Will Chicken Bob Kilger Cross the Road And Enter the Mayoralty Race in Cornwall Ontario? June 10, 2014

finucanCORNWALL Ontario – Pat Finucan confirmed to CFN that he will be Mayor Bob Kilger’s campaign manager for re-election.   He also confirmed that he would not step down as Chair of the Police Board while doing so.  He said he spoke to someone; although he didn’t state who that someone was?


Maybe it was Bob? Mr. Finucan (not Funican) as Claude McIntosh spelled the former Dean of St. Lawrence College and runner up to Mark A MacDonald for the Liberal nomination in the last election. Many have asked why the scandal plauged and conflicted Kilger has waited this long to cast his name on the ballot as Mr. McIntosh had made an earlier prediction that failed, and now has stated that “Chicken Bob” will put his name on the dotted line after the Provincial election on June 12th.


The question should be asked is whether his doing so is based on the out come of the election and if so why? So far there is only one announced candidate for mayor, CFN Editor Jamie Gilcig whom Mayor Kilger has already refused to debate and refuses to speak with. The Mayor has been sued and upcoming court date is pending regarding Kilger’s hitting of a panic button because he didn’t like the Editor’s T Shirt.

Mayor Kilger and veteran councilor Glen Grant have now triggered a closed meeting investigation after a complaint was filed with Stephen Fournier regarding an incident at a recent Waterfront Committee meeting where the Mayor and Councilor voted to move in camera clearly in violation of the Municipal Act in spite of them already being instructed by Mr. Fournier this term over the exact same issue.

We’ll find out soon enough whether Chicken Bob will cross the road and enter his name into the race with or without Ms Wynne as Premier after June 12th.

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  1. The one in charge of the “best little chicken house in town” has not shown himself up for the election but had one of his henchmen to come and tell CFN that he will be running. Now who will be debating Jamie but most likely Funican or whatever his name is will make the debate since Bare Ass only has grade 10 or less. This has to be something to see and Jamie keep me up to date with all of this.

  2. With any luck he’ll stay in his home in Ottawa & let us pick up the pieces that he left in his wake ! What a wake he left us, his tenure was one scandal after another, that cost the taxpayers millions.

  3. Author

    Clyde has it really been up to him or those that have enabled him? The Chamber of Commerce team, his council and appointed management and committee members? Real Estate companies, and other “connections” leading all the way from Akwesasne to Queen’s Park? That’s the question?

  4. I kinda figured that Bob would not run again because of his health issues after seeing his last photo.He does not look well at all.Would he really be able to finish this term let alone another.He is quite the coward for not stepping up sooner if this is not the case.

  5. Jamie don’t forget to mention Willie Wise the Ponzi schemer as well as the Rose Bros. and Healy and others. The list is so very long with all the corruption. Re/Max is heavily in bed with Bare Ass and I would never deal with them ever again to purchase a home. Crooked as they come the entire bunch.

  6. He was going to drop his papers in May, but then the provincial election was called. He’ll be announcing he’s running again after the provincial election.

  7. Haven,t seen a debate yet that the questions asked of the candadates weren,t picked by the MC.Who picks the questions that are going to be asked anyways Bob himself.The real questions that the people want to hear will never see the light of day.This should be fun.????????????

  8. Bare Ass can’t even look at Jamie in the face let alone have a debate with him. For all we know maybe Jamie will be the only candidate as mayor. Nobody else came forward to have a real choice. If Jamie gets in as mayor he will have to literally drag that Adams woman who does the books out of her broom closet where Bare Ass has her locked away to find out the truth about the state of Cornwall’s finances. Don’t forget Jamie that the governments hide things from the people and there are two sets of books one for the public and one hidden which tells you the real truth. Bare Ass does not have the nerve nor the health to debate Jamie at all nor anyone.

