One of Canada’s Heroes from Parliament Shootings in Ottawa From Cornwall Ontario – OCT 26, 2014

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – Our city gets maligned from our political scandals; low illiteracy rates, corruption, bullies, and toxic dump in the middle of the city masked as a Ski hill.

This week some very brave men charged after a shot gun wielding person who had already killed Cst. Nathan Cirillo.  While Sgt At Arms Kevin Vickers got all the headlines there were several agents that charged into fire as seen in the video below.

It turns out one of them was from Cornwall Ontario!    We can’t give out his name at this time as there is an ongoing investigation; but he is visible in the video below of  very brave Canadians that charged into harm’s way to protect not only our elected MP’s; but Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

While we spoke today I clearly knew I couldn’t cover details of the incident as the officer couldn’t speak about them; but I did ask about what he was feeling as the situation unfolded.

Being in the Military or Law Enforcement means that any given day may be your last.  The person I spoke with has been a “lifer” and even though they are extensively trained for situations like what occurred Wednesday,  to actually be live in one is a whole different story.


You do what you have to do.

Those were the first words of the answer to the first question of our interview.   We talked about training and conditioning.  It’s hard to do an interview when the subject clearly can’t talk about much of the detail of the event.

Imagine being one of the men charging down that hallway without truly knowing what you’re facing?  Think about the thoughts possibly racing through your head?  Are you hunting after prey?  Are you wishing it wasn’t your day to work?  Are you just blank and auto responding to the situation as you’ve been trained to do?  Do you think about your loved ones?   What takes seconds in real time could feel like hours.

It’s a lot more tense; you’re a lot more scared than you ever were in your training.  You can never 100% replicate a situation you’re in. It’s a lot more intense; more surreal when it’s happening.

The officer spoke about the support from his fellow agents as helping decompress after the event happened.

We’ll be a lot more aware, a lot more careful.  A lot of things we took for granted before we won’t again.

Asked about how armed forces have been asked to limit wearing their uniforms after the two attacks on Canadian soil.

I do my job and I’ll do it regardless.

I asked him if he could imagine being in the same place as Cpl Cirillo?

Everybody can.   That’s part of the job of every police or military person when they sign on the dotted line.  

You live with that day to day.

Be vigilant and report things if you think they are unusual.  It might be nothing, it might make a difference.

Hopefully we will be able to bring this gentleman to Cornwall and honour him at a meeting of City Council for making all of Cornwall and Canada proud!

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  1. Honor someone from Cornwall where the flag wasn’t even half lowered. I would literally hide in shame like I always do. As far as Lauzon is concerned he was a chicken like Harpoon Harpo hiding in a closet and the jokes that I read that came from the US in description of Harpo that I knew for many years. It is shameful how things were done. It is shameful how Harpo runs Canada as well. Justine Trudeau would be no better in fact it would become a total disaster. Things are bad enough the way they are.

  2. Marc Houde….agreed. Once he can tell his story he should be recognized for what he had to do. Cornwall is not all bad.

  3. Author

    There’s a lot that’s good of and from Cornwall. Hopefully one day I’ll be allowed to write abut it and not get punished or attacked for doing so.

  4. I am mighty ashamed of Cornwall for all the things that have gone on and still going on. A jackass of a mayor Bare Ass and his dirty gang of fraudsters, thieves, liars, etc. etc. etc. The good people who live in Cornwall get kicked around in that highly polluted dump. If there was a way of changing my birth certificate and all my life history I would do just that.

    OMG if it is Bare Ass giving a medal of some sort to this person who was involved in killing the shooter I would duck in shame and I would literally tell him to get lost and why he didn’t lower the flag. I have only a few good memories of Cornwall and not many to boot.

  5. I think it’s wrong for our city to be maligned for its “low” illiteracy rates.

  6. Ron Robertson….not just for its “low literacy rates. I’m tired of reading how Cornwall is so bad for all that’s gone on PREVIOUSLY and all the negativity aimed at the great city we live in.

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