ballotCORNWALL Ontario – It’s showtime!   Labour Day will be the kick start of the Municipal elections in this part of Ontario and CFN and The South Stormont News have some very special election specials for candidates!

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  1. Showtime it is! Well said and hopefully many candidates will take advantage of the excellent advertising promotions being offered by the well read CFN and SSN.

    A great promotion such as this offers candidates super exposure and many bonus opportunities.

    Put your advertising dollars where it counts and that is with CFN!

    Best of luck to those early birds who move quickly before space runs out.

    The early bird gets the worm and the Votes!

    Happy Campaigning.

    CFN readers will look forward to reading the adds as they appear.

    Don’t delay or pass this great offer up!

    Do it today!!

  2. Author

    OWC I think it’s important to ask candidates if they support the City Boycott of CFN because frankly we’re the only locally owned media corporation and we do stand up for our community and don’t hide away. Sadly most of the candidates running for council support the boycott. That says a lot about their qualifications to serve a community in my opinion.

  3. Admin,

    Yes, I agree and it is a very important question that should be addressed.

    CFN does stand up for our community in many ways and that has been proven time and time again.

    I also agree that if they choose to boycott CFN then they are not candidates I would vote for either.

    If they cannot grasp the importance of supporting local run business then how are they capable to become a council member and support other issues regarding this city and the people who run businesses in this area?

    To boycott CFN means they truly do not have the best interests of the community on their agenda.

    You are correct in saying that it says a lot about their qualifications and it certainly show bias. Is this not what we are trying to get away from to begin with at City Hall?

    Have we not had enough of this?

    Fair play does not involve a boycott but it certainly reveals a lot about any candidate who shows their true colours at this upcoming election time.

    It also shows a pea sized mentality!!

    I hope that the Cornwall residents pay close attention to where the upcoming candidates do place their advertising campaign dollars.

    Why would any candidate who wants to make this a better community begin his campaign by boycotting CFN?

    We all need to give this serious thought in the next while as we ponder who we want to represent us at city hall.

    Personally, I have had more than enough of the many behind the scenes things that have taken place with this present mayor and some on council.

    Thank you for so openly addressing this very serious issue which impacts every single person living in this city.

    If bad/poor/biased decisions are made now by those running for election, this does not place our community in the top place to live in Canada.

    This attitude harms everyone, including young people.

    It is long overdue that many in this city wake up and smell the roses.

    Hasn’t the wool been pulled over our eyes long enough?

    There is no room for a City boycott of CFN or of other respectable persons/business.

    If those candidates supporting a boycott would do this now, then what hope would there be for the future when it comes to honesty, decency and transparency round the council table?

    This is the perfect opportunity for those who have the courage to move beyond any boycott of CFN, support local business and to stand up to any bully type mentality that exists in this community.

    What makes this even more interesting is the fact that is this not the community that promotes LOCAL food/local shopping and so many other local business ventures? I think so, so it is long overdue that they step up to the plate and support CFN and the good work/truth it has always presented to the Cornwall residents and other readers.

    I for one will certainly want to ask this question of any candidate who campaigns my area seeking a future vote.

    I would not want anyone running for the position of Mayor or Council to have a hidden agenda especially one that gives to some and totally ignores others.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with One Who Cares and I said it yesterday when Marc Pilotte said something about how the mayor and council is run in Cornwall and believe me I was very down about all of this like as if there is no way to turn things around for the better. All there is is bashing so and so and running Cornwall amock. One scandal after the other and I put the blame on the province as well.

  5. You’re not going to post this…and that’s ok. I get it. you gotta do what you gotta do…but seriously…everyone knows that OWC and you are the same person and that you’re fabricating this conversation. Who else would comment on this ‘news’ item. Seriously what other paper/newssite makes a sale on advertising a news item? At best it should be a side bar.

