Sounds like Mark A MacDonald is Campaigning in Cornwall Ontario – LTE March 2, 2014

city stop workThe colossal mistake of building chemical storage tanks on our waterfront is a prime example of a city council lacking clear direction, which I must take some responsibility for.
We desperately need a city council that can focus on an agenda that will bring some meaningful progress to our city.
Resignations, criminal charges, huge payoffs and secret meetings were just some of the issues that distracted this council from doing their job, and the tank farm is our result.
It’s very encouraging to see some new, energetic people taking an interest in the municipal election.
All of the community groups in Cornwall are opposed to these chemical tanks because they know that the image of our city is taking a huge hit.
Let’s not make the same mistake again, we need a big change and Cornwall needs a council that will work together as a team.

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  1. Mark MacDonald….if you’re going to run for council or mayor please put your papers in now. Put your constant complaints, LTE’s, etc to better use.

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