Clique Politics May See SD&G United Way Fail to Hit Modest Target in 2014 by Jamie Gilcig

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – The Seaway News is reporting that the United Way locally may not hit its modest target this year set at under $1M.

Sadly one of the greatest charities in this country decided to play the political card.

After being a part of the disaster that has been the Agape Centre under Alyssa Blais the board of the United Way did a quick dump of their past director and with some whoops and fanfare installed Lori Greer who if the target has not been made surely is showing that working for community groups may not be her forte?

Ms Greer is married to Barstool Prophet Graham Greer who also worked with her at the Agape until he got a better patronage gig with Aultsville Theatre. (Graham how much did it cost to shoot that  recent video at the theatre?)

And that board that decided to hire her probably to some degree, with Ms Greer and her team boycotting the largest newspaper in Cornwall, CFN.

That board is made up of


Danny Aikman– President
Cornwall Police Services

Justin Watkins – Vice President

United Counties of SDG

Joel Cote – Treasurer
Branch Manager – RBC, Casselman

Peggy Haramis – Secretary
Budget Propane


Heather Megill – Teacher/ ETFO Local Rep.

Roy Perkins – Perkins Home Centre Ltd.

Angie Baker – Corus Radio

Brigitte Walker – Manager, LCBO

Some familiar clique names there who if they fail to meet their target should probably find some other extra curricular activity as the United Way agencies really rely on those funds, especially during these trying financial hard times.

Could you imagine that impact on that final number of our local branch had the exposure of the near 20 million human page views CFN has had to date in 2014?

This is what happens to communities when they play silly boycott and political games instead of being inclusive and working together.  Sadly the ones that pay the highest price are those that these agencies are supposed to serve.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below and if you wish to donate and help top them up for this year you can visit their website at, or call them at 613-932-2051.

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  1. Time for Cornwall to stop playing games and cliue politics and get the UW over its target.

  2. Goal not reached….deadline moved to January 9. Time to reach into our pockets and help the UW reach its goal.

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