Is Everyone Treated Equally Under the Law in Cornwall Ontario? Confusing Over City Driver Burning By Flashing Bus

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CORNWALL Ontario – Did he or didn’t he?  A confusing media report suggests that a City employee is not being charged for clearly burning by a school bus with its lights flashing.

One person cited his nephew having a knock on his door and being given a $500 ticket for the same offense without a video.

The Cornwall Seaway News Adam Brazeau reported that City Hall had an admission from the employee in addition to the video and that some sort of “punishment” had been meted out.

Calls to CAO Norm Levac have not been returned as of press time; but the CPS have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and not closed.  The spokesperson also cited that there had not in fact been any “admission” to police which clearly would indict the driver.

The article singles out a bylaw officer of which there are not that many in Cornwall and clearly not that many working at any given time as indicated by when the video was shot.

Many were talking about different sets of rules and how they are being enforced and prosecuted.     Do you think justice is equal for all in Cornwall dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

City hall said the driver admitted his error and was disciplined. Citing confidentiality rules, the punishment has not been made public.

Norm TEAMCAO Norm Levac said the city notified police soon after the bylaw office became aware of the alleged incident.


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  1. HUH! No way in hell is anyone treated the same and Project Truth showed all of us about that to be right on target. If you belong to a certain family, have the right connections, have a position in town that is high up you can get away with just about anything and maybe anything. Bribery and anything else that you can think about is done all the time. I have no faith at all in the system and never have and never will. Cornwall is like looking at Hazard County in the southern US with Boss Hogg.

  2. Perhaps if no charges are laid, no fine imposed for such a clear offense, individuals in the future could use this to challenge the legal system in their own defense. Why not just strike down the law altogether if we are not going to enforce it for all?

  3. You got that right Jules….I love the way you just look at it…..cause its the truth…..they let each other off the hook all the time…with drinking and driving…..the elite of cornwall just work it out together…as they probably all sleep together as well…..they still protect pedophiles and rape our minds with lies……and secret meetings!….Restructuring Cornwall and condos is all they care about and their own fat bellies…..not the water…who are we kidding here?…Emma Wilson King got a desk job for a year ……cause someone ” HOnest ” and tired of her using the system …..turned her in…..Drunk driving Cops …its nothing new…..and city counsel…the same …….let each other off cause they sing together… put Perry in Jail ….;why not Emma?…..she did criminal offenses…..Perry did nothing but oppose the liars……and then the Bastards only cause turmoil for the victims ….you say the truth in Cornwall and they will jail you…….for refusing to have oral sex with your Probation officers……..ken and nelson……So who are we kidding about equal treatment/>>>.it show clearly that these mongers are just what they are …..Rich mongers…..of truth and justice ….the system of Just’Us…….lives in cornwall ……they put cameras on the streets …they should put cameras on themselves …..catch all the extra marital affairs going on city hall ……and the police station …hey Boys….Do you Remember The secretary you nicknamed Bambi Bambonick……?….Yes I’m angry that people treat each other as such……the ones who put their hands on the Bible…or take an oath under law……So yes Jules….I agree…The price…that now Cornwall lives with that reputation and its my job not to let people forget how things are done in that city of crooks………

  4. Oh great!! Now we have someone else taking up with Jules and the continual slagging of Cornwall. The city will never move forward if the past is not put in the past. Time to move forward!!

  5. Marc Carrière every word that you said is absolutely true. I know so much that went on that went beyond what Officer Perry Dunlop and the authors of Project Truth came out with and yes it all happened. You said that most likely they all sleep together and yes you hit the nail on the head. Everyone that I know about has left Cornwall except for a certain very small few. Even people that my adult children went to school with left Cornwall. My son sees them right here in Ottawa. I could never for the life of me ever return to such a town and the reputation is as black as you can get it. Yes there are a few good people but the vast majority are the worst kinds. Cornwall makes its own laws for themselves and they cannot get doctors down there to practice medicine at all. The doctors are commuting from Ottawa and Montréal and they don’t want to be a part of Cornwall at all whatsoever.

  6. Hugger you said to just move on. I can tell you that it isn’t as easy as all that. Anybody who has been sexually assaulted and sees that their perpetrators have gone free feels more violated than ever before and no amount of treatment will ever change any of that. You can’t just move on it is impossible. We know of a woman here in Ottawa who was under Children’s Aid as a child and was put in the care of an OPP officer and his wife and the officer violated her. Who is going to respect a law when people that you are supposed to have the most trust in like your clergyman, your doctor, lawyer, social worker, etc. is violating you thinking that all you are is a sex object for them and nothing else. Hugger you have to face the reality of what went on and not hide your face in the sand. These things happened and it destroyed many lives. People who have been badly hurt are hurt psychologically besides physically and you cannot understand any of that unless it would have happened to you. It is easy to say move on but those who have been violated cannot move on and they have to see justice done before they can do any of that. There is no justice at all in Cornwall only JUST US and believe me if there was justice many of the so called elites would be behind bars a long time ago.

  7. Author

    Everyone deserves Justice.

