Herb’s Towing Removes Chem Tank Shack – Occupy Cornwall Over – April 9, 2014

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

CORNWALL Ontario –  The little shed that could apparently couldn’t.  After getting some new paint it was hauled away by order via Herb’s Towing.

I contacted Mark A MacDonald; council candidate and leader behind his own occupy movement regarding the tanks and he stated the following:

It’s too bad we didn’t have a big enough truck to haul the tanks away but unfortunately we don’t have those resources.


We being the unelected officials.   Council could have called in the heavy equipment. Council doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the Federal Government.   That’s my opinion.

Mr. MacDonald and his supporters claim that the Federal government is bullying the city of Cornwall over the installation of Chemical tanks on remediated harbour front land.



  1. Mr Macdonald do you really no how {MODERATED} in the public,s eye.Please stop your nonsence and take a diffrent route.

  2. We dont need chemical tanks in town. its just a waist of space that could be used for something els.

  3. Mr Jamie:
    It really seems like you have the standard freeholder on the run. Even with a new editor they can’t get all the great local news stories they can’t or maybe they just chose to ignore
    We are so lucky to have you around
    Let us pray to God that hundred show up for the rally against the tanks and realize your are best equipped to be Mayor of this city


    Jamie Gilcig
    Rally in front of City Hall prior to the council meeting. If you honestly care about this issue then show up!
    Jamie Gilcig • 11 hours ago

  4. Ty
    Perhaps you are right regarding the use for the property but maybe if you had alternative suggestions it could be taken a little more serious.

    That is the problem here from what I read in local area media. Nobody presents an alternative use for the lands.

    I have said in many posts if this is done properly that whole area can be upgraded on the revenue of Trillium and the government. Once the tanks are complete that area will more esthetically pleasing than the surrounding area. Then again we need a capable council to ensure this happens
    Of course I see nobody has ever requested the soil study from the federal government, present company excluded. I can say without reservation it is not a place we would want to use as recreational.

    I read post of the freeholder which uses your name asking for attendance at an upcoming rally, is that really you posting or some other trying to cause a stir? If that is you there is a question asked below that I think you should address to save your credibility.

  5. Author

    hailey I don’t get into pissing matches with trolls.

  6. Kind of mute points. The tanks will be completed probably by the end of next week.

  7. @Admin

    Just had a treat viewing comments about me in the S-F comments section. Wow, I’m a celebrity!

    Seems that people think I’m worth the time spent writing broadsides. Funny thing is, I can’t be bothered mustering a reaction to these posts. These people need to get a life!

    Oh wait, here’s my reaction to the hub bub – “Pull my finger”.

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  9. There is no way that Bare Ass and Lauzon didn’t know about those tanks for months or years ahead. In my own opinion I think that this was some sort of a revenge about the condos that they wanted to build on the park land and we all said no so what they did they brought in the tanks so as the people cannot enjoy the park. I smell a rat and a mighty big one. There is nothing that the government does on the spur of the moment and everything they do is well planned in advance (years in advance). Jamie I hope that you take videos of the event on Monday.

  10. @Ty says:

    There is a beautiful, pure quality to your comment that I find very inspiring. I mean this sincerely.

    I am not here to express my opinion about the issue of the tanks, rather to acknowledge the poetic nature of your post. Short, sweet and very direct. Like the best poetry.

  11. How anyone can connect the suggested condos on the parking lot and the unwanted tanks to Guy Lauzon and Bob Kilger having a hidden agenda I’ll never know. But stranger things have happened.

  12. Jules….I doubt that Mark MacDonald will be speaking to city council Monday. The agenda for Monday has been prepared and there are no delegations on it. Thus he won’t be able to speak to council, unless they decide to break the normal rules. I don’t see that happening.

  13. Hugger what you might not be grasping is that Bare Ass was in Parliament and learning all about corruption so as to bring it back down to Cornwall along with Lauzon and when people go to Ottawa (even the good people) they go in with good intentions and come out totally corrupted. I wouldn’t put any of this past these jerks whatsoever. The park was supposed to be for the people. Now it will be a mighty dangerous area to take ones children or for children to be there alone including adults. These tanker trucks will destroy the roads and increase traffic and the chemicals will be a hazard to the water system and will make people very sick. I am completely against all of this garbage. Like I said above nothing that the government does is done on the spur of the moment and in fact everything is planned years in advance and that is for everything.

  14. I sort of agree with Jules on her last post. But the chemical is used on gravel roads now to control dust. It is used everywhere. The tanks are nearing completion. So, unless someone ponies up some major bucks the tanks will be staying. The chemical is usually transported by ship tanker, so we may have to grin and bear it. Unless the tanks are moved to the industrial park and some transportation system is set up to move the chemical from the ship to tanks in the industrial park.

  15. Mr. Clifton if you are a celebrity on the toilet paper of record – SF then I must be a mega celebrity. I don’t look at that dirty rag at all not do I intend to. I know that the choppers are flapping away on the keyboard of the toilet paper of record and I am having such a good laugh here and a good time and having problems typing with all of my laughter.

  16. There will be a verbal update on the harbour tanks at Monday’s city council meeting.

  17. I wonder how Mark MacDonald felt about getting a $400 bill to have the illegally placed protest cabane removed from the federal land on the harbour.

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