South Stormont Councilor In Conflict As Township Kills Advertising Deal by Jamie Gilcig – DEC 18, 2014

tammy parkway HSCFN – Well that was an interesting and anti-climatic council meeting in Long Sault.

The new council under Comrade Tammy Hart decreed to kill advertising on both The South Stormont News and Cornwall Free News.

At no point in our service to the township had we had any complaint regarding our service or product.

The motion stated that it was in the community’s best interest, but the community clearly liked it’s own print edition.

Ms Hart, who campaigned on transparency squealed about council accepting the bogus petition that she and her merry hate group members submitted, but that petition was not submitted in open council.

Is that transparent?

South Stormont SSN & CFN Motion DEC 17 2014


Councilor Waldroff emailed us asking if SSN was for sale and recused himself from the vote last night, but councilor Smith, who still hasn’t answered about his alleged criminal record/pardon not only seconded the motion and voted, but is in gross conflict of interest as he runs a competing media that solicits advertising in South Stormont, IE he had a fiduciary interest in killing the ad to competing media for local ad dollars.

And thus begins the term under Mayor Hart (yes, we know she’s the DM, but we also know who has who on a leash)  Likewise Donna Primeau, who actually took money to run the Farmer’s Market in Long Sault and killed an essential contra ad deal with CFN saw attendance plummet after we stopped our weekly reports of market activity.    She too had a clearly prejudiced position that should have most likely required her to declare her own conflict.


Ms Hart thanked Rick Currier who ran for council missing by a scant few votes, but the reality is that Mr. Currier, Ms Hart, and several in attendance, you can hear them clapping, participated in a hate group that conspired to kill the South Stormont News, essentially to dislodge former Mayor McGillis and install Ms Hart’s “slate”.

The petition mentioned had signatures from people from outside of South Stormont and many were lied to and strong armed into signing.  Lies like taxes would go up 10% in the township were told to some that signed.

Or this bizarre speech from new mayor Jim Bancroft.

Deputy Mayor Hart was sanctioned by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze after releasing a memo stating that SSN was to get loans and start up money something that was never discussed or requested.

In fact she railed at the health clinic financing yet screeches about supporting Quebec owned (TC MEDIA) Seaway News over the Ingleside based SSN which was costing the township 20% less.

Of course facts and truth matter little to most of those supporting her position, all of whom actually campaigned against the South Stormont News.

tammy SSN flyer

It’s sad times for the township as there are a lot of upset people at what she and her team have done to the community.    SSN will continue with our digital edition at and while there will not be a December issue of our print edition there may be one in January.

The irony that SSN and CFN were the only media to cover many events in South Stormont is clear as is the interest from competing media once SSN was created including those in attendance last night.

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  1. Well, should anything less be expected from Tammy Hart and her followers?

  2. Author

    Just working through the very sad process that eventually will hurt the community and cost tax payers a lot of money.

  3. Basically, what Tammy Hart says she will do, she does. No more advertising in garbage; the overwhelming majority of South Stormont are satisfied with this decision. Advertising in your blog is a terrible allocation of funds from a business, let alone a municipality. Under the leadership of the new council in South Stormont, taxpayers are not paying for you to complain about how “unfair” life is to you. Merry Christmas SSN, a big lump of COAL!

  4. I think pulling their ad just saved them close to 12,000 a year? Or is $998.16 per month incorrect? In any case, if the SSN is so dependent on having the Township as a client, it may be best to stay digital only until more advertisers sign on. CFN survives without municipal ads, a digital SSN can also.

  5. Tammy Hart got her hate on for CFN after a story about her costing the rate payers big bucks over the Integrity Commissioner having to be called in two or more times with her antics,she never got over it. She was not above lying to the public when she stated that Council was giving SSN funding money for start up when the TRUTH is the money was strictly for advertisement.She even told people that their taxes would go up because of it…another lie.Shame on you Tammy Hart ,sad that South Stormont has to put up with your shenagans for another 4 years, thank goodness that SSN will be on-line but sorry for the people who will now miss it, it had the great potential to be an even bigger great newspaper

  6. Observation of Ms Tammy Hart’s performance does not show much professionalism. My observance tells me she is hateful and vindictive. Is this the type of person you want representing you on council? How much progress can occur when seething retribution is so obvious in her composure or lack of.
    She is acting like some one spoiled who did not get her way and is happy to see when it does. This is childish and totally unprofessional. Thumbs down to that performance!

  7. Jamie I just ate and don’t want to be sick looking at that filthy Tammy Hart, Richard Currier, Jim Bancroft (I think that is his name) and all the rest of the hate group. S. Stormont literally buried themselves this time and you can see the hate in that mayor and council. I can’t stand looking or listening to any of them – believe me that is the whole truth – such hateful people – just look at their faces and you get your answers.

  8. Author

    Jules it’s very sad. I am just turning this over to legal. In 2014 for this group to be leading any community is a gross caricature.

  9. Jamie my dear man I couldn’t endure looking at that group let alone listen to them. It is bad enough that BOB destroyed your business along with others and people in Cornwall complain that there are no jobs. Well Jamie the people deserve what they get in Cornwall because they help chase away the businesses. You are the very best that went to Cornwall and that is the upmost truth. I would never ever live there again. I come to read the news but I would never ever live there. You are much too good for the town and I mean that and said that before. Yes this has to be put in the hands of your lawyer or legal representative and this cannot continue to go on. I cannot stand Jim Bancroft, Tammy Hart, Richard Currier or any of them at all whatsoever. I thought that I was going to be sick just looking at their faces alone without listening to any of them. You take care my good man and all the best to you.

