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cfn panic 180x150CFN – As a service to Standard Freeholder readers who cannot post comments on local stories we at CFN thought we’d allot some space for you to discuss their top local stories of the day.

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Cornwall microbrewery a dream come true

Cornwall and Akwesasne students pushed to challenge stereotypes in Spirit Horse play

Cornwall senior hoping the Supreme Court will throttle driving tests

Rave reviews for local team behind Fred Page Cup

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  1. I wish all the luck in the world to the Fred Page Cup at Cornwall but having been at Royals vs Colts Alumni game(A few hundred people) then looking at online photos from Colts Wed Night game the stands are empty.Heard some figure about $80,000 to put on Tourney.Am I missing something here????

  2. Why is Ken MacLennan using evidence in divisional court from Florida driving records that showed drivers over 80 had fewer collisions? Perhaps Ontario records show otherwise. He can’t claim discrimination. There are restrictions on new drivers as well.

  3. Melman….yes $80k. Ice time, referees, etc. are not free. Suppliers, etc do not provide their services for free.

  4. I understand the costs Hugger thanks..I think
    My point is what is the upside of this for the City of Cornwall?? Proving once again it is not a Hockey Town?
    I see no attendance figures in news articles
    This isn’t a bash Cornwall point but three bus loads of hockey players from across Canada aren’t going to help the local economy and thats all I want.A better Cornwall so maybe my kids will return home and find a decent job in this town

  5. Author

    Mel I would agree with you while offering the proviso that it makes no sense to cut the public art gallery budget to zero while funding such a hockey venture. Balance and equitable treatment of taxpayers should be a mandate for council.

  6. Mr Jamie
    I just looked at the video on Fred Page site of Colts Vs Dieppe-when Cornwall was still in the running-the stands are empty which makes me sad.Hope this isn’t a Vanity project or something. The attendance for our former greats from Cornwall Royals was far worse- on one side maybe forty people- some players have expressed disappointment.
    On another note I told stellaby and the gang at the SF two weeks before they shut comments down this would happen making me all the more grateful for CFN!!!

  7. Author

    It is scary for our Democracy when the people lose their voice.

  8. Upside? Towns, cities, don’t take on hockey championships to make money. They do it to get their town, city publicity. As the saying goes any publicity is good publicity.

    In regard to attendance perhaps if the Colts had a better season finish there would be more bums in the seats. Anyone who thought the Colts had a chance of winning this is dreaming. Also, being a weekend and so close to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto certainly does not help the Fred Page Cup.

    As for the CSF shutting down comments this should not have been unexpected. PostMedia runs a much tighter ship for small town (Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, etc.) newspapers than Quebecor Media did. I’m surprised there haven’t been any layoffs yet. I see them coming or at the very least changes in how things are done. PostMedia bought SunMedia from Quebecor for a reason, one of them is to make a profit.

  9. Author

    I would expect the Freeholder to cut down to either two or even one printed edition per week within 12 months.

  10. Small town print newspapers are going under for the same reason that porn movie houses did. The interweb is a wonderful thing.

  11. Author

    Furtz it’s about adapting. I think history will show what I’ve went through with the boycott and other dramz was simply a conspiratorial attempt to protect the favored media outlets and not allow open competition.

  12. I agree with you Jamie where you said about small town papers gradually going down to one or two prints a week and this is all coming soon. It costs a lot of money to put out print and the net is the way to go. You can call me old fashioned and an old fogie that doesn’t want even a cell phone – I gave mine to my son. I know how the older generation feels but technology evolves and even the big city papers are on line. You will see everything going on the net with the time and no more printed matter.

  13. It will be interesting to see how long the no comment policy lasts with all these small papers. Pretty sure their web traffic has already dropped off.

  14. Mr Furtz
    I just hope this isn’t a Standard Freeholder decision to keep on the good side of the Power Elite.
    If memory serves some talking head from the City used the open comments section as his reason to start the boycott against Mr Jamie making totally BS interpretation of Journalism best practices
    Its pretty silly when i see people commenting under Fred Page Cup hockey games that don’t involve the Cornwall usual..seems “smelly as Domtar” behind this decision announced by editor Hugo.SF ownership gets changed so much they still all have sunmedia email accounts
    They announced 1000 at Colts game last night just look at photo of puck drop by injured Neil Doef the crowd almost non existant
    That is not good publicity especially when CTV drops in.

  15. Author

    Mel just throwing answers at the wall I would wager that would be a huge factor. That and there is a Federal election coming up and there’s nothing like pandering for some advertising. After all, what kind of candidate would dare advertise or grant interviews to media that actually accepts feedback from the public? What a silly concept? 🙂

  16. Did all of you know that TV is going IP TV and has already started here in Ottawa with those smart TV’s and people can access the net on that system. My husband purchased a used phone that is one of those touch tone phones and he is thinking about giving it to my daughter since he cannot keep a steady hand on that thing. LOL LOL. You can read newspapers, communicate, read all kinds of things on that phone. Even the big newspaper chains like New York Times has to change or else they go down and just now they are on a mighty shaky grounds of closing down and so are many other top newspapers. All businesses are done on line nowadays or you starve.

  17. Smart TV’s have been around for quite a while now. We’ve had one for over 3 years. Smart phones have been around since 1993. I had to upgrade last year and went with a super-phone. I can watch TV on it and do anything that I can do on my notebook or desktop. The newspapers have changed with the times. But the technology is moving so fast now it’s hard for anyone to keep up. I do a lot of my banking online now and order things to be delivered. I’m just waiting for drones to start delivery of parcels, etc.

  18. Hugger, I don’t even have a dumb TV. Gave up on TV over twenty years ago. Never had a cell phone, dumb or smart, either. And since I retired about eight years ago, I haven’t had a wrist watch. I do have a desktop computer and a land-line phone. That’s all I need for now.

  19. We have a smart TV and had it for two years now and I don’t watch TV but my family watches it. We do our banking (most of it) on line and my daughter is more prone to use those smart phones than what my husband is capable of since she is young and her hands doesn’t shake like my husband’s does. My husband is 70 years old now and yes technology is going very fast indeed. I have no patience except for the computer.

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