    Just saying…I do come here because I consider you Alternative News and I like to see all sides. But it’s been weak lately. How about the scoop on the money wasted looking for that guy in Crysler…only to find out he’s in Kingston? There was a helicopter buzzing my house for 2 days…can’t imagine what that costs…THAT would be news. Not a desparate plea for advertising dollars. Sorry dude.

  6. Author

    Marc if you know anything about myself or CFN’s history, you would know that I don’t use fake id’s. Second, you have been blocked because you participate in a hate group directed at CFN and myself. That group, for whatever reason, is not live on facebook at the moment. And we covered “the guy in Crysler” and we scooped the other media locally about his being found in Kingston. Maybe we should leave you on block…..Not everyone around here is as filled with as much ignorance and hate as you seem to have amigo.

  7. Marc Houde Jamie’s CFN is not alternative media at all and believe me if he were he would have news way in advance like months or years before it happens in the toilet papers of record of SF and SN. I don’t care if Jamie calls himself OWC or whatever but Jamie is the best. I do not look at any other paper and the only time I look at Ottawa’s papers is if a crime has happened in my area not far from where I live.

  8. “found in kingston’ isn’t the news. Response to the massive amount of money spent to find he wasn’t even missing IS!

    I am a member of that group for the exact reason I stated above (and thank you for having the fortitude to post my comment). I get my news from ALL sides…being a member is the only way I can get the full picture.

  9. Author

    Marc you participate in a hate group that is directed chiefly at attacking this newspaper, myself, and those I work with or support us. That’s not news gathering. End of. If you don’t realize that…well….

  10. Mr. Houde,

    How very incorrect you are assuming that Jamie and I are the same person.

    I am not a fan of gossip nor am I am fan of he said, she said, I am though a fan of the truth and I have found the truth in Jamie and in CFN.

    I doubt very much Jamie would have to assume the name or prefabricate a name of anyone (person)to make any type of a statement. I feel that Jamie has stood up and supported the Cornwall issues and people with great courage and yes, always the truth.

    Now if you are interested in why I posted a comment re: the advertising (not that I have to explain this to you or anyone for that matter) but I will, I previously owned my own business in this city and I know the importance of being supported by my community (when in business). Advertising was and remains something I thoroughly enjoy and since this sounded like such a great opportunity for those campaigning to participate in, I thought I would add my personal thoughts.

    Jamie did not ask for this comment or support from me, it came quickly and freely from my keyboard to this section of the paper.

    I did not receive any form of reimbursement or any type of discount on anything for your information.

    I would if I still was in business, totally support CFN with my advertising dollars.

    Since I am no longer in business I still continue to enjoy supporting many local retail shops that I frequent due to their sincerity, and good business principals.

    So please, the next time you confuse anything written by Jamie, do not automatically assume that I have written it.

    I have no need to write anything as I do enough of that on a daily, yearly basis.

    I continue to support the truth I find in CFN, as another council member has mentioned to me personally in the past he found the same truth and I will continue to support CFN and the truth found in this paper.

    I hope this clears up this matter for you and any reader doubting that Jamie is not who he really is.

    I also would like to add that I feel Jamie placed his add in a very appealing, eye catching place in his paper!

    If you do not like what you see/read, then why would you waste your time doing so.

    We read CFN because we find the truth, we find support for those in the community who never otherwise would have a voice and Jamie has become that voice. These are only a few reasons why we choose to read CFN as our daily, and more than up to date, newspaper.

  11. Hey Marc Houde. There was some asshat(s) on the Dockery hate-group a while ago that figured that Jamie and I are the same person! Jamie and I are seldom on the same page, never mind being the same person. Question for you… Does anybody in that group have a life? Or a functioning brain?

  12. I stand behind the comments I make by using my real name and never hiding behind an alias, as Jaime does and I give him credit for that.

  13. Sorry… just realized I spelled Jamie wrong. Its the Franco ontarien in me. No dis-respect intended.

  14. Author

    Marc you just accused me of using a fake name? Which one is it?