  10. Hey Colin….how much is this going to save on your tax bill? Probably less than a $1.

    I don’t know if a contract existed between South Stormont and SSN/CFN. But if one did this could get interesting.

  11. Author

    Hugger Colin lives in South Glengarry. He’s not a resident of South Stormont. He is a member of the hate group though and really really creepy. The distribution for the township was nearly 4,000 houses; most of which we did via Canada Post at nearly a cost of .20 per door. It cost .1875 per door per month.

    The cost for the Township ad in the Quebec owned Seaway News (TC MEDIA) which was not delivered via Canada Post was nearly double. SSN was from day one meant to replace the Seaway News, not compete with it.

  12. Keep on hating and reading Colin, the numbers just keep getting better for CFN! You definitely do not strike me as Christian but that in itself does mean that I cannot wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  13. Author

    David Colin ran for council in South Glengarry as well. He thankfully was not elected. There is some hope for that community.

  14. If it looks like a cow, if it smells like a cow, if it moo’s like a cow……then it probably is a cow!

  15. The “numbers” for CFN do not concern or impress me lol congratulations, a few clicks from some folks who don’t live near the area you “cover” ? A huge accomplishment, not. What actually is a huge accomplishment is getting over 30 percent of the vote, as a 23 year old running for the first time. Can you say that about yourself, Jamie? And to address the “creepiness”, would it not be considered creepy to carry around a video camera and film people without their consent? Legally, there’s little issue, but morally and ethically speaking , people don’t appreciate that. As far as there being “hope for that community”, I might say that if I were you, I wouldn’t propose a “South Glengarry News” or approach the township for advertising. You might be disappointed with the answer you get. This is not to say that you would do that, however given that you picked South Stormont last time, who’s to say we aren’t next! There is plenty of hope and potential in South Glengarry, and thankfully you are not a part of it. You are a disgrace, the allegations made by Councillor Frost are disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself. Furthermore, preaching ethics and professionalism from someone who has been charged with uttering death threats is just laughable. I am hoping that the outcome of your legal battles results in this website ceasing to exist, and I speak on behalf of many, many folks. Merry Christmas to all.

  16. To the Editor.. Sir. As a former journalist student and former editor of the college paper The Other Side let me congratulate you. Rip and read or in this case submit is gone the way of CBC. Been there done it. Your reporting is a fresh as a slap in the face by a St. Lawrence Eel. Could you be more to the point ? Hardly. Overstep the boundaries and embrace the new Canada. Truth in ” print” . I honour you brother.


  17. Jamie those people that I mentioned along with this Colin Munro and so many others are such hateful people that they would crack a mirror looking at it. They are all fit for Halloween but not for Christmas. The hate that I saw in these people was something else enough to make anyone sick. I could not listen to the videos because it is too much just looking at them. I don’t know how they can live with themselves cheating the people that they are supposed to represent and the sheeple sure fell in a deep hole voting for them.

    Mayor McGillis is a very good man and I truly miss him being the mayor of S. Stormont. It goes to show you what kind of people live in that community.

    Jamie your newspaper is the very best and I just don’t say that to fill in words but I said before I mean what I say whether you publish them or not. All that gang is mighty jealous of you and your great accomplishments. Again all the very best to you and always. Keep up the great work and you have quite a following.

  18. “It’s hard to beat a person when they don’t give up” – Babe Ruth


    Never give up…your gaining on them and they know it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and “they” are starting to get desperate. Hold them accountable again and again and again!

  19. Author

    It’d be easier to do that Ex-Cornwalite if we had a smidgen more community support. More subscription/donations and chiefly more of the business community advertising with us. Besides the benefits to those businesses it shows support for our work.

  20. OMG every time I read the verbal diarrhea of Colin I get the impression that he is a drinker. Keep up the good work Jamie. You are winning the war one battle at a time. I wish more people in Cornwall had your cajones. I also hope that many will consider donating to CFN to keep you telling us the REAL news. Those that are not advertising with you are missing a large market of sales

  21. Author

    Mary advertising is all about market share and demographics and then factored in by value. I would dare to say that CFN trumps our competitors locally on all levels, the largest regional audience, the strongest in key demographics and best value. Just imagine the impact on our local economy if local business had exposure to the 20M human page view we will have had in 2014?

  22. He may be a drinker Mary Bray, I kind of got the impression that he was like a rash….irritating as hell and you just wanted it to go away.

  23. David Oldham….this is one of the times I’ve agreed with you when you said ” I kind of got the impression that he was like a rash….irritating as hell and you just wanted it to go away.”

  24. Ms. Primeau must have changed her name. A few decades ago her first name was universally either Ditzy or Dirty.

  25. Colin Munro the more verbal diahrea that you come out with makes me thank the Good Lord that I no longer live in Cornwall and so mighty glad not to live in S. Stormont nor in your neck of the woods S. Glengarry. Jamie and his CFN are the very best in Cornwall and a great many of us who live away from the area read Jamie’s paper and believe me I like this man and have all the respect for him and wish that some day that I get to meet Jamie and believe me he is a good man. All the very best to Jamie and I mean that fully.

  26. I also got the impression that Tammy Hart is running the side show & expects all other council including mayor to OBEY her .Her voters may get more then they bargained for in the next 4 years, oh well…they asked for it!!!

  27. Mary Bray….are you surprised? Could you imagine TH as mayor?

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