50th Anniversary of Historic Cornwall Classics Intercollegiate Football Victory to be Celebrated!

cornwall classics program 1964CORNWALL Ontario – On November 15, 1964, the Classics from Cornwall Classical College Defeated Heavily Favored Mont-St-Louis Kodiacs 32-10, to win the Quebec Intercollegiate Football League Championship trophy and the Pierre Proulx.

This Was the team’s first year in the league. The victory flabbergasted experts. They Were not Supposed to win, as Montreal HAD Dominated regular season play. That team is Cornwall Were future NHL assistant coach Gilles Leger, Pierre Guindon (Montreal Alouettes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers); Bernie Charbonneau (Hamilton Tiger Cats); Bob Marleau (Clerk-in-chief, House of Commons); Perras and Ray (author of several books on leadership and coach training, Ottawa Gee-Gees assistant).

Did the team-have a secret weapon? Some May Think so ..

The Classics Were Composed of young Franco-Ontarians, and Review: had a pretty good grasp of the language. Their Opponents thought they spoke English only, and taken aback Were. Were the players ble to eavesdrop on Their Opponents’ conversations and steal Their strategies. The win WAS Described as an historic momement in the sports and cultural history of the city of Cornwall.

The game was broadcast live by CFMT (VAT). Former mayor Nick Kaneb Cornwall and Stormont-Dundas MPP Fern Guindon Travelled with the team to help the city celebrate icts 100 th anniversary.

Following the game, Joliette hosted a parade and reception, in honor of the players.

cornwall classicsTo mark the half-century anniversary, Mayor Kilger HAS Declared August 30 th“Classics Day”.   Kilger, himself a NHL referee will host a special ceremony to honor the 30th August players and coaches, now well into Their ’60s and ’70s. Kilger Will present an original photo of the team to the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame to hang Alongside Such local sports legends as Newsy Lalonde, Cy Denneny, Doug Carpenter and Moe Racine.

  The mayor and the players Would like to invite the public to come and toast this historic occasion.

On the occasion of this 50th anniversary, players invite locals to come and celebrate this historic moment.

For those wishing to dine with them, you simply call Wayne Gosselin at (613) 932-4290 or write wbgosselin@gmail.com

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