  15. You’re right. I guess I did. I guess what I’m trying to say with very little eloquence is I put little value in comments from aliases.

  16. By the way Mr. Houde, it is so absolutely refreshing to read and hear the truth regarding issues, such as we do with CFN.

    It is so refreshing to not have to sort out what was omitted or never reported in the first place as some papers do.

    If is so refreshing to find a role model such as Jamie who is so willing to fight for the underdog, the little guy and the person who is truly in need of help/support.

    Yes, we also read this paper because reading the truth in this city has a refreshing feeling about it, like taking a breath of clean fresh air.

    No one is driven by force to read the news in any paper and according to the great readership numbers from CFN, I would say that not only myself but thousands of others on a daily basis are also really enjoying ….reading the truth, seeing the little guy have a break, someone actually standing up for what should be right and good and decent and apparently seems to be lacking totally in many ways in this community from some in positions of power, and you know who are!!

    Yes,….in CFN, we find that place to take a few moments out of our life, have that cup of tea, or coffee or health drink and enjoy what real news should consist of…the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    What is there about some people in the community who appear to be so very threatened when it comes to hearing/reading the truth?

  17. Author

    People talk about the truth; but few rarely want to hear it and even fewer will take action over it. I use real numbers when I write about our numbers which if challenged legally would have to prove. I would challenge the Free Holder and Seaway News to be as open and publish real numbers.

    The Free Holder, a year or so ago, reported a comparison to other media including the Seeker Chicks, but left CFN off their comparison list. Is that honest?

    We publish real numbers monthly for a reason and the fact that tax dollars are spent at greater rates for media that have less viewership is sad and pathetic. It’s also conspiratorial, anti-business, and anti-Cornwall. It hurts our entire community and has held us from giving out great jobs and holding back organic local growth in our city.

    I was asked recently if I thought the reason the Freeholder and Seaway News are not covering my campaign fairly was because if the boycott was killed finally that just having normal market share would hurt their bottom lines.

    I would hate to think that that could possibly be why. I am having another press event Monday and hopefully our local media actually show up and actually cover it this time.

  18. Author

    Trevor it was emailed to the media in the region.

  19. I can tell Marc Houde and everyone that Jamie’s CFN is the only paper that I will read and that includes Ottawa’s as well. I only look at Ottawa’s when a big crime is in my area and boy do I want to know. I rarely go out of this place alone that is how bad this area has become. In past years you would never ever have heard any of this going on. Day or night makes no difference so I do want to know what has happened.

    As for Jamie’s CFN and about Cornwall I want to know what is happening but not on the cover ups and the lies and the cliques, etc. I want real news and truth and that is what Jamie provides. Jamie is not alternative and I know because I read some alternative papers from the US and I sure know the difference. Jamie is the best that Cornwall has. Yes I too misspelled Jamie’s name many times and have to correct myself since I was educated in French and my English is atrocious. There I go again I had to correct the word English along with others and I find myself always correcting. I even spelled Jamie as Jaimie many times and had to go over that name.

    About Facebook I have always used to addie Jules and people on my quilting site know me by that name but with a number on the end of it. If I used other addies I would screw myself up not knowing what I called myself and wish to remain as Jules. I found another Jules before on a European site but it was a dog. LOL LOL. ROLF! and from France. Jamie is my man and the best there is in Cornwall or anywhere else. “What’s in a name that I call a rose, that smell’s so sweet” I am quoting Shakespeare and forget the rest. I am mighty rusty in English.

  20. @ Jamie. Please tell us that you really aren’t Newton. That would be, like, totally unforgivable!

  21. Some of us have very valid reasons for using pseudonyms. In my case my wife works for a local municipality. I will not put her career at jeopardy due to the things I say.

    I rarely agree with Jamie. But I find CFN to be a breath of fresh air that provides different points of view and news stories.

  22. One thing about you Furtz is that you are a barrel of laughs. When you are hilariously funny here I can just picture you at a party. The place would all be rolling over laughing. You are quite the character.

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