  9. I can’t miss the election of Cornwall for anything. I have to see if Bare Ass is going to run or not and how he is going to face Jamie in the debates. If Bare Ass was going to run he would have put his name in quite some time ago. He may just go back to “the best little chicken house” in town which is “finger licking good.” This has to be a very interesting election coming up and it is in October which isn’t too long yet to go.

  10. Jules, Bob Kilger was going to drop his papers in May, but then the provincial election was called. He’ll be announcing he’s running again after the provincial election. He will be running.

  11. Bare Ass is afraid that if the fiberals lose then his keester is in a noose where he can’t misbehave like usual and get away with it all. I sure do hope that the cons win and yes I truly believe that there are plenty that need to be let go and this is no hearsay. I have seen so much waste and you all have no idea what the fiberals have done from the top down. No tanks the fiberals are that full of fibs and nothing else.

  12. I seriously doubt that Bob Kilger is afraid of whomever is the provincial government. Yes Jules, cuts can ber made to the Ontario PS, but not the way Hudak wants through cuts to the education and health care systems. The cuts need to be thoroughly thought out, not in generalities like Hudak suggested.

  13. Hugger education is a joke compared to a lot of countries and what teachers earn is ridiculous. I would understand a nurse getting such pay because of the mighty hard work that is and the responsibilities beyond comprehension and they are subject to all kinds of disease from the patients. I think that health care should be left alone but to be scrutinized very carefully. Teachers are a joke in Canada and the US and that is the truth. Nobody gets holidays like they do except for the PM and his gang of cut throats and the ones in the provincial government. The fat has to be cut and I am for “who dat” for doing just that. I have worked with many people in many departments and when I went around through the agencies and through the public service when I left my permanent job I can tell you that I saw plenty. I am very much for the cuts and deep cuts. If we do not make those cuts God help us all.

  14. Teachers in Ontario work 10 months a year. Their “holidays” as you call them are unpaid. Their contract for teaching is a yearly deal. I agree cuts have to be made. But they must be done with thought and not in a haphazard manner, as I feel Hudak would do. Just be because you saw lots of problems at your jobs doesn’t mean everything was like that. Cuts need to be made, BUT healthcare should be untouchable as previous cuts have destroyed our healthcare system.

  15. I’ve been wondering do you like living in Ontario Jules? From your comments it doesn’t seem so.

  16. Hugger I no longer like living in Ontario and Ontario has become a “have not province” and getting a great deal worse. I just read that a very small percentage of people voted in Cornwall and even throughout Ontario not that many voted either. There is no hope at all when Wynnie got in so as to do more destruction and lies. No tanks. I don’t care anymore and that is why I no longer vote. Voting will not change a thing because none are any good at all. It is all a hopeless case. Ontario is in very deep trouble and I don’t say that lightly at all.

  17. By not voting you actually helped the Fiberals return to a majority. Every single vote counts.

  18. Hugger if there was a decent and well qualified person in the conservative camp I would have gone out to vote but there was none. Hudak (who dat) was one that everyone poked fun at and not just over his 1 million jobs to give to Ontarians after cutting 100,000 PS jobs. The man was a simpleton like his cousin McGuilty #1. Now we have McGuilty #2 who was part of the wrecking crew of #1. My one vote would not have changed anything. A lot of people did not vote at all and they all knew that it was a huge waste of time and most knew ahead that Winnie would have won whether majority or minority. It is the minorities who are from other countries who mostly vote liberal more so than our Canadians. Everyone will feel the pain that Winnie will inflict on all of us.

  19. Author

    Jules every vote counts. Just because your party or candidate doesn’t win doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. When less than 50% of the public doesn’t vote in election those that don’t vote definitely could make a difference.

  20. Agreed Admin….EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! By ignoring a situation, as it appears about 50% of the electorate did, the problem does not go away, it just gets worse.

