Robin Williams Deceased at Age 63 – August 11, 2014

Robin Williams Deceased at Age 63 – August 11, 2014

garpaCFN – The world is mourning the loss of one of the most fearless actors I’ve ever seen; Robin Williams.   It’s reported that he took his own life today at the age of 63.

The World According to Garp may not have been the best movie ever made; but it left a stain on a young writer back in the 80’s when I first saw it on the big screen in Montreal.

Robin had been making the shift from comedy like so many other talented comics.  Anyone that’s ever hung out with comics knows how serious they can be in real life.

At the peak of his career Robin was in some of the greatest movies of his era.  He also made some stinkers; but he was a true star whether on stage, in TV or movies, and of course lending his voice to some major animated classics.

He even appeared on SCTV.

Toys was another film that moved me with such a huge cast. Robin worked with so many talented filmmakers in his career.

And in Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King with Jeff Bridges

After 2000 he never was wanting for work; but never found the critically acclaimed roles that he so made magical in the 90’s.

Heart surgery and dealing with addiction and depression surely impacted his career over the last decade.

Social media is filling up with comments and of course condolences.  The World is stunned tonight at the loss of one of the greats.

RIP Robin Williams and thank you for making us feel joy, drama and in the end, like losing a close family member, sadness.

You can now take the set after Richard Pryor at that great comedy club in the sky.

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