Robin Williams Deceased at Age 63 – August 11, 2014

garpaCFN – The world is mourning the loss of one of the most fearless actors I’ve ever seen; Robin Williams.   It’s reported that he took his own life today at the age of 63.

The World According to Garp may not have been the best movie ever made; but it left a stain on a young writer back in the 80’s when I first saw it on the big screen in Montreal.

Robin had been making the shift from comedy like so many other talented comics.  Anyone that’s ever hung out with comics knows how serious they can be in real life.

At the peak of his career Robin was in some of the greatest movies of his era.  He also made some stinkers; but he was a true star whether on stage, in TV or movies, and of course lending his voice to some major animated classics.

He even appeared on SCTV.

Toys was another film that moved me with such a huge cast. Robin worked with so many talented filmmakers in his career.

And in Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King with Jeff Bridges

After 2000 he never was wanting for work; but never found the critically acclaimed roles that he so made magical in the 90’s.

Heart surgery and dealing with addiction and depression surely impacted his career over the last decade.

Social media is filling up with comments and of course condolences.  The World is stunned tonight at the loss of one of the greats.

RIP Robin Williams and thank you for making us feel joy, drama and in the end, like losing a close family member, sadness.

You can now take the set after Richard Pryor at that great comedy club in the sky.


  1. “You can now take the set after Richard Pryor at that great comedy club in the sky”. Dream on!

    “As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die…”(Ezek 33:11).

  2. Classy as always, Newton.
    RIP Robin Williams.

  3. Yesterday my daughter came back from the doctor and my husband told me that before I fully entered the door. This was a shock. The man was troubled mentally and turned to drugs and alcohol. Robin Williams was multi talented but when the brain is troubled nothing will help – no amount of money nor luxuries – we all go the same way. I worked with two lovely people over 30 years ago who had the same disease and both took their lives. One was one of our offices an auditor and he retired from the government and made his own business so as to keep active and my dear Merle who worked with me in the unit. I sure cried when I heard that because it brought back memories even sitting here now it is painful to think about. A chemical imbalance is not like a physical disease that you can treat so easily but one that is hidden. RIP Robin Williams. These people made the mistake of killing themselves since the soul is never at peace.

  4. Do you know what is strange folks is that the auditor who worked with us was always joking and every time he entered our unit he had a joke for all of us and always smiling and laughing. One day I had everyone laughing and I had Merle roaring with laughter. My supervisor sent me on a private thing for her during office hours and I wasn’t feeling well that day and I walked very far and from Metalfe and Laurier Ave. all the way to the Connaught Bldg. on Sussex Dr. and it was the wrong place. Everyone wondered what I was doing there and then I realized that I was at the wrong place and went all the way back to where I was supposed to go. When I got back to the office my supervisor made a huge map for me and stuck it on my computer. The entire unit roared with laughter and I was so happy to see Merle laugh – I made her day. A lot of times the saddest people are the ones who are the comics. Robin Williams had an enormous talent. We are all here today and gone tomorrow and best to exploit each day to the fullest.

  5. Not necessarily a mistake Jules. Some people know when they’ve had enough. As for the soul, that’s just yet another thing that exists in the imaginations of those who believe in such things.

  6. Furtz the sole is no imagination at all and yes we all have souls and many people are very troubled. My husband was just commenting just now about how many celebrities end up taking their lives or are on drugs and alcohol. Money means nothing Furtz and when ones soul is troubled all that has no meaning at all. Robin Williams was very talented and hilarious and all what he gave to the public did not have the same effect on himself. He was troubled with depression for a long time. I remember way back when they interviewed him he said that he was always the silent type and the lady who was playing the role of Mindy (Pam Dawber) was the talkative type and that show set him off into big time and became very talkative. Down deep the man was suffering and the fans never knew about that and I knew of some of the greatest celebrities who suffered with that horrible condition. That is one of the ways that they can portray many roles because of their mental state.

  7. RIP = rest in peace. Will not be for the one if he or she dies without a saving relationship with God via the Lord Jesus Christ and that by faith. It His is saving merit and worth that delivers you from the eternal torments of hell.

    An account of life after death given by the Lord Jesus Christ -“And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented”(Luke 16:22-25).

