Cornwall Ontario’s 18th Candidate for Council – Heather Megill

heather megillCORNWALL Ontario – Our city’s 18th candidate for Council is Heather Megill.   Ms Megill is a long time resident of Cornwall originally from Newfoundland.

She previously ran for council in 1994 and 1997.

We chatted on facebook while she’s visiting back in Pouch Cove, a very old fishing community.

I asked her about being only the third of eighteen candidates for council that is a women and she had the following to say;

I’m quite happy to be a candidate for council regardless of my gender.

 Heather said that she will be releasing her platform in September.

She’s a school teacher with the Upper Canada District School Board and ETFO Vice President for the board’ s Eastern Region.

Speculation is that there may be as many as 30 candidates for council including former journalist currently working at NAPA in Long Sault; Greg Kielec.



  1. That’s good because it gives people more choice than just a few people. Not only that but this woman had an education compared to some and would have a lot to offer. All the best.

  2. Congratulations Heather Megill for stepping forward from the shadows to add your name to the list of alternatives to the current deadwood residing around the horseshoe! I look ahead to finding out more about what you can offer to the taxpayers that would separate from the current mindset. In particular what your vision of Cornwall would look like in 10 to 20 years time. In the shorter term I would like to know what your thoughts are concerning the end of our relationship (Cornwall Electric, Fortis) with Quebec Hydro (December 31, 2019), the impact it will have on this community and whether you would endorse lobbying to continue our current exemption under the Liberal Green Energy Act.

  3. Re speculation that former Journalist Greg Kielec may toss his hat in and run for Cornwall City Council.


  4. Author

    Bill maybe not as good as we thought. Greg posted some very disturbing pro Hamas links on twitter recently. He also was part of the X files hate group, although he did withdraw.

  5. Pro Hamas that is enough to wreck anyone’s political future or any kind of future. Yes we feel sorry for certain people but they should not belong to that particular group. {MODERATED} As for the hate group once you belong to that dirty gang you cannot erase your spots. I don’t follow any of that and one picture on CFN spoke a thousand words.

  6. Was he part of the group or was he admitted to the group without his knowledge?

  7. Hate groups and terrorists, do they not go hand in hand? Can one exist without the other? Why did he withdraw?

  8. Author

    Well if Mr. Kielec is going to run he can post an answer to that.

  9. Author

    I emailed and asked him. He accused me of being “Secret Police” and was very defensive before pulling himself out.

  10. @William E. Beattie

    I would prefer, sir, to give you the benefit of the doubt and pass off your endorsement of Greg Kielec as an action borne out of ignorance. You have never in your comments of the past given me cause to question your character therefore I find it suspect that you would endorse a potential candidate that has presented himself as questionable.

    Personally I could never get behind an individual who embraces hate tactics or terrorism as a means to an end.

  11. These days, being critical of Israeli foreign policy will get one labeled as a Jew-hater or a terrorist supporter. It’s the old “you’re with us, or with the terrorists” BS that bible-thumpers and hard-core conservatives are so fond of.

  12. @ David Oldham!

    With all due respect, the Greg I knew was working closely with Jamie while he was employed by The Journal and at that time I believe they were both doing excellent work.( Jamie still is )

    I was not aware of Comments he supposedly made on Twitter re Hamas nor was I aware that he supposedly participated in a hate group.

    I trust that makes clear my position.

  13. Author

    I was shocked too Bill. On all counts. And disappointed. As a journalist I’d expect some balance of the truth in any postings.

  14. Author

    That’s not quite true Furtz. There certainly is much to criticize of Israel’s policy of building settlements and some of the decisions they’ve made. There is always room for legitimate discussion and questioning of any situation.

    There is also suggesting genocide of a group that has doubled in population. That to me is nearly the opposite of a genocide. No life lost is more or less valuable than any other and what’s happened is a tragedy; but it’s a tragedy for both sides; not just one and it’s clear who was firing rockets at civilians and who retaliated. As well it was clear who was breaking cease fires.

    To retweet clear propganda tweets, many of which were false, is just wrong.

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