Who are You Voting For and Other Thoughts Worth Pondering by Garden Girl Sept 2, 2014

Who are You Voting For and Other Thoughts Worth Pondering by Garden Girl Sept 2, 2014

garden girlCFN – Can you start to feel the election fever around here as the signs are popping up in people’s yards and the propaganda fills our news feeds?

This is the time where as a community we can band together and voice our opinions through votes about how we feel about our local government.

The biggest problem is voter turnout. People don’t seem to value their vote as much as they should. It is a travesty. Appalling to say the least. Imagine living in a place that we couldn’t vote? I bet many would miss the freedom we are honoured to have.

I take pride in going and putting my vote in. At least I try to make a difference instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining about something that I have a choice to have a say in. It is even more disappointing to know that the younger demographic is in the lowest voting percentile and the older is the highest.

When will the younger generation wake up and realize that they should want to do these things, have a voice, and opinion, for themselves instead of depending on the older generation to do damage control. I can tell you as a thirty-something, I have found it hard to see myself partnering up with others because of the lack of maturity and self-responsibility in people of my demographic. Luckily, I found and surround myself with people who make me see a brighter tomorrow, instead of the all too common insight “I see me constantly dragging and picking up their a$$ to keep us afloat.”

When I meet people, I can instantly picture what time spent with that person will invite into my life. Whether it be a child with an eclectic personality or a fascinating person of the older generation.

“Lessons (and education) are never free.”

I carry that nugget of wisdom with me always. I am forever seeking mentors. I am fascinated by the strong characters that surround us, the ones who selflessly forge paths in life for others to ride the coattails or easily follow.
My friend’s Dad came to Canada, from Europe, when he was twelve with barely a dollar. Fast forward to now, he’s in his latter seventies, has two children, a wonderful cottage on the river with a cabin cruiser, (I should mention he cleared the land and built the cottage himself while working full time, as an engineer for Ford, AND as a single Dad…) and a beautiful two story home in the city with an uncommonly large lawn with fruit trees.

He created his own happiness. He taught himself- with the help of great teachers- calculus, and went on to teach at a local college before he went  to work with Ford until he retired.

His life, to me, is this grand journey, and I relish the days we have spent by the water, drinking tea and wine. I was like a dry sponge and his stories were the best water that I am all too happy to absorb. He taught me many things, just by listening to his stories. Most importantly, he taught me that I am the one to blame if life doesn’t work out the way I wish it to. I have the power to manipulate my destiny. It is no one’s fault but my own if I am unhappy.
I wish more people would see the world as he does.

The question that begs an answer is “How do we engage more people to care?”

Everyday has significance and voting day is that much more significant.

This one day affects the next four years to follow.

I plan to use my voice and vote, I hope you do too. Every second of every day is a privilege, use them wisely.


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