Cornwall River Kings Begin a New Chapter as I Drop the Puck & Introduce the Moreau Family to Cornwall! DEC 14, 2014

Cornwall River Kings Begin a New Chapter as I Drop the Puck & Introduce the Moreau Family to Cornwall!   DEC 14, 2014

gilcig centre ice RKCORNWALL Ontario – It’s great to write a happy story about the Cornwall River Kings.    The next chapter in their history began this week when Steve Moreau helped save the team by purchasing it after the disaster created by Cornwall’s own Criminal City Councilor Brock Fraud Frost.

Mr. Frost had run as low a budget as possible and some of the team’s better players were off shooted as recently as a few weeks before he lost control of the team after the Darren Madden fiasco was exposed via CFN.

It was an honor to return to centre ice at the Civic Complex to drop the first puck.  It was sad that because of a hate group on facebook that security was ultra tight.

The good news was that attendance was up and other than a few heavy Fluoride drinkers it was a great game that the River Kings nearly won.

Simoes brock slap(In the video below I drop the puck and introduce the Moreau family.  Captain Steve Simoes delivers the monies that Brock Frost said were stolen by volunteers.)

The team garnered a point Friday night in their OT loss.     The thing for our city though is how it is displaying itself for the world to see.  Mr. Moreau and his family aren’t from Cornwall.  He chose to make an investment in this team and our community when no local buyer would step up.

That’s a good thing. That a bunch of low lifes made boycott sounds and other drama on social media doesn’t send the right message.

Gilcig Moreau Racine DEC 13 2014The River Kings are  a great product for our city.  They also export the Cornwall brand to places that have some of the best chance of growth in our community; Quebec.   It might be something the fans should think about.     Last night Mr. Moreau had a chance to gauge the local reaction and vibe as he has to make some big decisions as to whether he ups the talent budget this year, especially facing the losses that the team will most likely shoulder.  As spirited as the boys played Friday and Saturday the roster needs help.

There’s plenty of hockey left and plenty of time to turn the team around.

It was nice to see and chat with Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy  as well as former owner Dave Small.   Council candidate Roland Besner came up to say hello too, and I was told Councilor Dupelle was in the house as well.

Now it’s up to the fans.  The attendance was up, but we’ll have to do better to fill our barn.   Mr. Moreau’s plea to bring a friend is something anyone that wants to see River King hockey will hopefully consider.   It’s up to the fans of this city to show their pride and inspire new ownership to deliver a winner.

As for myself it’s back to the hard news grind that is CFN.   I want to thank our amazing community for the support and kindness during my own travails at the hand of the Kings former owner Mr. Frost.  Justice, and the truth will prevail.

Special thanks to Mr. Wyatt Walsh for helping with the camera Saturday night and nurse Debbie Cameron for her photo above.

Oddly enough the Seaway News was too busy to cover the event or game as of Sunday morning….

What do you think Hockey fans?  Will you bring a friend and help make the team a success?  You can post your comment below.

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