CRTF Does a Little Farming in Cornwall Ontario – Aerial Weed Finds 1,743 Plants SABOT

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CORNWALL Ontario – Between September 8 and 11, 2014, the Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) collaborated on a marihuana eradication project named SABOT. This year, this project covered the areas of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties as well as the Prescott-Russell counties.

Project SABOT is an annual operations helmed by the RCMP and the CAF. The project targets and eradicates outdoor marihuana grow operations during the outdoor cultivation season. The project’s objective is to seize the crops prior to harvesting, which contributes to reducing the availability of marihuana within our communities. Through the use of aerial patrols, with the assistance from concerned citizens, outdoor marihuana grow operations are located and eradicated.

Our overall goal is a safe Canada. Illegal marihuana use and the criminality that surrounds it harms individuals and communities”, stated Inspector Tim Kimpan, Officer in Charge of the CRTF, “This proactive strategy impacts the activities and financial benefits of organized crime.”

Since 1989, the CAF have supported Project SABOT by providing aircraft and surveillance equipment, along with personnel to operate the equipment. Over the years, patrols conducted under this operation have resulted in many arrests and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of marihuana plants.

The Canadian Armed Forces are committed to supporting other government departments in ongoing efforts to protect Canadians and their interests,” said Brigadier-General Lowell Thomas, Commander Joint Task Force (Central). “By working closely with the RCMP on SABOT, we’re reinforcing to Canadians that we are vested in their safety and security.”

The following law enforcement agencies assisted the CRTF and the CAF in this endeavor: the Eastern Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), the OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT), the Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS), the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS), Ontario and the National Capital Region’s Emergency Response Teams, and members from the Kingston and Ottawa RCMP Detachments. As a result of this cooperation, a total of 1,743 marihuana plants were seized.

The CRTF is a joint forces partnership that includes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Border Services Agency, Ontario Provincial Police, Ontario Ministry of Revenue and the Cornwall Community Police Service.

mj fields 2The CRTF continues to address the complaints of suspicious activity observed by local residents. To report suspicious activity, please contact the CRTF at 613-937-2800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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  1. Too funny! Did these clowns figure it wouldn’t be spotted from the air? Makes me think of the bozos who get busted with a car full of drugs for going forty over on the 401.

  2. Wonder how much it costs for Canadian Army and task force to find a few “grass patches” in a corn field.
    Sorry but I think the war on drugs was lost a very very long time ago.
    As the crazies of the Mexican cartels say as long as people in usa and canada keep using massive quantities of drugs their business plan will never fail.
    Its also crazy how medical mary jane is being sold by the same Steve_O government that has the army looking for it every fall

  3. I i were legalized already, criminals could’t get rich off of it. Also, one would not be made a criminal for merely growing their own medicine. However, the pharmaceutical companies lobby hard against legalization because they like being the drug pusher. It’s very lucrative you know. These agencies are just wasting money making it look like they are doing good in the community. When really they don’t even make a dent in the “evil” weed supply. I don’t even use it, i feel this way. I have witnessed it make a huge difference in some peoples quality of life though. Also, i would rather be around people smoking the ganja, than be around people who are drunk.

  4. There is no “h” in marijuana

  5. neverending battle to a neverending war with the big pharma companies. too cheap and easy to grow and too many plus’s for them to make their billions. stop fighting whats helping, fight what hurts. spread the good

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