Fire and Explosions Destroy 319 Louisa in Cornwall Ontario – June 2, 2014

319 LouisaCORNWALL Ontario – Fire struck the East End of Cornwall after a man triggered a fire while working on a vehicle.

Residents of 319 and 319A Louisa watched their homes go up in flames and area residents were asked to evacuate as Cornwall Fire Services went into action.


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Witnesses reported hearing 4 or 5 loud pops and explosions before the flames over took the buildings.

Facebook quote:

I live at 325 Louisa, 319, 317 and 315 are mostly burnt to the ground as of right now, and the fire dept is all hands on deck calling in reserve to put out the fires.

We’re all fine, no need to worry, the entire street’s been evacuated, i heard from a friend that it was caused by a guy working on his car causing a gas explosion, in the hospital now with 3rd degree burns

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

Photo above courtesy of Nathanael Newton  –  and video via Debbie Henderson

louisa fire BRANDON

(photo courtesy of Brandon Whitford)


Cornwall Fire Services reported that the vehicle fire required 33 personnel and eight vehicles.  One firefighter suffered minor injuries and no loss of life.   The fire is still under investigation.


  1. OMG how could this happen just working on a car. This is incredible. Something sure doesn’t sound right here. Third degree burns – he may be transported to Ottawa to go to the Civic Hospital and he is in critical condition. I hope that people find shelter soon. This is really crazy.

  2. He was working under the car and his tool cut into the gas tank…..instant kaboom.

  3. Hugger that is what my husband thought what happened. OMG he must be in a bad condition. Three houses destroyed – the insurance company will have a field day in Cornwall wondering what to do. This man is badly injured as well.

  4. Jeez Jules and I agree again.

    Actually there was an interview with a neighbour who had talked to the injured man’s wife and that’s what she said happened.

  5. Hugger it isn’t too often that we agree on something and good when we do. I hope that the man recovers. Burns are mighty painful especially those at that level.

  6. Yup he was usuing a sawzall with a freshly drained fuel tank, i live at 319 louisa, standard freeholder has everything all backwards regarding living arangements an things, the guy working on the car was out of hospital around 11pm. My gfs cat was still in the house during the whole ordeal but managed to escape tuesday morn when we went to the house.

  7. When are people going to learn not to cut into drained gas tanks and oil drums?

  8. A similar incident happened at a high school here in Ottawa in the shops department and students were drilling through some sort of tanks and some sort of explosion happened and students sent to hospital. I think that it happened either last year or the year before. Of all places it happened in the shop class with the supervision of the teacher.

  9. It was 3 years ago. They did it without teacher supervision. If the teacher had known it wouldn’t have happened as it’s not the liquid gas that’s dangerous, it’s the residual fumes.

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