Markov Signs With Habs – Flyers Swap Hartnell – HOF Picks – by Jamie Gilcig June 24, 2014

markov1CFN – The Habs blinked and gave 35 year old Andrei Markov a three year contract with a $5.75 million dollar cap hit.  They were trying for shorter term as +35 contracts in the NHL have some scary cap repercussions if a player retires.

I have mixed feelings on this deal; but mostly good ones.   At this stage of his career Markov is to Subban what Sergei Gonchar was to Erik Karlsson in Ottawa; albeit it better as he’s still a bit younger.

Markov’s days of burning the minutes at high levels are nearing an end.   Knee surgeries and old age do that; but Andrei may become a rare NHL lifer and that should be the in the mix.

If he had gone UFA he’d certainly get the same term and definitely would have received more Benjamins.

It gives Montreal insurance and its anchor which should take some pressure off of the Subban situation at all levels.

The Flyers and Blue Jackets made an interesting swap.   For Philly it’s  addition by subtraction.  If you believe some commentary on the web there were some issues with pugnacious Scotty Hartnell.    At 32 he still was putting up big offensive numbers and big physical numbers; but he also has five seasons on his contract at a $4.75M cap hit left.

While Umberger may be trading down in some ways his contract is up in only three years and is for a bit less.  Umberger is also a bit faster and more versatile.  It also makes more ice time for Brayden Schenn and some of the other younger Flyers.

For Columbus it gives them a #1 LW and a potentially powerful first line if he plays with Nathan Horton on his right side.

With the draft approaching I don’t think I’ve ever scene so many centres in play at this time of the year.   Brad Richards is UFA after being waived by the Rangers.    Ryan Kesler still wants out of Vancouver.   Vinny Lecavlier, Joe Thornton, Jason Spezza, Mike Richards, and a few others are seeing their names in ink as the draft approaches.

Hall of Fame inductions were last night.   A gentleman I enjoyed working with was elected, finally, into the Hall.   Former Habs coach Pat Burns enters with Domink Hasek, Peter Forsberg, Mike Modano, Rob Blake, and ref Bill McCreary.

Eric Lindros failed to make the grade again and frankly I’m not sure he should be in the Hall.    His eight years with the Flyers are definately HOF worthy; but his career was cut short by injury.   He wouldn’t be the first great player this happened to.   The irony is that Peter Forsberg, one of the elements the Flyers traded to acquire him did  enter the HOF yesterday.

Lindros, after refusing to play in Quebec for the Nordiques who drafted him first overall, was traded to the Flyers for the most lopsided trade in NHL history as the Philly gave up Ron Hextall (current Flyer GM) Forsberg, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci, Chris Simon and 1st round picks in 1993 and 1994, and CASH!

The closest the Flyers and Lindros came to a cup were the 1997 finals which they lost to Detroit.  Lindros was a great and talented player; but for me the criteria should be quite clear.  A player should have been top caliber during his playing days, have been a key factor in winning championships, and had a career worthy of being considered great.

Lindros never won his championship and injury shortened his career sadly.

Former team mate Mark Recchi on the other hand qualifies for all three conditions and hopefully enters the Chamber next season.

What do you think Hockey fans? You can post your comments below.


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  1. NHL draft tonight. What surprises will come? Will Jason Spezza find a new home?

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