Court Issues Gag Order on Vampire Lawyer Nicholas Dougan Case in Cornwall Ontario – March 31, 2014

langlois earCORNWALL Ontario – Nearly a year later Kevin Langlois is still without a chunk of his ear lobe.

Today the preliminary hearing into the incident occurred at the Cornwall Ontario Court House.

A gag order was issued so we can’t report the startling revelations I heard, other than a happy 6’4 Nicholas Dougan 200 plus pound attorney  arriving with two lawyers in tow including long time vet Don Johnson who took to dropping f-bombs on me in between sessions.

The slender 5’8 Mr. Langlois arrived with  family and supporters.   His nightmare is not over as he has to now start the process of reliving the events that occurred the day of his father’s funeral as we reported last year.  LINK  He clearly was shaken viewed smoking outside of the courthouse.

All we know so far is that there was an incident at the corner of Pitt and Second, and that at some point Mr. Dougan went Mike Tyson, and Mr. Langlois is now missing a piece of his ear.

We may never truly know what happened that day as there’s a good chance if a plea is copped it will include a muzzle.   Cases like this show why courts should be more open and transparent in the public’s interest if only to hold the judicial system to accountability.

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  1. With Don Johnson there I doubt very much that Mr. Langlois has a prayer or not much of one. Cornwall’s lawyers do not go against one another. When you need a lawyer you never ever get one from Cornwall or you are sure to lose a case. In Cornwall and in many places there is no justice it doesn’t exist. All there is is JUST US. No matter how much damage was done to Mr. Langlois that day along with the loss of his father and that {MODERATOR} for having started all of this they are the ones who get off and the victim suffers in return.

  2. With my dealings with Cornwall lawyers I’ve had no problems. I’m sure the lawyers and justice system here don’t appreciate being called incompetent.

  3. What is justice ? It’s a sad world we live in When the innocent are treated like criminals … The Law is for the Elite .. and In this towne We have many who think they are above the law … I wont mention events or people … events that may have been forgotten … but things have happened here where the bad guys got away .

  4. Truth is… the good guy does not always win. The taxpayer funded legal system should be as transparent as the clearest glass…only when a victim requires protection on the basis that their well being would possibly be compromised by the normal process of justice should the general public be shielded from the events.

    Why the need for a gag order in this case…good question…although the answer is maybe obvious for those prone to speculation. Either way the gag order is not as interesting as the justification that a presumably reasonably intelligent professional would offer for maiming another human being for life. Not the credentials that most individuals look for when shopping for a lawyer. The good news for an individual of caliber is that 90% of the population either simply do not care or have little memory retention. In a short while the story will be shelved with stuff that nobody really concerned themselves with, like Project Truth. Reality.

  5. Reality is not justice, but it is the truth.

  6. @Hugger1…you still have all your body parts? I do understand your comment but not all lawyers are created equal and our legal system is far less than perfect and far from the ideal model, unless you subscribe to the philosophy that repercussions for wrongdoings are not always appropriate or necessary often depending on your status.

  7. who writes the laws in government and they get pass not lay people ? because they would be simple too understand……..LAWYERS DO…….i rest my case

  8. Yes … Project Truth .. those dirty words … David I certainly think folks were and still are concerned with what happened during that investigation .. Shall we forget that Mr kilger was at the forefront of that … using his influence as MP at the time to protect many individuals who were being investigated .. he himself was investigated .. that has created a shadow over this towne … After that .. folks have kind of kept to themselves . Instead of the Friendly City – Cornwall became the Paranoid City .Project Truth is well documented .. google it . May I bring up another event .. the shooting of Jay Caron in 82 at the Royal Hotel … that too was covered up ( later we find out that the cop that shot him was dealing dope ) Cornwall reminds me of movies that depict small townes as crime grotto’s .We seem to have it all here .. Dope dealing , smuggling ( since the 30’s ) , prostitution ,a corrupt municipal government .. A perfect place to raise our kids in . If there is real justice .. Ive missed it somewhere …

  9. i remember the caron shooting that was a big cover up he [caron] was not a saint but did not deserve to die the internet gives a lot more imformation than mainstreams media. project truth is the worst cover up to this day.

