Miss Steak : Whoa! Stop the Bridge Destruction in Cornwall Ontario! DEC 11, 2014

Miss Steak :  Whoa! Stop the Bridge Destruction in Cornwall Ontario!  DEC 11, 2014

paleo steakCFN – Over the years Cornwall has lost a few gems because we tore them down in the name of modernization.

Two that readily come to mind are The Old Post Office at the corner of Pitt and Second Street and the other was The Capital Theatre.

These buildings were constructed many years ago, but have been demolished in the name of progress.

They are gone forever! Never to be reconstructed to the beauty that they once possessed. What we have in their stead leaves much to be desired; a yellow tin can and a building built sideways. Oh well, such is progress.

We are now in the process of demolishing the Seaway International Bridge. This bridge was built to replace the old Roosevelt Bridge, which hasCap Theatre Cornwall also been demolished. It was used as a symbol for Cornwall for many years and has a beautiful view of the city and the Power Dam; not to mention The Beautiful St-Lawrence River.

Can some of this bridge be kept to act as a landmark for the City of Cornwall?

I’m thinking of the beautiful arch at the top of the bridge and the two pillars that hold this section up.

It could be retained to act as a “CN Tower” for the city. Imagine just this section retained and lit up at night with beautiful colored lights for all the city to see!

The lights could change the appearance of the bridge at night and transform it to be “a Crown” or “a Cake” or any other formation the imagination can will it to be. It could be a wonder and a tourist attraction. It could be accessible or private.

There is so much that we, as a city could use this section for. (A restaurant in the middle)? I’m sure someone could come up with plenty of ideas for it, if it could be retained before it’s gone for good.

Is it possible to save this section, before we make another mistake and destroy something that we have which is beautiful? I think we had better act fast or is it already too late to stop the demolition of something that I think is worthy of keeping?

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