11th Councilor – City Hall Needs to Come Clean on the Chem Tanks as 1 Month Adjournment Announced by Jamie Gilcig

11th Councilor – City Hall Needs to Come Clean on the Chem Tanks as 1 Month Adjournment Announced by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CORNWALL Ontario –  City Hall here in Cornwall just issued a release stating that Trillium no tanks PAINTDistributing Cornwall Inc. is going to halt for a month while ongoing talks continue.

Frankly that’s frightening.    The Mayor and Council have still refused why Economic Development knew about the project starting in February 2013.  Council has not brought it up in open meetings and there are ongoing negotiations regarding Crown Harbour lands most likely not limited to the Air Force Wing location.

This is what happens when councilors impeach their integrity and roll with the flow instead of standing up for the citizens that voted them into power.  This is called a Leadership vacuum.  While some will cite in camera privacy rules, the bottom line is we have a mayor that claims he knew nothing about the tanks whose near first response was that they wouldn’t stick out of the ground much and a council that claims that they knew nothing?

Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. has advised of its intention to adjourn its court application against the City’s Interim Control By-law 2013-243 for a period of one month and City Council has consented to this adjournment. 

The application was originally scheduled to be considered by the Superior Court of Ontario on March 21st. 

Officials from both parties continue to hold discussions in an attempt to achieve resolution on the use of lands in the Harbour area of Cornwall. 

Again, for those that may not have read the original quotes.

From Transport Canada:

The tenant provided detailed information regarding proposed activities for this commercial operation at this port facility to the City of Cornwall.  Specifically, Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. advised Transport Canada that they first contacted the City of Cornwall in February 2013, and that, among other discussions with the City, Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. also provided details of the project plan to the City of Cornwall in June 2013.

And shortly thereafter from Mayor Kilger himself, not from Council.

Mr. Kevin Pollard contacted the City’s Economic Development office in February 2013 to determine possible opportunities for securing existing storage tanks, or potentially building his own. Water access was not stated as being essential.  At that time he was provided information on a variety of site options, including the Cornwall Business Park, a former industrial site in the west end of the City, and a wharf in the Morrisburg area. He was alerted to the sensitivity of the Harbour Area given the neighbouring residential and recreational uses, the lack of rail, and the lack of adequate trucking routes to Highway 401. Mr. Pollard did not extend dialogue with City officials following this preliminary and exploratory contact. 

No further contact was received until June 2013 when Mr. Pollard contacted City officials on a single occasion to inform them that Transport Canada had agreed to enter into a lease. No further discussion or confirmation of the lease was ever received from Trillium or Transport Canada. No specific details, sketch or site plan was provided. The City recommended a meeting to discuss concerns regarding planning and land use issues. City officials did not provide any approval, verbal or otherwise, at any time. Mr. Pollard did not pursue further dialogue with City officials. Notwithstanding this request, the City has never met anyone from Trillium Distribution. 

So let’s get this straight.   Mayor Kilger informs Cornwall that ED (Either Mark Boileau,  Bob Peters, or Kevin Lajoie) that the lease was signed in June 2013 and it is not reported to CAO Levac, the Mayor or Council?  Not once mentioned in their monthly report to Council?  That duck flies about as well as the Lee Harvey Oswald Lone Gunman theory.

Yet not a single councilor has asked for this to be clarified through the mayor in open council?

This is why these secret negotiations with the Federal government should be so freaking scary to tax payers as we are stuck with the bill for any deals cut by Mayor Kilger.

On a darker note Baggy Bob’s best Bud Claude McIntosh recently stated that the Mayor would announce his running for re-election for mayor in May, or about one month away?

The kinda makes the movie China Town look like Green Eggs and Ham.   It’s dark and sinister with no accountability.   While the mayor and this council may have a “legal” right to sign certain documents; with this being the lame duck year of a very troubled term do they have a moral right to enter into, never mind sign any agreements of the scope and nature of the harbour lands without going to the people?  The mayor and council did not campaign on signing any deals with the Feds nor did they talk much about some of these deals.

Again, we’ve already caught Mayor Kilger lying about the city’s knowledge of the Tanks and it appears that there is some sort of cover up on the true nature of what took place regarding notification.

We also know that the city has refused to disclose recent documents to the media which is yet another red flag.

Surely it’s time to reign in this bad drama and slow everything down until City Hall comes clean with the people of Cornwall?

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