Cedars on Wheels Weather ALERT for Cornwall Ontario Wind Chill to -35! – Wednesday JANUARY 7th, 2015

COW 300x250 2014-08-31CORNWALL Ontario – Brrr!  Wind chills are expected to fall to -35 this evening in the Cornwall area in what may be the COLDEST night of the year.

Road crews have been out doing some last minute prep and clean up.

It’s not a good night to be adventuring and CFN reminds pet owners to please remember that dogs and cats suffer from the cold too and please bring yours in tonight.

Temperatures should warm up heading into the weekend with nothing more than scattered light flurries expected.


If you see news happen email your photo or video to info@cornwallfreenews.com and you can win area event tickets or gift cards!

Why go out in this cold when you can order from Cedars on Wheels!  Fast, fresh, yummy. Ask for extra garlic sauce!


  1. Yes it is mighty cold outside today and my daughter and I were out this morning and earlier my husband and I and tomorrow is going to be even more cold. Yes keep dogs and cats inside – it is way too cold for them to be out.

  2. Rant alert!
    I hate this asinine “wind chill factor” BS. It’s a completely unscientific “measurement” that’s used to exaggerate the real temperature. If it’s -20c with 30KM/hr wind gusts, just report it as that. We know what cold and windy feels like. Unless you’re planning to hang around outside naked, this “wind chill” BS is meaningless.
    End of rant.

  3. Author

    Furtz you blow so hot and cold…. 😉

  4. That’s our Furtz for you and the weatherman doesn’t give the real report and we have learned that over the years. It is mighty cold and we froze outside today and I mind the cold as I get older. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder so bundle up folks. Furtz you are an engineer so you do know your math. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  5. “Wind chill factor” is like “humidex” in the summer, quite open to interpretation.

  6. Every day in every way, winter sucks! Let’s not make it even worse by exaggerating how cold it is outside.

  7. I don’t think there is a conspiracy the weather persons are in on to make bad reports lol. With extreme weather patterns these days, it’s easy to see how the weather can change from the report time, till the time of expected bad weather. They use a formula which includes highs, lows, fronts and so on and today the systems are more unstable than ever. So being hard on the weather person shows little understanding of how weather is forecast.

  8. Humidex is another BS “feels like” number used by phony “climatologists” to describe how hot it is outside. At least it’s based on the amount of moisture in the air as opposed to how cold you will feel while standing naked on your front lawn in January.

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