City of Cornwall Ontario Seeking Volunteers to Maintain Outdoor Rinks – Dec 19, 2014

Cornwall City skylineThe City of Cornwall is looking for volunteers to help maintain additional outdoor rinks in the community this winter.

Outdoor rink boards have been set up at Alexander, Broadview, Dover Heights, King George, Menard, Optimist, and Grant Parks. In addition to the locations mentioned above, the City is also interested in partnering with volunteer teams to build additional outdoor rinks at Gallinger, Reg Campbell  and Terry Fox Parks. The City would erect the boards and the volunteers would be responsible for flooding and maintaining the ice.

“With the help of volunteers and favourable weather conditions, these outdoor rinks could be in place very soon,” said Lorne Taillon, Leisure Arts Coordinator.

The tradition of volunteers helping to maintain community rinks is part of Canada’s hockey heritage.

“We simply don’t have the resources to maintain all of these outdoor rinks on our own,” said Mr. Taillon. “We are hoping some residents will step up to the plate and help us maintain this popular winter program.”

For more info on outdoor rinks or to volunteer, please contact Mr. Taillon at (613) 938-9898 ext. 2.

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