Cornwall Ontario Chamber of Commerce Event in Pulls in Less than 100 Attendees at Best Western NOV 20, 2014

Cornwall Ontario Chamber of Commerce Event in Pulls in Less than 100 Attendees at Best Western NOV 20, 2014
Kevin Hargreaves Photo:Facebook
Kevin Hargreaves Photo:Facebook

CORNWALL Ontario – The Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce was embarrassed and humiliated as their guest speaker essentially pointed out the very reasons why it has not achieved success for several years.

Reported in the Seaway News, Ontario Chamber President Allan O’Dette stated that “Cornwall that local businesses need each other, to succeed.”

The event at the Best Western only drew about 75 people.

“O’Dette said if small businesses work together it will create an atmosphere of growth.”

The Chamber did not send out a press release to CFN because frankly they put their petty politics ahead of business which of course equals a massive fail.

In fact in spite of the nastiness from the Chamber directed at CFN we invited them to participate in a Shop in Cornwall for Christmas program that would have seen all of its members get a free Banner ad.

The Chamber did not even send a reply.

“O’Dette also underscored the importance of welcoming newcomers to the community.

“Newcomers, that’s what built this country. We have to be mindful of making our communities open to newcomers. The communities that are going to be successful are going to attract newcomers.”

While I was a member and on the board of both the Cornwall and South Stormont Chambers there was no focus on newcomers.  Mostly on personal gain for the other directors.   The Cornwall Chamber had a dismal record with both new businesses and especially those from the immigrant business community in Cornwall.

“Embrace innovation and strong risk taking, we need to learn how to take risks and stop tearing each other down. You have to lift each other up, support each other.”

When we created Seaway Radio the Chamber prez at the time called it a “Pirate Radio Station” and said he’d get us shut down.  He’s now in Winnipeg.

While I’m sure Mr. Hargreaves(Kelsey’s) , Rick Shaver, Mike Metcalfe, and a few of their fellow monkeys are slapping each other on the back, 75 people out of this large a community for such a guest speaker shows a clear lack of success and the very reason why Cornwall does so poorly on the Communities in Boom survey results.

I queried several business persons locally and not a single one had heard of the event.

The Chamber boycotts CFN and missed over 28 million page views of exposure in 2013 alone.

As I said when I resigned from it and Team Cornwall.  It needs to clean house.   This sad event was another example of why.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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