  8. Author

    Tom Lord knows I respect people’s Freedom of Speech;but I don’t write obits for everyone. Do you think that perhaps you can allow the body to go cold before railing on this one please? It’s about respect, and the same respect your beliefs are given deserve a bit of respect back. There will be plenty of time to rip apart the deceased and their values. I can tell you though sir if more people gave to the world like Mr. Williams did it would be a lot better place. He is a treasure lost and right now there are millions of very hurt and sad people including myself at his passing.

  9. To allow a false hope and expectation to be encouraged by the death of Mr. Williams of him “resting in peace” or “…can now take the set after Richard Pryor at that great comedy club in the sky” is cruel and wrong for those that are yet alive. The world will mourn for one of their own, but it is like what the Lord Jesus Christ said to one facing the same issue –

    “And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God”(Luke 9:59-60).

    God does not take pleasure in the death of the lost, nor do I. I have preached many of my own family members funerals which died in their sins. I sought to be loving, respectful, but I was there to tell them the truth, and to warn such that death will come, and when it comes will you be ready to meet you Maker? To meet Him with out the atoning work of Christ applied to your account by faith there is no hope for such a one. It is to late. I preach to the living, not to the dead. Isn’t that the Lord Jesus was saying to the man who wanted to bury his father?

  10. Pastor Newton I always respect you and hold you at the highest level in society but one thing that I want from you please sir is to have a little bit of respect for the suffering that people like Robin Williams along with so many other people go through. I was on and you would be surprised how many people are afflicted with this horrible disease and many try to commit suicide. Margaret Trudeau came forward on The Hour talking about that and said that not every med suits everybody and people have to be taking the meds that the psychiatrist prescribes and if it doesn’t agree then the meds have to be changed until the right one is for that person because everybody’s system is different. Merle was born (inherited) with that disease from her father who suffered for years. Merle’s husband was in the Canadian Air Force and they were transferred up to the Yukon in the 60’s era when she had her first mental breakdown. It is a chemical imbalance and it is mighty serious. There was a 14 year old girl here in Ottawa whose father was with the Ottawa Senators Hockey Team and they live in Rockliffe section of Ottawa and she hung herself in her parents basement. The parents did not seek help for their daughter and hid the problem from society. The girl had a lot of friends and people wondered why she ended herself.

    Pastor you and I know a lot of things but the one thing we can do is to pray for their troubled souls and not condone them. You would be shocked to know how many people are afflicted and who they are. The most intelligent people have this horrible disease. Join me Pastor in prayer and that is all that you and I or anyone can do.

  11. We just lost one of the greatest living actresses of all times and that is Ms. Lauren Bacall (Humphrey Bogart’s wife) at age 89 years old. Look on and you will find the write up. Lauren is a cousin to the president of Israel and both their real names is Perske. No not Netanyahu he is the PM and not the president. She was one of my husband’s and mine favorites of the screen. They sure don’t make celebrities like that anymore. I don’t even go near the TV at all and it is on and won’t touch it because you won’t find that calibre today. I am feeling bad for the loss of Robin Williams and his troubled spirit and for Ms. Bacall but Ms. Bacall lived a full life and at 89 years old.

  12. Jules – no where in the Holy Scriptures does it state that depression(or any other mental illness so labeled)is a disease. Before psychology and psychiatry brained washed us into believing all this mental illness stuff the Bible spoke of lunacy(insanity) and demon oppression/possession.

    Depression is the result of unconfessed sins in one’s life. Depression is the result of unresolved sinful issues with God. Depression is when one’s feelings are registering guilt upon the conscience for sin commited. There is nothing wrong with one’s feelings; in fact they are working as God designed them when one has unresolved sin issues in one’s life. Live a life of sin contrary to the will of God and yes, one will become depressed, and more. The problem is that we try to suppress, remove the feelings by meds, while the heart issues remain, or are chemically suppressed – zombies. Meds never, no never cure anybody.

    One’s relationship to self will never get better until one’s relationship is restored to God, our Maker by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Saviour. With faith in Him, comes new life of peace and lasting deliverance from sin – self will, rebellion, and self-righteousness.

    The problem with psychology and psychiatry is with it’s model of man – man is an animal, no soul, and made up of all kinds of chemical processes. Psychology and psychiatry do not help the depressed person by the all the meds, but only masks the real heart issues. It is behavior modification, and not a new life in Christ.

