louisa-montreal-road-in-cornwall-ontario-kills-cat-jan-28-2014/

5) 2014/01/cornwall-ontario-driver-finds-unique-parking-spot-at-4th-york-tuesday-jan-7-2014/


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SouthStor Celebrate 728x90 2013-06-23 REV03

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The Celebrate program is a simple and powerful tool to help promote areas and the businesses, services, and organizations that are the life blood of their communities.

We have rolled out our first community, South Stormont Ontario.

The program showcases local concerns, features South Stormont and will include full page items on featured facets of what make South Stormont so special.

If you are a business, service, or organization in South Stormont call Reg at 613 537 9701 to be a part of Celebrate South Stormont or 613 361 1755 to book your spot for Celebrate Cornwall!

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