Bob Kilger & Pat Finucan Thank Cornwall Ontario Police Chief Dan Parkinson With New Contract – NOV 19, 2014 #CCPS

Bob Kilger & Pat Finucan Thank Cornwall Ontario Police Chief Dan Parkinson With New Contract – NOV 19, 2014  #CCPS

Chief Parkinson April 2012CORNWALL Ontario – One of the last acts done by out going Mayor Bob Kilger and his campaign manager Pat Finucan  was to give current Cornwall Community Police Chief Dan Parkinson a brand new contract.

It was explained to CFN today that while council may be functioning with lame duck rules, the Police Board does not.

It was expected that the decision to grant the police chief a new contract (as well as Deputy Chief Danny Aikman) would be ratified by a new incoming police board.

Mr. Parkinson is connected to the police charges against CFN Editor Jamie Gilcig and many feel that his contract should not be renewed until a full investigation took place as to his involvement.

It has been six months since a production order from Bell Telephone showed that no phone calls were made as per the Police report and crown disclosure.

After initial Crown Jennifer Burke was removed from the case ( her father Neil Burke is a sponsor, like the CCPS of Heart of the City in Cornwall) she was replaced by Ottawa Assistant Crown Attorney Julie C Scott who has also now left the case.

Gilcig was charged with making threatening phone calls and death threats via phone without his phone or phone records being reviewed.

Both crowns insisted on pushing the case forward in spite of the lack of clear evidence with Ms Scott insisting on pushing through after the production order showed that the calls were not made as per the file.

Mr. Gilcig ran against Mayor Kilger in the election with Mayor Kilger losing to Leslie O’Shaughnessy, a council member that had resigned from the Kilger council over what he described as lies from the Mayor and illegal council in camera practices.  Mr. Finucan, the Chair of the police board, was Mayor Kilger’s campaign manager.

Chief Parkinson did not respond to this story prior to press time as he was busy leaking the story to Greg Peerenboom of the Freeholder.

The Police Service or board did not issue a release.   In fact it was only after CFN sent a request for quote to the Police Chief Wednesday that the quickie story with details was released to the Freeholder which is odd as the Police Chief had previously attacked them in an internal memo ?

dan parkinson letter

It’s unknown if the Chief ever renewed his subscription out in Glen Walter where he resides.  He is not a resident of Cornwall.

What do you think CFN viewers? Does this reek?  Should the Chief’s contract have been renewed by Mayor Kilger and his Campaign manager or should it have waited until the new council and new police board was in?

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