Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford Pesamenteiro & Giant Tiger – JAN 14, 2015


DawnFord_SSR_YouthfulCFN – One of the things I like about the Giant Tiger Store, besides being a good shopping store, is that on any Saturday when I am in there, there are usually a few kids. Sometimes there are little newborns or toddlers trying to get their parents to pay attention and buy them a toy. Recently, at the checkout counter, a little 1 year old was in the cart holding on to the handle bar. I said to the parents that with those strong little fists, he could probably play for the Yankees someday. When I was talking, the little guy smiled at me with big blue eyes and a toothless grin. The mother didn’t seem impressed but the father broke out into a big smile. Always a treat to see a cute little baby, especially a Blue Jay or a Yankee in the making.

Several stores have little statues of a Guide Dog, a Golden Lab in harness, which have little slots for a donation on top of its head to raise money for our wonderful Canadian Guide Dogs. I usually keep a few dooneys…ooopps… tooneys handy to make a donation when I am in the Giant Tiger’s Store because there is one of these statues at the exit. One day ,when I was at the checkout counter, two little boys, aged maybe 3 & 5years old were there with their Mom, waiting for Dad. The little guy kept hugging the statue, calling it ‘puppy’. I am not sure if he thought it was a real dog or not. With Mom’s permission, I gave the little guy a tooney and helped him put it in the slot. He and his brother backed up a bit , waiting, I guess, for the ‘dog’ to do something. I gave the older boy a tooney also and he put it in the slot. They both backed up again, waiting for something to happened. Dad arrived at this point and it was time to leave. Just before he left, the little one turned back and hugged the ‘puppy’. Reminded me of the quote from the Charlie Brown comics. Whenever Snoopy encounters someone with a problem, he says ,’He needs a dog.’ My sentiments also. Nothing like a dog. (Don’t tell Tiger, my big big baby cat, I said that please.)

Canadian Guide Dog Fundraising Statue

DF Jan 14 2015I am a baseball fan/nut but it is winter and I watch hockey and curling when it is on, like most sport fans. I don’t like the fighting in hockey though. This fall when baseball was over, and I started watching hockey, as soon as the fights started it was almost offensive to me. I had not experienced any violence in sports all summer watching baseball. The news, yes, but not in baseball. The odd rhubarb maybe but nothing violent. I don’t know why it is allowed especially when the helmets start flying off their heads. Maybe it’s the nurse in me that gets nervous but I’m always afraid someone’s going to crack their head on the ice. Ice doesn’t give. I think the players sometimes must say things to each other that make the fighting even worse. I don’t think it is good for the kids to watch either but I have seen them in the stands cheering on the fighting. It would be a good idea to pad those boards around the rink so that when the players slam into them, the contact is a bit padded. The ads could still be put on. Might save a few injuries.

As I am aging, my motivation for some things seem to be changing whether I want it to or not. For instance, when I went for a walk, I did it because it was good to walk for my muscles, heart and general well being. Now you have to add also a need to get that brain which is slowly shrinking to ‘unshrink’ by walking. ( Did I just make up that word, ‘unshrink’?) It is true. I heard it on the Medical news on TV. Also, of late, I heard from a Chiropodist that walking helps to prevent a hammer toe by increasing the muscles strength, I guess, of your toes. Who knew?? Did I worry about a shrinking brain or a hammer toe a few years ago?? I don’t think so. I flew up to Girl Guides from Brownies on Dec. 1 some years ago. I won’t say how many but I do remember the year) when I was eleven. How come I can remember that so clearly and can’t recall what I had for lunch a few days ago?? Is it a senior moment or maybe my brain can’t find the right file like Dr. Daniel Amen talks about or is the brain a ‘shrunk beanie’ already by now?? There seems to be a lot to worry about these days that never occurred to me when I was forty. They say youth is wasted on the young and I think it is true because I sure appreciate today the fact that I didn’t really have much to worry about then.

Henry and his staff at the Corner Restaurant did a great job decorating for Christmas. Lots of beautiful Christmasy blues with all the other Christmas colors made the restaurant very festive. But Henry, only one Teddy Bear??

I am anxious to see all the Valentine decor he and his staff will be doing soon…lots of red hearts and cupids I bet. Thanks so much for making all our special occasions so much more festive and fun. Good food too. Kudos.

I didn’t think that there was a word for this, but there is…believe it or not. I had heard about a few people who go to the luncheon just for the meal after a funeral but don’t necessarily know the person who died. Apparently it isn’t only a local thing. There is a Portuguese word, ‘Pesamenteiro’ , according to the ‘Better Than English ‘ website, which describes someone who does this to get the refreshments, not to offer condolences. The word being in Portuguese, not just ‘Cornwallese’, must mean it is an international practise. Learn something new every day.

Here’s a cute joke:

A lawyer was cross-examining a witness:

Q: This Myasthenia Gravis, does it affect your memory?

A: Yes

Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory?

A: I forget

Q: You forget? Can you give us and example of something you’ve forgotten?

Have a good week, Dawn

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  1. There are eight community minded businesses in Cornwall who display our donations dogs. Giant Tiger has been supporting our program since 2007. We are always seeking additional businesses to raise funds and appreciate the support of the community, enabling us to provide guide dogs to the blind and visually impaired in Cornwall.
    Steven Doucette
    Guider & Events Coordinator
    Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

  2. I always enjoy Dawn’s articles.

  3. I agree with Hugger and Dawn is a breath of fresh air and a very lovely lady. I had quite a good laugh looking at Tiger the cat trying to get into a tiny box.

  4. Steven: The little statues are a wonderful reminder for the public of the great work done by Canadian Guide Dogs and gives us an opportunity to support it.

    Hugger and Jules:Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate it very much.

  5. Dawn you are a very nice lady along with Mary Bray and two ladies that I really have a great deal of respect for and like what you both write. I love animals very much and they brighten my day.

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