Ottawa First Student Driver KELLIE PERRIER Charged with Impaired Driving of School Bus After Crash – JAN 16, 2015 #OPS

OPS Jan 16 2015On January 15, 2015 at approximately 2:00pm patrol officers from East Division responded to a collision at the intersection of Milton Road and Navan Road.

The collision involved a school bus and a car.  No one was injured.  While there were no children on board at the time of the collision; the bus driver was en route to a school to do a pick up for after school.

The investigation determined that the school bus driver, with First Student, was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

As a result, Kellie PERRIER, 45 year old female of Ottawa was charged with Impaired driving.  She is scheduled to appear in court onJanuary 29, 2015.

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  1. I know of teachers going to school impaired but this is a first hearing about a school bus driver in that condition. I can’t stand teachers never have and never will and if I had my way over again I would home school them. Society is getting a great deal worse than ever before. People are completely nuts well they haven’t seen anything yet wait till the economy crashes and the mental institutions and prisons will fill.

  2. Author

    Jules, Jules, Jules….

  3. Yes Jules, teachers are bums. Every one of them! They’re only in it for the money, and they show up for work half in the bag most of the time. I had one teacher who wasn’t a drunk, but he turned out to be a pervert! They’re all bad!

  4. Author

    Furtz, Furtz, Furtz….

  5. Furtz I have seen a number of them in Cornwall and some in Ottawa who were dipping their beaks in the sauce and one teacher who was a friend of ours – a woman – taught my son and fell backwards and missed her chair because she was hung over. In Ottawa the teachers would call us because to pick up our kids because they wanted to go and party. The teacher who was a friend of ours in Cornwall was married to our friend who is an alcoholic and they were the bar stools in Cornwall. If I told you the things that happened you would be roaring on the floor with laughter. There was a well known high school teacher in Cornwall in my day and head of the English department would carry a mickey around with him and nipping between classes and we all saw him – that sure takes me back a long way. Another teacher who lived right across from a high school a woman – same thing. LOL LOL. One time at a Christmas party a friend of ours who was married to the teacher made a dirty joke at a Christmas party and we told him “you mean you really told them that story?” and his answer to us was “of course they were all hammered anyway”. LOL LOL. We miss him and a lot of Cornwall’s insanity – we knew so much going on and his former BIL was a cop well known in Cornwall and the stories that he would tell and his own crazy actions. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  6. She should be fired and all her licenses taken away. Her bus licence “B” and her regular drivers licence “G” and never get them back. Could you imagine children on board that bus with her drinking and driving. School bus drivers are hauling precious cargo our kids and to think she was drinking and driving a school bus. Oh she should be punished to the fullest of the law.

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  7. I used to have a woodworking teacher that dipped into the sauce on a regular basis. We used to walk to St. Brigid School (now the site of the Shepherds of Good Hope) from our school on Wilbrod St. He was a good teacher, but he ended up cutting off the end of his finger a few yeas later.

  8. Give her a break she might be a Liberal and entitled or have a really good excuse and besides would she not have a union that could go on strike or with hold services? Maybe her human rights were violated or someone spiked her Perrier at lunch. Maybe climate change……

  9. David, what’s with your hatred of Liberals or non-Conservatives? Someone caught driving while impaired… Probably a Liberal! Seems a bit extreme and childish to me, and I’m not a Liberal.

  10. Good to see the school bus driver was relieved of her duties.

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