Jack Lee’s Cornwall Ontario Longest Running Restaurant – Egg Rolls Since 1966! Video

June & Stephanie JACK LEESCORNWALL Ontario –  In these days of trendiness and pushing the limits its comforting to see an old haunt from the past still running.  Jack Lee’s in Cornwall Ontario still serves what we Gaijin refer to as Chinese Food.   Egg Rolls, Won Ton Soup, Pork Spare Ribs soaking in a garlic soy sauce, fried rice, chop suey, and  all of the comfort foods of yesteryear.

Jack Lee’s is the last Traditional Old School restaurant left in the area.   Walking in is almost walking back in time to 1966 when it first opened.

Alas all things change and the place is for sale as the family that have been there is looking at their own futures.   Hopefully another family will take over and continue the tradition for the restaurant in the downtown core of Cornwall.

In the mean while I still have a place to walk to when I have a craving for their old school yummy mini egg rolls!

Pictured in front of the buffet; June & long timer server, Stephanie.

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  1. Wow, who hasn’t been to Jack Lee’s? Will be sad to see them go. Anyone that grew up in Cornwall knows this place.

  2. Another business gone from Cornwall so sad,Pitt St is becoming a ghost town,please vote in new council next election,get rid of these self serving clique,Jamie,I have no doubt at all that you can clean up this town & bring it back to prosperity & growth

  3. Author

    Mary Jack Lee’s is not gone. I ate dinner there last night. They are not closing and the building is for sale There were rumors floating around which they clarified quite clearly.

  4. You use the word “gaijin” in your article about a Chinese restaurant. “Gaijin” is a Japanese word. Although a simple mistake, it shows the ignorance of Cornwallites to the fact that Asia consists of more than China.

  5. @ Jim Edwards. Just because some use the word “Gaijin” in the wrong context do NOT paint all Cornwallites with the same brush as ignorant and not knowing Asia consists more than China.

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