Fast Thinking Price Chopper Manager in Potsdam NY Helps Save the Day! by Jamie Gilcig – NOV 27, 2014

029 potsdamCFN – Kudos to Price Chopper Manager Mike Petroffski and Ken & Vic from Potsdam!    Yours truly had to take the girlfriend to the Hospital in Potsdam and while waiting headed over to Price Chopper to do a little shopping.

While opening my truck a woman next to my car commented and I watched in slow mo as my keys fell from my hand when I turned and landed…..

On the storm sewer grate… and then in even slower motion watched as they fumbled through the grate.

I heard the splosh as they hit the water eight feet down.

Feeling bewildered and helpless I went into the store wher Mr. Petroffski took over.  He called the Potsdam offices and sure enough Ken and Vic showed up and were able to fish out my keys!

The key fob kept them floating on the water’s surface and the fob still opened my doors and trunk after!

Both gentlemen refused a thank you as well which I instead gave to the Sally Ann who were canvassing inside the store.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our US viewers and my American friends and family.   Yesterday gave me an extra bonus reason to be thankful!

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  1. *shakes my head* leave it to you Jamie *LOL* glad you were able to get your keys back and kudo’s for giving to the sally ann….by the way, get any good deals?

  2. Author

    A few 🙂

  3. So much for shop local Jamie!

  4. Author

    Ralph I shop local and support local. Do you want people from Potsdam who visit Cornwall to not eat here or shop here?

  5. You sure were lucky to get your keys back Jamie. I just read the article thinking that you went and got some bargains but you got more than what you bargained for. OMG I remember 4 years ago my husband lost his keys at Billings Bridge and I had my set of keys as well as for the car and we had to have new ones made for him. It is a good thing that I have the mail box key with me. He was with our friend Robert at the time and what a day that was. Those sure were good people to have helped you out and you don’t see that very often anymore.

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