Senior’s Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Dr. Nat Shah & Saying Grace – May 20, 2014


DawnFord_SSR_YouthfulCFN – Dr. Nat Shah, a prominent family physician, has been given many awards and accolades over the years since he first came to Cornwall in 1960. He has worked tirelessly for our community, at our local hospitals and for many charities. Last year he received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. I tease him sometimes about when he is going to retire because he is about my age and still going strong with his practice and volunteerism. I don’t want him to retire but I have no idea how he can keep up with his busy schedule…I know I couldn’t do half of what he does.


I first met him in 1982 when he came to Mount Carmel House Treatment Center as our Medical Director and advisor. Resources for medical services were more readily available at the clinic in Apple Hill and I started taking our residents twice a week to the clinic to see him. He treated all our residents with the same tender care and concern he does all his patients. We were so lucky to have him because it didn’t matter how little or big a problem came up, I could call him and he always was there to help and advise.

Bernadette Caron has been his secretary for many years and she too was always ready to help by making sure Dr. Shah received my messages right away. I never had to worry about anything once I had talked with her about a problem any resident was having. Some of the things I always liked about her was that she was so calm and interested in what was happening with our residents as well as genuinely concerned.


Dr. Shah became my personal physician and has been the best doctor anyone could ever have, always making sure I was well looked after regardless of how big or how little the medical problem or how much I tried to minimized it. I am so grateful that he has been there to help me all these years and I know from talking to some of his patients that they feel the same way. He is a very pleasant man and easy to talk with. It is obvious that all his patients are treated with the same caring attention. Also, I am so grateful to Bernadette for always being gracious and patient with me, as she is with all of Dr. Shah’s patients. I appreciate her kindness very much.


dr shahThis is my favorite picture of Dr. Shah because he looks so relaxed and content playing his Indian banjo. Nice R&R for him.

He apparently found one of these instruments in the garbage of a neighbor when he was five years old in India and took it home and started playing. It looks like it was love at first sight. I thought it was interesting that he might have been a music conductor instead of a physician because I had the same inking when I was young but women weren’t into that at the time. It is wonderful that he enjoys music which helps him keep a balance from his hectic lifestyle.

Kudos Dr. shah for being there for all your patients and contributing so much to the community.



glenstordunlodgeThe Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation mission statement says that the foundation exists to raise money to support programs which meet the needs of the residents providing independence, choice, privacy and dignity at each stage of their life at the Lodge. It also, besides, fund raising, recruits volunteers who are committed to supporting the programs set out by the foundation.


This Tree of Hope can be seen on the wall in the entrance of the lodge. It has been added to provide recognition to thank their donors without whose support the foundation could not assist the residents at the Lodge. On another wall is the Tree in mosaic form, the leaves are tiny metal tiles and there are little pebbles and rocks framing the base. Donors names and In Memoriam names are inscribed on the tiles. It is lovely and very meaningful.

To help support the foundation you can have your name on a leaf, purchase a leaf, pebble or rock or just make a donation. Please call the foundation at 613-933-3384, ext. 223 for more information or e-mail at

One thing I like about the Lodge is that they have a beautiful chapel. The door has always been open regardless of what time of day or evening I have been there. I like to go in and just sit there for awhile and drink in all that spirituality I feel there. It is very peaceful, like a mini retreat for some minutes away from everything. I spoke with a resident about it and she said that she is so grateful the chapel is there. She likes to go in and sit and be quiet and when she comes out she feels more centered and calm. This and other programs offered tells me that the Lodge looks after the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Kudos for caring so much for our loved ones.

Here is a nice way to say grace:

dogs grace


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Have a good week, Dawn


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