Are Energy Drinks Contributing to Blood Clots in Hockey Players by Jamie Gilcig – JUNE 7, 2015

CFN – It seems we’re seeing more and more cases of blood clots in athletes and in particular hockey players.  Penguins d man Chris Letang had a stroke before the age of 30.  Clots finished the career of goalie Tomas Vokoun, and this year Pascal Dupuis and Kimmo Timonen both had clotting issues.

The question is if there’s a connection between all this…clotting and popular energy drinks?   If you google them you will see the one common concern is….clotting.

Athletes have been using stimulants for generations.   Some legal, and some as common as jacking up on coffee or caffeine which is a primary ingredient in energy drinks such as Red Bull.

The question is are the high levels of caffeine and chemicals used in large quantities by athletes leading to clotting issues and in the case of some serious health issues and risks?

Is there a safe amount or dosage of these drinks?  Should they be regulated or at least be of stronger concern for athletes.  After all, this isn’t Gatorade we’re talking about.

via medica 2 2015Stories like this one, raise the question if a poll should be done to see to what degree hockey players are consuming these energy drinks and if there are more clotting issues with those that consume them or if in what quantities.

The Energy Drink industry is huge with companies like Red Bull pulling in billions world wide with no real checks and balances to the impact on short or long term health.

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  1. These things are dangerous. As early as 2011 Health Canada was looking at them and “managing” them. Yet, I don’t think anything has been done yet. What is the hold-up?

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  3. Agree Jamie, just follow the money,look also at GMO,what is our Government doing to protect us….notta!!! Because it has Monsanto Round-Up inecticide in it,some other countries have banned it including China, GMO corn glucose used to sweeten almost all soft drinks & many other foods because it is so much cheaper than sugar. I gave up GMO wheat near 7 years ago & cured my ulceritive colitis within 6 weeks

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    I agree Mary. We have no real over sight over those that are supposed to be protecting us. Too many industry consultants and not enough population consultants sadly.

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