    If depression, like alcoholism, and many other mental illness are really diseases then such are not to be blame for their behavior. They are only victims. There is really no hope for a permanent, lasting cure. This is 100% contrary to what the Bible proclaims about our responsibility for ourselves and before God. See how psychology and psychiatry has won the day. Psychology and psychiatry are sworn enemies of Christianity and the Bible. Now we can begin to see why – $$$$$$$$$

    Mark 5:15 “And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid”. My testimony, and many others, all to the glory of God.

  13. Author

    Actually Tom, speaking to some comic friends in LA since the incident some of them had concerns about the medication Robin was on. There are many unknown impacts today compared to 30 years ago on we humans from the water we drink, food we eat, and yes, to the medications we are prescribed.

    Again, Robin was a giving and talented person that literally millions of people will miss.

  14. What is it about the “Holy Scriptures” that seems to inspire the heartless nastiness in some people?

  15. Mr. Newton……give it a rest PLEASE. I’ve had depression issues previously. Reading your dribble offends me and probably others who have had this disease. When you do a funeral for someone that has died due to depression do you spew your nonsense at them? I seriously doubt it. So, have a little respect for Robin Williams and those that have passed before him due to depression.

  16. Pastor besides my dear Jamie you are the one that I look up to here on CFN and that is the entire truth. Going to the Lord is a must and so many people have turned their backs on the Good Lord and I can see that here on CFN and elsewhere. People do not know the power of God and God is not a visible being for them to see but one thing that you and I can agree on is that He sure does spill out his punishments in many ways.

    About Robin Williams he had an enormous talent at making people laugh. He even went over to Iraq to entertain the troops. I will say one thing and that is show business is sinful and that is the truth. It has always had sinful decadence but it has gone further into more deterioration than ever before and both of us are well aware of that. Take a good look at all the divorces, abortions, unwed mothers, and I can go on and on on this one.

    I am never one for meds Pastor and it is hard for me to take an aspirin when I have a headache but when it is really necessary when I cannot stand the pain anymore then I reach for that aspirin. Well those people who are mentally ill cannot help themselves and if they were not on some sort of meds they would have to be institutionalized for life. We used to have a friend who went off her meds (manic depression) and she literally wanted to kill me and tried to break up my marriage. I got rid of her for good. She went off her meds without the doctor and she really went crazy. The company that she kept was unspeakable and she went for a 360° turnaround compared to what we used to know of her. This is an inherited disease and her entire family is afflicted. One brother was found dead not that long ago floating in the Ottawa River. Another brother was institutionalized for many years.

    When mental patients take meds many cannot handle what the doctor prescribes and it has to be changed. Not all meds are for all people. Robin Williams heard voices as well and they were demons for him and that is exactly what happens with the mental patients. You and I don’t have that problem but I can assure you that there are a great many people out there walking the streets with that problem. Maybe Robin Williams had problems with his meds and when he went back on alcohol and that with the drugs would have caused a terrible side effect. Maybe he had financial problems and other problems as well. We don’t know the man personally at all and usually when people come out with a lot of laughter and jokes a lot of times they are the ones who are suffering down deep. I feel very bad for the man and for what his family has to go through just now because the family might feel guilty for not seeing the signs of Robin wanting to take his life. All we can do is offer prayers for Robin and for his family and we are not God but God will be his judge. I didn’t watch much of the program Mork and Mindy nor any of his movies but I have seen the odd stand up comedy that he did which was rare but I could see that he had great talent. I am not a movie buff and don’t watch TV at all – only my family watches it.

    You and I know that morality is in the toilet Pastor and it is going to get a great deal worse. As time goes on and people see how bad things get they will be wishing that God would save them but God isn’t going to save those who have turned their backs on Him. There is so much evil in this world today and people are calling evil good and good evil. We cannot change how people think or feel and the only way that is going to happen is when they get life’s huge jolts where they don’t know where else to turn.

    Again Pastor you are the one that I respect and look up to here on CFN besides Jamie and I love reading your quotes from the scriptures. Remember Pastor that many are troubled and it is a chemical imbalance and usually born with that horrible disease. It may be a punishment of God or it may be by something to do with the cells in the body. All the very best to you Pastor.

