It’s Time for Recall Legislation in Ontario & Electoral Reform by Jamie Gilcig – June 2, 2014

jg2CFN – There’s a meme floating around social media.  It’s kinda interesting as I think it really encapsulates the reality of apathetic voting; especially here in Canada.

no vote ontario 2011

Recently on CFN we’ve had a few posters proudly blarble about how they refuse to vote which frankly is scary and sounds like they’ve been sucking on way too much Fluoridated water.

Some suggest representational voting results which is an interesting concept; but frankly not something I’m a huge fan of.    We don’t really have recall voting at any level in Canada so how about the concept that if 50% of the public doesn’t vote in any election it’s struck down and a new date and writ is dropped?

And maybe take that one ever further by adding a slot for people to vote NOT APPLICABLE as a form of protest?   Could you imagine if that occurred?  Of course it would trigger a new vote and new writ; but it would send a clear message.

Frankly the Democratic process here in Ontario has been buggered.  People are making historical decisions with slim margins of support in systems that leave the public with very few options to right the ship.

Conflict of Interest at the Municipal level?  What citizen is going to fork out $400K?

We need simple reforms so that we truly and honestly get the government we deserve, and we need to hold our elected officials accountable by being able to challenge their decisions and boot them from office before term if they really deserve it.

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  1. Good luck. The way politics is set up in this country it’ll never happen. Remember politicians make the rules. Are they going to create one to recall themselves? I don’t think so. Is it right? I don’t think so.

  2. Hugger nails it. Same as proportional representation. What party or politician would mess with the system that gives them majority power with 40% of the vote? The Dippers used to talk about it, but not anymore.

  3. Off topic, but I notice that all the pictures of Hudak on the Con election ads show him with his mouth clamped shut and looking very serious. I kinda liked the goofy grinning and smirking more.

  4. I want everyone to take a good hard look at the politicians that we have today from the feds down to the province and to the municipal level and very few (mighty few) are worth their salt. The vast majority are a bunch of ninnies as Pastor Newton pointed out as well as the people in general. There is an old saying that “you deserve the government that you get” and that is because when people are not intelligent, aggressive and awake bad things happen. You have to do tons and tons of research to find out who really runs things and I can tell you for sure that whether it be the US president or our PM or any other has not the authority that everyone thinks that they have. There is a “shadow government” that runs things from behind the curtain and that is the absolute truth and I wouldn’t be telling you this if it were not true. A president and PM is like bird cage liners and they can do to them like they did to JFK. Educate yourselves on the truth and not fantasy.

  5. I will say like the American comedian Dick Gregory Politics is “polytricks” there are many tricks up their sleeves.

  6. Agreed Jules. But is this anything new from politicians?

  7. The only way that things are going to change is when the people rise up and change. I truly think that it is too late to make the real good changes and things that the government at all levels have been hiding from the people. When the people find out the truth then there will be an uprising on Parliament Hill like you have never seen before. I think that there would be a lot more than horses and buggies, tractors and pitchforks. That is the reason why the US government is taking away the guns from the people because they know what is going to happen and the people will not take it sitting down.

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