Is Ignorance Bliss When it Comes to Cancer? by Garden Girl – March 28, 2014

garden girlCFN – I have been following recent local events and reading many people’s opinions on many matters and am constantly surprised by the ignorance I encounter. Do these people not have access to google? Have they not completed grade 6? Do they not have any rational intelligent friends who care enough about them to correct their errant ways, or do they purely surround themselves with like-wise idiots? Have they even considered taking their head out of their ass once for at least ten minutes in the past decade or how their stupid comments make others feel?

What has me on this tirade is that I was just reading a thread about the local Grady family on a news site, the “We’re NUT giving up” family; just to clarify. On this thread, someone heartlessly made a comment stating that there exists a cure to cancer, but “they” (who the hell are “they” anyway???) keep it secret because it is more profitable not to cure it. (I relayed this in my own words-here is the original comment ad verbatim, grammar mistakes and all: “They have made a cure for cancer, but obviously the government won’t publicize it. And it’s a lot cheaper then $250,000…no disrespect but I hate when cancer is still depicted as a very hard incurable disease. Hopefully everything works out.”)

No disrespect, but I hate when morons make comments that are unfounded. And I loathe when no one corrects such stupidity. (Just to clarify, cancer IS a VERY HARD, INCURABLE disease.) I wrote something on my facebook timeline a few years ago, and I got this response: ”there is a cure for cancer.. they’ve had it for a long time but won’t do anything to cure people. It’s population control.. otherwise the world would be over populated if they cure everyone for every disease out there..” Population control, really? “They” have decided “they” have enough minions and lemmings that now they have to release diseases for the purpose of “population control”??? Come on people, wake up.

Where do these people come up with such crap? It’s like the photos of dying people and children on facebook, declaring that for every “like” and “share” a donation will be made (Do your research people! There has never been any actual donation through facebook- Meaning, facebook has never donated to any cause through “liking” or “sharing” photos (; -Just google any such page and I guarantee it is a hoax based on some real person’s hardships) It takes a special person to start such a farce and ignorance to spread it. I equate this with people who start rumors, nasty low lifes. In a world where people of every class is affected by something such as cancer, it is truly atrocious that some people actually believe the crap that spews from their brains, and not just believe it, but preach it too. Let’s think of Jack Layton, or even Angelina Jolie. People are basically saying that the things that what these people went through because of cancer are trivial because a cure already exists and some demon group of “they” people are holding the cure. SMH.

I have personally been affected by cancer for the past 7 years, so have many family members and dear friends. There is no drive-through cure, and judging by the rates in our local community, we can all honestly see that cancer doesn’t discriminate. So, what does that leave us with? I was watching a news bit, and an Ottawa researcher gave an interview stating that it saddens him that the Canadian Cancer Society used to donate somewhere around 50% of funds on research, and that in the past few years they have scaled that number down to around 20%. Considering that any cure would come from research work, this makes absolutely no sense. (Speaking of sense, what does the CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society make? Even in charities, self interest reigns, just like the greed of the CEO’s that recently crashed our economy AND went unpunished to boot. They get away with these things because of our ignorance as a whole in society and our head-in-the-sand mentality that somebody else will do something.)

I am blessed, if one can call it that, to be in my position and have one of the country’s best oncologists. The reason why they became an oncologist? The life of a dear family member was claimed by cancer.

Let that resonate for a second.

One of our country’s top oncologists, who oversees the care of many advanced cancer patients, plans treatments based on individual cases, performs clinical studies, who travels to (world) cancer conferences, presenting cases and discussing the future of cancer care, who sees many patients every day (and let that last point sink in, many patients a day, Monday to Friday, all day, all different stages of cancer) and a cure already exists? What a joke. An insult to all involved in cancer care, which is truly a labour of love. It takes a brilliant, special type of person to go into oncology, and I thank the heavens for them all, but it also takes a special type of idiot to say that a cure already exists. I’ll take the planet with the oncologists over the planet with the idiots any day.

In the past 7 years I have heard it all. From “no one dies from breast cancer anymore” said to me in my building’s foyer (I know personally at least 11 YOUNG women who have had their lives claimed by breast cancer in the past 3 years alone), to being called a “young gentleman” by a 40 something woman when I made a brief stop going home from a radiation treatment, to being referred to as a “carpet muncher” by a group of young adults on a beach as I walked by when my hair was growing back from chemotherapy-the first time. As you can see, I am no stranger to finding myself around morons. My doctor said I should have stopped and looked at the group of young adults on the beach and said “I just went through chemo, a**holes!” I still laugh at the memory of hearing him swear that day. I wish I could have said that, just as any cancer patient wishes they were their own best advocate. Cancer has a weird effect on people, it has the ability to turn lions into sheep, making us think and feel that we are second rate humans just because we are diagnosed with the big C. It’s not on purpose, but as cancer can, slowly, but surely, change your life, eventually changing your goals and even your dreams, it mutes us.

Because of my extensive personal experience, I find these remarks deeply offensive and hurtful. They attempt to discount our personal battles. I am truly surprised that not more people are outraged by and speak against such thoughtlessness. And not just about cancer, but about any topic that ignorance perverts. I have high hopes that with better education, these occurrences will not have to be tolerated any more.

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  1. RE: Cancer by Garden Girl

    – Check the webpages of Dr Andrew Weil and Dr Joseph Mercola who advise that cancer cells have one main source of food . . SUGAR . . . . and governments are very supportive of industries that produce sugar products such as high-fructose corn syrup, because it also supports the corn farmers. Reducing sugar intake or even eliminating sugar intake cuts off cancer cells’ source of food.

    – Many years ago, Dr Linus Pauling along with some medical doctors injected mega -doses liquid Vitamin C into cancer tumours. After a few days, some 50% of the tumours began to shrink. Except that there is no patent on liquid vitamin C and pharmaceutical companies earn no profit from its use.

    – Public Health nurse Bill Sardi wrote a book about beating cancer. In it, he mentions about Dr Pauling and using the combination of Vitamins K2 and D3 to strengthen the immune system to fight cancer. He also suggests reducing sugar intake.

    – There have been cases of compounds from the hemp plant and cannabis plant being added to food and being able to fight cancer cells. The online video mentions about cannabis and cancer:

  2. I agree with you that there are a lot of idiots who say very stupid things. I have lost a couple of family members to cancer and agree that people are too quick to judge others. That’s why I have chosen healthcare as well, so that I can help someone FIGHT a battle against things like cancer, give them the support they need, and a little help to swear at these idiots as well. Sometimes I wish I could too, but hindsight is 20/20. I applaud you for this article, now if only the idiots understood it could we get anywhere.

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