So I Hit the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Table 21 in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – March 26, 2014

So I Hit the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Table 21 in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – March 26, 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – So I attended the Chamber mixer at Table 21 Tuesday.    I don’t go to many of these any more because frankly our Chamber here in Cornwall is a colossal joke.  Corrupt, full of cronyism, and totally inept.   From strange elections, to going hat in hand asking the city to cut the rates for the failing home show, mostly though by refusing to be professional.

It represents everything that’s wrong with the culture of business and leadership in Cornwall.  Even when it came to the Chem tanks the Chamber refused to work with CFN against the common ill of our Mayor sneaking these odd tanks onto our waterfront.   As a candidate for mayor for example I sent in a very polite request to visit a board meeting and listen to what the Chamber envisions for the future of our fair city.  Nada.

I’ve written about the Chamber mixers before.  I went to this one for three reasons.  One I’m running for Mayor of this wacky town; two it drives some of them batshit when I walk in the room and is funny to see some of their reactions, and three Chef Ahmad is a truly amazing chef and Dom makes any room very very special including the lay out of the seafood inspired cuisine of the night.  Her salmon sculpture was wild and the food was yummy and plentiful including freshly shucked oysters.

I don’t bring my camera to these events as I’m generally not reporting; but this was no weird shaped room at Kelsey’s with heated up pre-cooked frozen appys.   There was lots of room for the larger than normal crowd to mingle although people don’t really mingle well in Cornwall.   They tend to coagulate with their friends and occasionally nod or grunt at others that are walking by.

But then many Canadians communicate differently than say their American cousins.    For example when I lived in Los Angeles hugging was the big thing and you had to learn some of the many different hugs that people gave each other.      Here in Cornwall you don’t see a lot of hugging.

I’m also Agoraphobic so I usually fight that off with a glass of wine, and a will to keep moving and hopping.    I had some fun chats; for example about my bogus police charges and running for mayor.    Some of the Corus radio people were actually friendly this time around, but the tight faces and butt puckering by some was comical.

Most of the real city leadership was missing of course; many of them don’t actually live in Cornwall so it’d be a schlep to drive all the way from South Stormont, South Glengarry, or for his worship; Ottawa…

As if saying a polite hello with a fake smile would strain them.   That’s one of the problems in this city besides not being able to work well together; people don’t know how to play well together, even if they may not like each other.

Life is too short for this type of small minded petty ignorance.  It really is.   It’s comical.

I may still go to Chamber mixers; at least the ones in better locations like Table 21; some of us have some maturity and honestly there were some terrific people in the room; some of whom were caught between silly clique boycott politics and reality.

Do you belong to the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce?   You can post your comments below or bitch about them at Schnitzels 😉


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