Fire Strikes Senior’s Residence in Cornwall Ontario Sunday Night – APRIL 6, 2015

edward fire APRL 4 2015 eCORNWALL Ontario – Fire struck a Seniors building in the le Village section of Cornwall Sunday night.

Fire Department Responds to An Apartment Fire

The Event

At 6:20 pm, on Sunday April 5, a call was received by the 911 operator advising of an Apartment on fire at 15 Edward Street.

edward fire APRL 4 2015 cThe Response

The Fire Services Department responded with four vehicles from both Stations. A total of 17 fire personnel were at the scene.

edward fire APRL 4 2015 bThe Summary

The fire was extinguished with one person being removed from the apartment. The incident is still under investigation at this time.

The Fire Prevention unit was dispatched to investigate the cause of the fire.

Photos: Kyle Danis Linton


  1. Another story on this fire claims that the fire started in the home of an elderly woman with a brain disorder who was a smoker & drinker, if this is true, she herself is a victim of our healthcare. She should have been cared for, she seems to have fallen through the cracks

  2. Mary these things happen a great deal here in Ottawa in those senior apartments and yes it is usually do to careless smoking and drinking. We live in those apartments here in Ottawa and they are not safe for seniors and no place for kids. These are dangerous places to live. A neighbor down the hall from me was taken to the hospital lately and she is middle age but sick and on a walker and I haven’t seen her around for over a month. There are seniors in our building and this is too dangerous for them. Yes healthcare has fallen through the cracks and Ontario is literally broke.

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