Home Business Trade Show in South Stormont a Hit by Reg Coffey


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CFN – The first SD&G Home Business Trade Show was held today in the South Stormont Township Hall in Long Sault. There was something for everyone at this trade show but the vendors were strictly home based businesses. Some of the businesses were franchises such as Maryse Lapointe’s Tupperware, Avon by Sue Belangerand, Steeped Tea by Michele St John but many were original entrepreneurial efforts. Even Lynn White from Storm Realty had a table to discuss real estate issues to interested shoppers.

Through my Lens Photography by Kylie Zummach, Shahna Summers’ Emended Pages, Michaela Pitts’ Home Bakery and of course Coffey’s Coffee are examples of unique businesses that were also in the town hall displaying their wares.

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Julie Whalley was the organizer of this particular event as well as having her own table for her business, Britannia Trophies. Julie has taken it upon herself to put on this type of small trade shows because she says the larger trade shows simply cost too much for small businesses, especially the home based business. She is encouraged by the number of vendors that responded to the event but believes that it might be better next year with the involvement of the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce. She even filled out a membership application form complete with a check at the show.

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