Tot Struck By Truck In Cornwall Ontario – Sunday August 3, 2014 UPDATED

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CORNWALL Ontario – Tragedy struck the 7th and Gloucester vicinity in Cornwall Ontario this Sunday afternoon.

A child, speculated to be approximately 10 years old, was rushed to Cornwall Community Hospital after the single vehicle incident.

Cornwall fire department were also on hand.



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We will be updating this story as soon as  the CPS returns our missive.

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Cornwall Police Services confirmed this morning that a young boy was struck by a truck.

He sustained non-life threatening injuries.

An investigation into the event is ongoing to determine if any charges will be laid on the driver.



  1. What a horrible thing to happen. Here in Ottawa you don’t see kids play on the streets at all or they would be literally killed. You don’t see anyone out hardly at all. This could have been a great deal worse than what was. Streets are not for play but for cars.

  2. exactly my reasoning for earlier remarks about cornwall needing more no charge play areas for our children. some one must have been listening because i’ve noticed more water parks sprouting and some parks are being upgraded with slides climbing apparatus and swings. or is it because its election year that the changes are finally being made. to any extent its nice to see some of our tax dollars being put to good use. its bad enough we line the pockets of our city fathers with an unprecedented raise in honorarium. kudos to those on council who actually read and comprehend what is needed here

  3. Here in Ottawa there are very strict by-laws and you cannot play on the street at all whether you are a child or an adult. There are no snow mobiles either on the streets. I live in a residential area with two prime streets nearby and residential like you see in Riverdale and all houses except for my building and you go a little further at the back and there is a condo and further back there are a few high rise rentals. You do not see anybody play on the streets. There is a small park at the back of my building and it was there 40 years ago but today it is all well fixed for people to go to. Parks are for the people both kids and adults. In Cornwall you have it a great deal easier and parks should be maintained for all. You don’t go and build those ugly high rises and condos should be no higher than 3 floors – build like Mr. John Markell who has impeccable taste and not along the river but on Water Street. Keep Cornwall beautiful otherwise you will make it ugly. In big cities they have no choice because there is very little land and the cost is astronomical.

  4. @ Jules. Is there a bylaw in Ottawa that prevents you from turning off your computer and going outside?

  5. Furtz I wasn’t on the computer all that time. I have work to do around here. I just came on now. I had a load of dishes, etc. to do. Tomorrow I will be gone shopping for a lot of the day. I will also be going for my morning walk.

  6. Your all right u can’t let ur kids play on the street but u have to make them ride there bike on the street as per the law. In speaking with witnesses he was on a bike and we’ll within the safety of his parent/mom. Take a look at the traffic sometime cause the cars driving don’t care about anything other getting somewhere 1 minute earlier. Shame on all u for blaming the parents without having any facts

  7. Parents need to watch there kids. Cornwall is horrible for parents letting there kids do whatever they want as long as they don’t have to watch them. Hopefully the kids okay.

  8. It takes a village to raise a child. We all must be dilligent. Kids will be kids. This isn’t a blame issue. I’m sure the driver feels horrible. Just an unfortunate accident.

  9. I was born and grew up in that area of town but further down towards Ninth Street but just before that. Kids would play on the streets but back in the 50’s era there were very few cars on the roads and very quiet. We were playing hide and seek until the whistle sounded at the mills to go in back then. You could ride your bikes without any problems. Today that is not the case. Gee if you ride your bike here in Ottawa in the residential area where I live you get killed – cars non stop and no longer what it used to be. Adults take a huge risk every day on bikes and cars too – plenty of accidents. All I hear are cops, paramedics and fire. Cornwall’s streets are way too narrow. My residential street and the ones near me are much wider than Gloucester Street. Cornwall is so mighty small. I will be going down to Cornwall this week and we find it like a farm – so small and so quiet. You cannot take your eyes off of children and not for a minute. Yes cars sure do race and especially here in Ottawa it is insane to drive.

  10. I just read a while ago on that there are two young girls ages 9 and 10 or 11 who are missing in a campsite in Calibogee outside of Ottawa. They were spotted near a woods and who knows what happened to them. Always watch your kids and we are living in a society that is also mixed and you don’t know your neighbors and others like what you used to. It is the responsibility of the parents to watch their children. Yes neighbors can help when they are out but they cannot watch your kids all the time since it is your responsibility.

  11. “Watch your kids we are living in a society that is also mixed…” That doesn’t sound racist at all.

    Go put your tin-foil hat back on and stick to commenting on the news item at hand. Those girls got lost on their own. Had nothing to do with ‘bad’ ‘mixed’ people. They have been found safe and sound.

  12. People need to keep an eye on their kids!! Like seriously we arnt in the country here were in the city people drive crazy and don’t pay attention to their surroundings!!!

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