  10. @David Oldham….yes, I still have all my body parts, as far as I know. I agree with your statement “not all lawyers are created equal and our legal system is far less than perfect and far from the ideal model, unless you subscribe to the philosophy that repercussions for wrongdoings are not always appropriate or necessary often depending on your status.” But I can only go on by dealings I have, be it lawyers, doctors, man on the street, etc. And so far the dealings I’ve had with lawyers in Cornwall have been okay. I prefer not to get involved in third-party hearsay.

    @fern.. Agreed. Now if they could write legal documents, etc. in plain English it would help. We recently purchased a house and had our wills / POA’s drawn up. In a few instances I had to ask our lawyer to explain clauses in English, not legalese.

    @mike. Agreed. But show me a town that doesn’t have dope dealing, smuggling, prostitution, a corrupt municipal government (aren’t they all corrupt in one way or another? It all depends on perception and who is doing the complaining) or for that matter any crime at all. No town, city is perfect. Cornwall is no exception.

  11. FRANK Magazine

    24 January 2001 (p. 4)

    There was much smug joy on the Liberal benches election night and Liberal Whip Bobby Kilger, re-elected once again in Stormont-Dundas, was particularly expansive. “I got a great present tonight. Christmas came early for me,” he burbled to reporters after his hard-fought 2,000-vote victory over CA dweeb Guy Lauzon.

    In addition to another four years of gainful public service and a top-up of the old parliamentary pension, Bob’s son Chad, a forward with the Edmonton Oilers, was soon traded to the Montreal Canadians, leaving him much closer to the ol’ homestead. Even better, Kilger’s name keeps popping up as the PMO’s preferred candidate for Speaker of the House.

    Bob’s nut-cracking performance as Whip leads observers to believe Kilger could be trusted to run a House without any pretensions of independence, reliably giving Crouton a partisan home court advantage. The perktastic post comes complete with car and driver, an extra $52,000 in salary, the official residence at Kingsmere, the lavish House of Commons apartments, plus, plus, plus. Kilger’s experience as an NHL linesman would lend an air of specious objectivity, but opposition MPs and independent-minded Liberals would be unlikely to favour someone who so clearly appears to be the PM’s poodle.

    And then there are certain allegations of sexual impropriety, which surfaced ominously during the election campaign.

    An all-candidates meeting in Cornwall was scandalized when local shit disturber Dick Nadeau stepped up to the microphone, demanding to know how Kilger could stand for reelection when criminal charges were pending against him?

    The meeting moderator immediately spluttered that the question was out of order, but Kilger brushed him aside and read from a prepared statement: “I can assure you the allegations pertaining to me contained on the website are untrue. I can further assure you I’ve not been contacted by police with respect to any investigation.”

    The website in question is Nadeau’s, an online compilation of information on the ongoing story of sexual abuse, pedophilia and coverup in Cornwall involving clergy, lawyers and other prominent members of the community. The brewing scandal has had Nepean-Carleton MPP Gary Guzzo clamoring for a public inquiry for years. So far, some 114 charges have been laid against 15 individuals.

    Kilger, despite representing the area in the House of Commons, has not been conspicuously vocal about the problem. Nadeau, whose site names many names, has been repeatedly threatened with legal action. Such threats against his web host shut down Nadeau’s original website.

    The allegations date back to 1982, and Kilger’s distinctly unglamorous and short-lived post-hockey career as manager of a St. Hubert’s chicken franchise (valuable private sector experience, shurely?!—ed.)

    The complainant, a 19-year-old employee of the chicken hut at the time of the alleged incident, made a statement to Cornwall police in August, but ended up having to repeat her allegations to the Ontario Provincial Police.

    Kilger’s brother in law, Sgt. Brian Snyder, is a member of the Cornwall police force, but this seems to be mere coincidence. Despite the force’s uneven record in investigating sex allegations, the case went to the OPP for jurisdictional reasons, the alleged incident took place outside Cornwall city limits. Similarly, Cornwall Crown Attorney Murray MacDonald is not handling the file, having handed off to regional Crown Jim Stewart. So far, no charges have been laid.Kilger could not be reached for comment.

  12. Stop can anyone reasonably accept your entire post as complete truth when you do not have the conviction to use your own name? I do not disagree with some of your allegations, however, your personal stamp of approval would hold much more weight. I do appreciate the gossip…would just like to know who is spreading it.