  8. Certainly …You have spoken well Jules……You are wise and should remember the good you do people by talking truth to the sleeping sheeple…..Thank you for your kind words toward the violated youth of Cornwall …..More people should use their head not just want to recieve it from young adults….Certainly, the amount of people who left Cornwall because of sexual assaults have found better lives elsewhere…..They should have never had to leave….like the Dunlopp’s and so many others after that awful inquiery….anywhere else is good… me…anywhere but Cornwall…….unless your elderly retired….What could youth possibly find in Cornwall…except an example of corruption beyond repair to those who we’re molested by prominent people…..Some men who where protesting their victimization …which they had a right to …..were sitting in the parking of the legal clinic during break of testimony….ETienne St-Aubin ..the big lawyer….{MODERATED} ” His ” parking …and to get over {MODERATED} inquiery side of the building?…..” Etienne St-Aubin is a {MODERATED}and victims looking for Bernadette Clement ….should get the {MODERATED}!…Glad I left Cornwall as well….but only miss my friends…….The intitutions are corrupt and hidden in filth…..!

  9. Jules I agree moving on is not easy. But when the past is CONTINUALLY brought up again and again it makes it that much harder to move on and have progress. I still don’t understand your desire to make Cornwall residents relive the atrocities of the past. Cornwall and it’s residents want to move forward, but having the past dug up again and again is not good.

  10. Hugger in order to go forward justice has to be done which it hasn’t. The problem is a great deal more serious than what you and the people are aware of. I mentioned something before and Jamie did not print it. It goes so deep that it would make your hair stand up and it is in the King James Bible and I scribbled the passages to look up. Yes people have to go ahead and I agree with you but in order to heal justice has to be done. All the people involved (some dead and some alive) and one was a cop OPP that was a neighbor of our (my parents and myself when I was a child) and this man is well educated a PHD in science and I won’t say what field so as not to reveal his name but he was named. He then went into being an OPP and he was the shy type when he was young and when he joined the police force the cops that were his teachers knocked the shyness out of him. Well he sure wasn’t shy to do the horrible acts that he did. I am very much affected by what happened to the people in Cornwall s well as everywhere else. Believe me Hugger when I tell you that it goes very deep. Justice has to happen and it was a farce.

  11. You keep saying things won’t change. But now you want us to wait for justice to be served. It can’t be both ways. If Cornwall wants to move forward we have to move past the previous atrocities that the city has suffered. Waiting for justice to be served that will never happen is a tireless and wasteful use of time.

  12. Hugger justice wasn’t served because the elites of Cornwall are hiding all of this and the Barney Fife PD are protecting them. If real justice was served OMG Almighty the whole entire house of cards would come crashing down in Cornwall and believe me many powerful people would be behind bars and like my husband said it goes even beyond the boundaries of Cornwall and involve many big shot politicians. Anybody who is very well educated and exposed to certain societies know very well what I am talking about and Jamie wouldn’t print it – in a way I don’t blame him. These are mighty complex issues and I will say to everyone “do not trust anybody and only in yourselves.” Hugger Cornwall has spent a great deal of money on this farce of a trial and came up empty because it was meant to be that way. Anybody who has gone through abuse never ever forgets that at all. I have seen so much in my day and it is hard for me to forget what I have seen let alone the people who have suffered so much at the hands of certain people. Cornwall will only go forward when the people change for the better and learn to have self esteem and self respect for themselves and not to trust anybody out there no matter what the position is of the person.

  13. Admin, socialism/communism sounds great in theory too and while I agree that everyone deserves justice in the real world it doesn’t happen often enough.

  14. Author

    David S&C are not the only things limited to destruction at the hands of we folks. The same could be said about Democracy too,

  15. Another fine cover up by our not so fine Police Force. If this would have been a regular person they would have been charged and had the book throwen at them. Proves my point different laws for different folks. This needs to be investigated. This is a bylaw officer who is suppose to show a good example not break the law. Not a good bylaw officer. How can he enforce the law when he can not even obey it. Another sad cover up in Cornwall.

  16. I agree Jules. So, Cornwall should try to move forward and not continually live in the past hoping for justice to be served.

  17. How many of you are school bus drivers? The driver is 100% at fault here, he or she activated the warning lights way too late for the driver of the city vehicle to stop. The driver is supposed to activate the first set of light 5 to 6 seconds before she stops which she did not, one second is not enough time to react to the lights. I would say that the city worker was at the side of the bus when the lights were activated. The cars that continued to travel west on the other side of the street were also at fault because 9th street is not a divided highway or road, there is no median separating the west bound and eastbound lanes. Also the stop is too close to the intersection and children should never be picked up there, there is a specified distance for pickups near intersections controlled by traffic lights. I am a retired school bus driver.

  18. Rick; how do you know what happened? Unless you were there.

  19. Could not agree more ADMIN, democracy is failing when less than the majority exercise their duty to vote.

  20. Voting is not always the answer and I will tell you why. We had friends over today and we spoke all about these matters and we do not vote the senators in do we? No they are appointed and they steal from us like Duffy, Wallin, Haarb and the man who is native I forget his name just now. We are the ones holding the bag and they escape with the loot. No tanks I will not vote at all and so many of my neighbors will not vote either. None are any good at all but I will stand up for Hudak (who dat) if he can cut the teachers I would be in my glory.

  21. Sorry, but voting is the answer. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

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