Paleo Princess Kristin Blasiak Shredded Pork Tacos with Lime Cremas ! MAY 25, 2015


CFN’s Paleo Princess, Kristin Blasiak had a craving and this recipe hit more than just her spot.   Enjoy this Mexican offering!


Pork roast


Chipotle Peppers



Bay leaf

Chicken broth


Agave syrup

avocado oil


Apple cider vinegar

Salt & pepper

Cinnamon stick

Sour cream


Blend the deseeded jalenenos, chipotle peppers, onions, vinegar, cilantro, agave syrup and  garlic together with the avocado oil.

Once combined, heat the mixture on the stove and add the chicken broth. Cook down until it thickens and then add to the cubed and salt and pepper seasoned pork in the slow cooker.

Allow to cook on low heat for approximately 8 hours, stirring occasionally.

Take pork out and shred, pouring some of the juices over top for added moisture.

For the like crema, combine sour cream with fresh lime juice. Also cut some additional cilantro and add on top for an extra pop of flavour. Enjoy!

As a Paleo devotee,   my successes and failures are dedicated to leading a healthy Paleo-inspired lifestyle.

Most of my recipes do not include exact measurements because I rely heavily on my intuition when cooking. These measurements also fluctuate depending on how many people you are cooking for and your personal preferences so I invite you to put your own personal spin on any recipes I post.

Please update me with any interesting additions or alterations to my recipes, I am always open to trying new things!

And please post your comments and questions below; especially how the recipe worked out when you try it!

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