Cornwall Ontario Fighter Tony Luis Gives Wanzell Ellison his First Pro Loss Unanimous Decision on ShoBOX The New Generation

luis you tubeCORNWALL Ontario – Tony Luis made Cornwall Ontario proud as he gave Light weight Wanzell Ellison his first professional defeat Friday.

Luis is now 18-2 with 7 KOs – Ellison now sports an 11-1-1 record with 5 Ko’s.

Luis simply out boxed his opponent winning on points for an unanimous decision victory.

Luis was clearly the aggressor landing blows that earned points, and also slowed down the previously undefeated  Ellison.  Ellison showed a lot of hand speed; but Luis, the more veteran fighter, showed a lot of patience and counter punched his way to victory.

Tony worked Ellison’s body waiting for opportunities to land head shots that earned points for him.

The judges scored the fight 77-75, 79-73 and 78-70.

The fight was the opener on SHOBOX: The New Generation 200th episode which was broadcast on Showtime from the Turning Stone Resort Casino.

As the fight went on it clearly showed that Luis was not afraid of Ellison and the domination of the fight, especially body and power punches were in Tony’s favor as he established the inside fight punishing Ellison repeatedly.

Later in the fight combinations scored point after point for Luis.

Tony Luis commented to CFN:

I did what i had to do..outboxed him from the outside and outfought him on the inside.

He was quick and tricky and his height posed a bit of a problem, but my experience paid off.  

I’ve seen alot of styles and I was able to adjust. I only had three weeks to prepare for him so that means 2 hard weeks of training and the last week i taper off and just cut weight.

Before we confirmed this fight i was thankfully still in the gym relatively on a maintenance program waiting on a call. A full camp for this guy however and I feel I could’ve finished the fight even sharper or even stop him.

The stats showed Ellison landing  42 of 248 jabs vs 27 of 193 for Luis; but Luis led with 36% vs 25% of Power Punches and punishing Ellison with 151 vis 130 total punches landed, with 51 vs 27 Body Punches connecting.

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  1. I don’t follow sports of any sort. Someone or team wins, and someone or team loses. Big deal! But what I find interesting about this “sport” is that it still exists. The whole object is to inflict more brain damage on your opponent than your opponent can inflict on you. Brilliant, for sure!

  2. Author

    Actually Furtz there’s a scoring system in boxing. The point isn’t to inflict harm on your opponent anymore than it is in hockey.

  3. No doubt that hockey has devolved to the point where fighting is part of the game. But the object of the game is to score the most goals. No?
    Sure, there is a scoring system in boxing based on the number of body and head punches delivered in a given time. The ultimate win in boxing comes with knocking out (major concussion) the opponent.
    Are you saying that boxers aren’t trying to punch each other in the head?

  4. Author

    Furtz in boxing a win is a win. If one combatant can’t continue for any reason they lose. A knockout doesn’t earn you any extra “points”.

  5. What ever you say Jamie. Just my take on a “sport” that is based on bozos punching each other in the head. I guess as long as people enjoy watching people beat on each other, there will always be a market for it.

  6. Author

    Well Furtz I think it’s important to understand something before judging. My grand-father was a pro boxer in the 20’s. Many of the lessons he imparted on my dad and then myself were very important life lessons. As a matter of fact in his day knock outs were quite rare.

    I get that it’s not for everyone; but there’s a depth, magic, and beauty that exists in boxing that really doesn’t in any other sport.

  7. As I said, Jamie… whatever you say. Just my take on a “sport” that’s based on people beating each other senseless. No need to be offended by my opinion.

  8. Author

    Furtz where did that come? I was not remotely offended by what you typed?

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