CFN Coming to Print in July! Book Your Ad Early! CLICK FOR DETAILS! June 2, 2014

SSN Hot off presses

CORNWALL Ontario – We had such a great experience printing The South Stormont News that we are about to move forward in July with the CFN print edition!

It’s been a long time coming, and gives us a chance to expand our coverage and try a few new things.    For some in our audience they don’t understand that since its inception CFN has been a Gonzo Newspaper.

Our goal; that first strange thought that led us to create what has become one of the most read independent online newspapers in Canada, was to create something that a lot of people read from a place like Cornwall.      Even I never expected the success that we’ve had at that level.  Of course to some without senses of wit, humour, or who have sucked back way too much Fluoridated water that’s led to some flaming psychosis!

Print of course is limited.   It’s dying too; but in certain older markets that death will be more prolonged than in others.    This happens to be one of those.    We’ve had tremendous response to SSN in print, and will use some of that formula to create a Cornwall Centric Print edition that serves the community as strange and odd as it can be at times….

We are targeting a mid to late July release if the advertising market supports it.   Now is your chance Cornwall to have something a little more colourful; a little more spunky, and something very very special.   It’s your call.

So dial 855 444 1133 if you wish to be a part of history in the making!

Ad space will be limited for the first edition!

SSN Masthead 640x140 -NEW-And things will be business as usual here and online at and in our next print edition of SSN this month!

Don’t be shy and let us know what features you want to see in either print editions or online.

And again a thanks to each and every viewer; happy or hateful as well as our brave and savvy advertisers!


  1. Congratulations Jamie. Your paper is already in the beginning stages. Like I said before print copies are on their way out and that includes the world’s biggest newspapers. You are on a great start and it is a small town paper. You tell real news which is a breath of fresh air and not nonsense. You are not gonzo news but the real thing.

  2. Congrats Jamie. Perhaps one of your first articles in the print version should be to explain your goals and objectives. As well, perhaps explain that you do Gonzo journalism and what it is.

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