Proust Questionnaire For Cornwall Ontario Council Candidates – Mary Ann Hug

HugCFN-   We are asking all candidates to fill out our mini survey so the public can get to know them better.  We are posting them as they arrive in chronological order.


Up is former councilor Mary Ann Hug.

1) Who are you?
I am a healthcare worker in our community. I am on three community boards and have raised money for various charities in the area by producing murder mystery shows over the span of fourteen years. I was on council for two years and enjoyed being able to make a difference. I do not put up with complacency or hiding any facts. If something is wrong, admit to it, explain why it happened, be forthright and apologize, and the move on to make sure it will not happen again. Covering up and backing people who have done wrong should not to be tolerated. We can do something about that with our votes.
2)  Why are you running for office?
We need to look at what has occurred over the last four years, and make a change for the better. Same old leads only to the same results over and over again. People have to look beyond name recognition and concentrate on behavior and character. You cannot expect different results from the same group. I am tired of hearing about cover-ups and indiscretions. Vote for good people who stand up for the whole of Cornwall and not for just specific groups. No more hidden agendas. We need to elect people who can be respected.
3) What are the three best things about our community?
Our community has more than three good things. But here are my top choices: 1. We are a friendly town that has many small businesses that know your name when you shop there. It’s a real good feeling. 2. We are right next to a beautiful, historic water front. The rich, one of a kind, historic value of our area, and the water front land we enjoy are both immense cultural enhancers. 3. We are improving our downtown area constantly with the additions of new and interesting businesses and restaurants which help bring people to our city.
4) What are your three priorities to improve Cornwall?
My three priorities are: 1. Enhance the cultural aspect of Cornwall by building a cohesive group to further develop that area. We are good for sports. We need to enhance our cultural aspects. 2. Gain control of our water front land so that we can control what happens to it.3. See the election of a new, fresh blood council who will act with complete integrity and respect for all the people nd make us proud of our city.
5) Who was your hero as a child?
My Father. He put up with a lot of adversity but always remained calm and kept his head held high by doing what was right and not what was wanted.
6) If you could brand the Cornwall of the future in one word what would that word be?


  1. Great answers and an experienced council member. All the best Ms. Hug!

  2. I like what this lady said about not hiding anything and to correct things and for Cornwall not to be just for a certain type of people but for all. I think this lady is pretty good in what she said. Time will tell. I congratulate her on what she said and congratulations Ms. Hug. Go for it.

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