SNOGO WEATHER ALERT – Winter Storm Set to Hit Cornwall with up to 20 CM of Snow this Weekend – January 2, 2015

my car snowCORNWALL Ontario – It may have been a Green Christmas, but 2015 is off to a white start!   Approximately 15 cm of the white stuff is expected to fall in the Cornwall area, most on Saturday.

Drivers should be vigilant and try and stay off the roads for the worst of the weekend storm.  It might be a good idea to do your shopping Friday and stock up for the next few days, and of course it’s extra care for Seniors in this winter weather.

Will your driveway be clean after the white stuff hits?

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  1. We’ll see. Yesterday three different weather “forecasters” had three different forecasts for the weekend. I’d love a job as a weather forecaster….being wrong 50% of the time and you still keep your job.

  2. Hugger how right on the money you are and my husband and I are laughing about that as well. The weather man is more of a comedian these days.

  3. Haha…Just like the psychics who predict the end of the world each year….they’ll be right, someday. 😛

  4. I always taught that the weatherman and stores were in cahoots. So the stores can sell out of winter stuff,Then the stores donate some of their profits to the weatherman.

  5. Author

    If only 🙂

  6. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas with every Christmas Card I write. Gee where did the snow go. How is Santa going to deliver his presents. LOL LOL. Damn weather men can’t get thing right. Do like the ancient people and look at the sky. If you have a cat look at its fur to tell you the weather. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  7. As I get older I find I’m less tolerant of the weather, especially winter. It could snow on Christmas Eve and melt on Boxing Day and never appear again. And that wouldn’t bother me one bit.

  8. Well it looks like the joke is on me when I posted too soon about the weather. I promise all of you that I didn’t do a dance around the fire wanting it to snow or bring on the storm. Usually this happens on Christmas Eve. My daughter just came back from the store and said that it is cold outside as well.

  9. Hugger the same thing with me is that I mind the cold weather as I get older and my daughter who has thyroid disease minds the heat and humidity. I like to see snow for Christmas but then melt away. I hate freezing rain the most and can tolerate the snow before that. According to my husband the temperature is going to dip to -28°C and I cannot remember which day. The temperature is up and down like a yo yo.

  10. -28°C ? Yuck…..that’s the part of winter I dislike. People die in that kind of cold. Think I just prefer the snow.

  11. Better get use to it. We live in Canada. Thus we have snow, cold, winter and all forms of weird and wacky weather.

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