  13. @StopDrone/ strikes

    Just read your quote. Is this gossip?

    It comes from a publication widely read in this country. Is it any more questionable than the crap I read in most newspapers?

    In this new age of journalistic free-for-alls, I’ll make-up my own mind about what’s real and what isn’t.

    I accept this post with the same level of scepticism that I bring to any published piece I read.

  14. Well said Michael. I just did’nt read where Kilger bit Langlois ear off.

  15. @Devon
    I just up’d you Devon.

  16. Mikey
    Don’t stab the messenger
    This was in Frank Magazine a National news publication

    Get ready to fall on your knees in abject shock over the amazing power of the interwebs, folks: Mail Order Marijuana, delivered often unknowingly by Canada Post, is a thing.

    One such website, said to be reliable by online cannabis users and confirmed by an anonymous Haligonian source, is {MODERATED} professes safe, discreet and guaranteed interactions with clients, including using a vacuum sealing process to eliminate traces of even the dankest nugget’s scent.

    Operating since 2003, {MODERATED} attributes its success to discrete business practises which include attempting to stay out of the limelight when it comes to the media (a likely explanation for the lack of response to my interview request).

    {MODERATED} website does acknowledge that “there is certainly a serious risk involved for us in doing this,” but also notes that “So far, Canadian police have had higher priorities than going after us.”

  17. @KillDrone/strikes

    Here we go again with someone totally misinterpreting my post. The last time this happened some knob wanted to bring up personal shit about my family that is noooooobody’s business, to try to hurt me. What a dick!

    Please KD/s, go back and read what I posted. It’s, if anything, an acknowledgment of the relative legitimacy of Frank Magazine’s reportage. Again, I reserve the right to my own opinion – always. No rag is a bible to me!

    What’s with the Mikey shit- nobody ever called me that in my f’n life.

  18. Sorry I meant, @StopDrone/strikes

    SD/s I come in the name of free speech to make my comments here. I didn’t mean to upset you and your beliefs. It’s just that I think there’s peril in accepting the word of any contributor/journalist as truth unconquered.

    Please don’t take my comments as an attack on you personally. I am fully aware the quotation in question is from Frank Magazine. A publication I’ve enjoyed reading many times. I seem to foolishly idealize this forum as a place where I can make comment without incurring a personal urinating contest with another commentator

  19. Author

    Hi just a reminder to everyone to please be nice and not attack each other. Thanks

  20. Jamie; perhaps use your {MODERATED} thing more often to stop personal attacks. I can’t count the number of my posts that have not made it through your filters / moderation. I have no issue with being filtered moderated, but some of the language posts in this thread IMHO never should have made it through.

  21. I’m not going to address anyone in particular here, just a general comment.

    If someone is coward enough to disrespect my comments from behind a veil of secrecy, I don’t mind returning volley every once in awhile. This thing about nicknames (a cowardly way of showing disrespect for another person’s contributions) is simply childish

    Using personal attacks on people unprovoked is childish and legally dicey. I was half- hoping one of my recent attackers would step right into it with his careless comments. It’s not too late and you know who you are and yes, I will come after you if your dumb enough to continue and slip up.

    I have my own way of communicating in the written form in this context. If you don’t like my style pass my comments by! Or if you really want to police profanity, why don’t you go after potty- mouthed Justine Trudeau, the future Prime Minister of Canada.

    p.s. I use my real name, always, and stand behind every comment I make. I’m not looking for anyone’s vote in an election and I’m not trying to sell anybody anything.

  22. @Michael Clifton…..some of us have very valid reasons for using pseudonyms or as you call them “a veil of secrecy.” In my case my wife works for a local municipality and I don’t feel she should have to suffer repercussions at her job due to me expressing my opinions about various topics. It’s not always as simple as someone wanting to hide behind a keyboard.

  23. More veiled threats cursing and a cussing from Mikey
    As Hugger1 says many of us have valid reasons for using pseudonyms but you seem to think your superior and can run over anybody that doesn’t agree with you slightly wacky comments
    Rest assured we have NOTHING to fear from you it doesn’t work that way
    You sound so close to the leader of the boycott group its scary

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