CFN is Proud to Celebrate our 50,000th Viewer Comment by Jamie Gilcig – Nov 7, 2014

CFN Panic Button 2013-05-13CORNWALL Ontario – Ok,we’re a bit late and are at 51,169 comments since 2009.   CFN doesn’t use key word filters. All of our comments have been manually approved.    It’s not a perfect system, but one day we may publish a collection of the comments we never published.

CFN has published 8,496 items during this time as well.  It’s been quite a journey.  I’m surprised I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome yet!

We also do something a little unusual for media comment sections in that users must post their own name or register a user id.   We recognize why some people need to use a pseudonym, but find that newspapers like the Standard Freeholder that have no restraint on user id’s tend to be abusive and toxic.

I think our system has led to some actual discussion of some important issue instead of anonymous trolls attacking each other like high school boys.

We have evolved and led our market for a few years now.  It’s funny seeing how some of the other media copy elements that we have championed.   CFN will continue to innovate because of you our amazing viewers and what you tell us you want.    Our new site makeover is coming up soon too.

With a new council in Cornwall we’re hoping for the City led boycott to end and things to loosen up a bit.   The boycott has caused a lot of divisiveness in Cornwall and hurt our community.   Now that Bob Kilger has been rejected along with people like Glen Grant there is a window to heal and move forward.

Hopefully the new council embrace that.

You will be seeing a lot less of me over the next year.    CFN is for sale and my focus will be shifting to the writing of Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge and other projects.   We’re also hoping to change the tone and look of CFN; but we’ll need Cornwall to work with us this year to make that happen.

More to come and thank you to each and every viewer of CFN for making the magic happen!



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  1. Jamie I too hope that the boycotts disappear and that you have great luck with your book. Like I said before thank God that you are not in the political field – it is mighty dirty business and much more than you think it is. I too hope that the new mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessey has the best of luck and his council and that things work out a great deal better than what Bare Ass ran. You are a good man Jamie and that is the truth. I hope that those insane charges come off your record and that it proves that you didn’t make such crazy calls. All the best to you and always. Your wacky Jules here.

  2. Wish you’d just go away. You are a blight on the internet. Hopefully the city doesn’t end it’s boycott of blog sites like yours. No matter how you put it JG, you are still just a blogger.

  3. Author

    Thank you for viewing and participating in CFN Mr. Cooper, even if you’re a nasty little troll. Keep hating and clicking on Cornwall’s most read newspaper!

  4. So you’ll publish the comments that were never published (because they called you out to the point that you can’t respond) with the hopes of making them look foolish, but you’ll end up making yourself look extremely foolish lol can’t wait to see this. Also glad to hear that we”ll be seeing less of you. I think Cornwall and surrounding area want, need and deserve a break from a disgrace like yourself. Our former MPP deserves a break from you as well; there is no “story”. Also, all the best with the police charges. Perhaps one day you’ll realize how foolish you sounded preaching ethics and professionalism while you were facing these frankly disturbing charges.

  5. Author

    Colin I predict the more you keep writing gems like this one the less votes you’ll get the next election. I consider allowing your comment through to be public service for the people of South Glengarry. Exposing ignorance and hate isn’t easy; but you’re making it very very easy in this instance.

  6. I enjoy reading CFN. Congrats Jamie…and hats off to fellas like Colin and Ralph for contributing to your success. Thanks guys!

  7. Ditto Devon. Colin and Ralph sound like a couple of school yard bullies. Thoroughly entertaining to watch ignorance crash and burn in the humiliation of exposure. Wonder if they get it?

  8. As we see media giants with many octopus like tentacles expanding all around us, Joe and Jane Average need a space to complain and hopefully learn. Best of luck in the future.

  9. Author

    Thanks Eric. We’re looking at ways of ensuring our survival as we have lost nearly a half million dollars over the three years of this boycott and seen our local economy slide as well. It’s pretty insane here in Cornwall. After my recent health scare I saw how vulnerable CFN is and we have to either sell to a bigger entity or find a financial means to expand and have more people keeping it going.

  10. You do realize if you sell to a bigger entity that CFN will probably not exist in its present form?

  11. Author

    Hugger I do. But this is my last year of running CFN under these conditions. Either things will improve and I will be able to hire more help or this community will lose this resource. I think that’s fair after nearly six years of service, no?

  12. Perhaps the boycott will end. I hope so. CSN will not allow pseudonyms.

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