Deep Freeze Hits Cornwall Ontario Overnight – Temps Drop to -20! JAN 12, 2015

James Moak 300x250 2014-05-25CORNWALL Ontario – A deep freeze will flash over the Cornwall area tonight with temperatures dropping from near zero to -20 by the time Tuesday morning rolls around!

The good news is that it will be sunny for the next two days as temps start to warm up on Wednesday. (-6)

Look for warm air to take over by the weekend with temperatures heading back towards zero.

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  1. As a Canadian who grew up in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s this would have been considered a normal Canadian winter. I find in the last 20 years the weather forecasters have turned us all into wussies

  2. When it gets this cold out, please keep pets inside. If you see a dog freezing outside, ask the owners to bring it in or report it. They have no voice and rely on us for comfort and protection. If you see a dog freezing or otherwise being abused and get no satisfaction from the owner or authorities, let me know and i’ll take care of it. You can be sure of that!

  3. When it is this cold out, remember also to check for cats under the hood,if your car stays outside.They head for the warmth & you just need to bang on the hood before getting in & starting the engine.A friend had injured a cat this way years ago & they tried to follow the trail of blood to give it aide but never found it.

  4. Bingo Hugger1. That is when people dressed for the weather. One of the first things I noticed about Cornwall residents when I moved here in 1987 was an abundance of idiots wearing light clothing and running shoes on cold days. I have not seen that anywhere else in Canada.

  5. David Oldham….agreed. I find a lot of the younger generations dress for fashion, no matter what the weather. What’s the use of wearing a mini-skirt, small coat and hip hugger boots if you’re going to come dow with the flu.

  6. Mr. Oldham and Hugger I had to have a good chuckle here at this end and wanted to ask both of you since you are both from Ottawa. Have either of you gone by Immaculata High School which has moved from Bronson Avenue to Main Street? If you have ever gone by there the girls have skirts up to their keesters which is their uniform and bare legs and yes even in this tremendous cold weather. The same is true with the girls at St. Patrick’s High School on Alta Vista Drive with their school uniform – skirts up to their keesters and bare legs and both of these schools among others half dressed.

    I well agree that we no longer see the winters that we used to see and we have been saying the same thing here in my household. Things have warmed up considerably compared to the past. I was born in 51 and grew up in the 50’s, 60’s and onwards.

  7. It would have been hard for me to go to Immaculata H.S., as I am a guy. Immaculata, back when I went to school, was an all-girls school.

  8. So far, this winter has been a piece of cake compared to last winter. I judge the severity by how quickly my firewood disappears.
    As someone who grew up in the fifties, I can assure you that kids back then were just as concerned with looking cool as they are now. Some things don’t change.

  9. Hugger yes indeed you sure would have had a lot of trouble getting into Imaulatta back then. I think that it is now co-ed I could me mistaken. I have seen the girls outside the school and what a site. I went to St. Michael’s Academy for a year in Cornwall and back then in the 60’s era we had an A-line gray skirt and down to the knee even though it was the mini skirt generation. Things sure have changed since those days.

  10. I guess I must have one of the strange ones then. I was never concerned about looking cool. I’d rather be warm, than cool and in a clique.

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