  17. Agreed Hugger. Just about everyone I know, including myself, has suffered from depression at some time or other. The callousness and heartlessness of Newton’s comments are truly sickening, but not unexpected. He is what he is. Let’s hope that people suffering with this burden get the help they need, and are not exposed to toxic BS like this.

  18. Jules…..some of the terms you are using are less than ideal. Please think about the terms you use before typing. There are better, less offensive terms that can be used. If you don’t know them do an Internet search.

  19. Hugger I see nothing wrong with what I wrote and I spoke from what I know and my heart. Pastor Newton is quoting scripture and back in the days of Our Lord there were no meds or psychiatry and people just literally went nuts and escaped somewhere to die. Today we have psychiatry and meds to help control this disease. There are so many people afflicted with this disease and some of the most intelligent people out there and it would put you in shock to know who they are or were. Nobody is perfect and we all have something or other. I may be just too crazy and beyond repair. LOL LOL. ROLF! I never get down Hugger and always on my feet and I am one of the lucky ones. Depression does run in my family and many families. I don’t have time to feel down. If a lot of people went through what I did in life they would go off the deep end but not me I have to be a strong person and mom used to say that about me was that I was strong mentally. Well? Sometimes I sure do question myself about that one.

  20. You see nothing wrong with using the terms “Mental patients” or “mentally ill”? Trying looking at it from the other side. Those terms are very, very wrong.

  21. I just read where Zelda (Robin’s daughter) is going through a hard time on Twitter. Some people are putting her down and during this time she is trying to deal with this horrible situation. Robin Williams death is opening up more on information about mental illness and a good thing because so many people are suffering and are trying to hide it. It is like a lot of illnesses out there and more people have to come forward so as people can get the help that they need. People seem to only do something when it is a celebrity that has been afflicted with this not knowing that so many everyday people are suffering and not getting any help. People don’t have to suffer in silence.

  22. The dead are dead and know nothing.

    It’s disturbing that so many people latch on emotionally to an event like this… like really, did any commenter here even know the guy? Know his birthday? Get an e-mail now and again?


    So why not look around your own neighbourhood, at real people, at real problems… and actually do something about it. Lots of folks in and around this city die quite unwillingly, and don’t leave multi-million dollar estates to their families.

    So let the dead bury the dead, and instead, take care of, and take note of the living.

  23. @ Simon. Every now and then, a well known and well loved person dies unexpectedly or under tragic circumstances. Why would you not expect people to be affected by these passings?

  24. Simon you are absolutely right indeed. People have to take care of one another. These celebrities are loaded with money and I saw one of Robin’s homes and OMG it is a monstrous shrine and not a home. The same goes for Justin Bieber and all the rest of them. These people with all their wealth are not happy at all. Having nothing and just dreams is all I want. Take care of yourselves, your families and your neighbors and believe me that is everything. They say that it is very lonely at the top and the same is true with too much money.

  25. Jules…how do you know they aren’t happy? Do you have inside information you aren’t telling us about? Or is it another “I know, because I know” story?

    I agree Furtz. When a “famous” person dies it affects more than just their family. They perhaps provided us with laughter, music, etc. The gift they provided to the world will be missed.

  26. There will be some born-again Baptists picketing Mr. Williams’ funeral. They say that their god is angry at him.

  27. Author

    Well Furtz as a Dudeist Rabbi I think that’s disrespectful.

  28. Boggles the mind how hateful these clowns are.

  29. Furtz just a few minutes ago I read about the Westboro Baptist Church going to protest Robin Williams funeral. LOL LOL. This I have to see. I hope that it is being recorded. I have seen this group before when a man from England who does documentaries filmed a lot about this group and very funny indeed. You never know maybe Robin Williams mighty pop out of his casket and scare the hell out of everyone. LOL LOL. Gee that would be something to see. He was always one for a good laugh.

  30. @ Jules. There’s nothing even remotely funny about these low-life hate-mongers.

  31. Furtz I have seen these “hate mongers” at funerals of vets coming home and other cases as well. They had them on and that is where I saw that. This man who did videos and interviews surname is Theroux and is a relative of Jennifer Anniston’s boyfriend. Yes they sure do get spiteful but also plenty of laughs as well.

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