Fat Boy Kills Owner on Christmas – Pit Bull Euthanized After Killing – 28/12/14

pit bull killer screen capCFN – Eddie Cahill was killed by the pit bull he’d owned since it was a puppy on Christmas in a tragic scene.   The dog, “Fat Boy” was euthanized by the family.


The family owned two pit bulls.  The other was apparently not part of the attack which was suggested as an attack over bones given to the dogs over Christmas.

The story was original published by Fox News in Indiana.   LINK

Here  in Ontario there is a provincial ban on the ownership of Pit Bulls.     No charges were laid in the tragedy.

Photo : Screen cap from video.


  1. It is too bad that these dogs have a bad reputation and are very mean. There are breeds like that. When we lived in Cornwall and used to walk in Guindon Park a young man had such a dog and was very good. The dog looked mighty intimidating but friendly and would lick us a lot. When I would stand still talking to the man the dog would literally sit on my feet. LOL LOL. ROLF! I didn’t budge one inch (now what am I saying not even a breath) but he showed me that he was the boss. I love dogs very much and my husband loves them. My husband’s favorite is the German Sheppard that he once had when he was a young boy.

  2. It’s not the dog, the owners need to train the dog properly. Any dog can turn on someone if not trained properly.

  3. That is true Hugger. One day here in Ottawa my husband and I were walking in the park and along came this type of dog that is one of the most friendly breeds that you could ever encounter and one was a friend of mine as a child and I saw a few others really good dogs. I think that it was a type of terrier (the one that its hair is kind of curly) and a little boy of two years old was panicked in the park because the dog behaved in a mighty aggressive way. I spoke to the elderly couple who were the owners and they just mouthed off at my husband and I and the man who had the two year old was mighty furious at the owners. The dog was off the leash of all things and he could have bitten all of us and you can see that the owners who were not nice people trained the dog in that way.

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