Shameless Plug for War Amps 2014 Ontario CHAMP Seminar LTE June 5, 2014

irwinDear Editor,


I was born missing part of my right hand and was enrolled in The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. I have been a “Champ” ever since.


Two weeks ago , I had the opportunity to attend The War Amps 2014 Ontario CHAMP Seminar in Burlington as a Junior Counsellor.


Junior Counsellors are role models for younger Champs as they too grow up in the CHAMP Program. I was able to help out with the Seminar during the many sessions and talk to the parents of new child amputees.


The impact I strive to have on other Champs is that as they learn about my life and experiences, it helps them gain the confidence to know that they too don’t have to be limited by any physical difference they have. As Champs, we often have to work a bit harder to learn how to adapt to a new task, but with effort and a little creativity, we can reach any goal we set.


My favourite things about seminars are that there is always something to learn, whether it be about artificial limbs, CHAMP Ambassador projects such as PLAYSAFE, or amputee advice, and the opportunity to make friends with the new Champs, while catching up with those I have grown up with in the program.


As someone who has benefited locally, I would like to thank all of you who support The War Amps Key Tag Service, which has made these programs possible for young amputees like me.




Jamey Irwin, 16

Mississauga, Ontario

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