  21. Hugger there is something mighty strange why Bare Ass would wait until after the Ontario elections. Something smells mighty fishy to me and of course he voted for Winnie since he is one of them. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. If Doug Ford gets in like Furtz said that he may run I will cast my vote to his name.

  22. It’s called common courtesy…..you don’t steal someone’s else’s thunder. That’s why he’s waiting.

  23. Can someone submit their nomination for mayor already, I want to see the debates. It will be a good one. I hope kilger runs as Jamie has lots of ammo on him

  24. Author

    I’ve already challenged him to a debate on the future of Cornwall and he’s refused.

  25. I’ve never heard of candidate’s debates at the municipal level.

  26. If Bare Ass refused your debate Jamie then how in heaven’s name is he going to run. Bare Ass would be running for his life instead. If Winnie is going against corruption like what happened to Fontana then she has to come against Bare Ass and company. If this doesn’t happen then something is very wrong with the entire system.

    Jamie you are right in a way as well as Hugger but when you see such corruption and nepotism and any other crime that you can think about it pushes people off from ever voting. If Bare Ass doesn’t debate Jamie then there is no real election and Bare Ass should go away and hide. I hope that Jamie gets in the cat bird seat as mayor.

  27. I highly doubt there will be a debate. If Kilger turned it down once, he won’t accept another invite. And as I said I’ve rarely seen candidates debates at the municipal level. I hope there is one, but……

  28. Hugger the people of Cornwall are going to have to stop voting for Bare Ass and get real. If things are not turned around in Cornwall soon God help everyone. If you think that things are bad now just vote Bare Ass back in and see what would happen. Cornwall has to go ahead and become better than what it is now. When we go to Cornwall it looks much worse than the 30’s Great Depression. People are out of work and don’t know where to turn. Industries are not coming back and if they ever came back there would be changes like you would never imagine where people would be working for low wages and this is the truth. I know so much and if I told you what I know you would wonder what planet I am from. Jamie is the only one that I see just now who wants to put Cornwall in the right direction. There will be no miracles so don’t get me wrong but to cut out the corruption and nepotism is a start in the right direction. We need to have everyone treated equally and not just those who are rich and connected.

  29. I agree Jules. Progress is never easy or quick. The unemployment rate in Cornwall is actually lower than some other places in Ontario, which surprises me.

  30. Hugger do you think that the people who have jobs in Cornwall has mostly to do with people commuting to Ottawa and Montreal and elsewhere for work because I heard that at least 2,000 people or more are commuting. Cornwall is very small and the majority of the jobs are gone and those who worked in industries are mostly retired or unemployed or doing other things somewhere.

  31. There is only one answer and one solution and that is you have no other alternative but to ditch Bare Ass out in the pasture. The only way that business can get up on its feet is to have someone like Jamie and like Brock Frost and others who have business sense to get Cornwall off its butt and make a town worth living in otherwise it will all go to hell if something is not done now. Jamie and Brock do know business but I will say one thing here and make myself clear to all of you including Jamie and Brock and that it is going to take much more than a hockey team to get Cornwall working again. Both of you are business men and I see that Brock has some smarts but like I said you have to think beyond the box.

  32. Again I agree with Jules. What is wrong with me?

  33. @ Hugger. Get thee to a therapist immediately, if not sooner! Time is of the essence! You have been warned!

  34. What world is Hugger living in? Teachers aren’t paid for the summer months? Really I sorry to be the bearer of bad news but teachers receive a paycheck 12 months a year and a damn good one too.

  35. @ Irishlad. Teachers are well payed as they should be. Their wages are averaged out so they get twelve equal paychecks per year. They also need a minimum of four years university to qualify for the job. Same as a professional engineer.

  36. Thanks Furtz. That’s basically what I meant to say. We’ve had two teachers as landlords and it’s as Furtz said, there pay is averaged out so they receive pay in the summer. They said the hardest part was getting seniority so they’d be rehired for the next school year. And if they didn’t have seniority worrying if they’d be rehired again.

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