The Leafs Should Not Rush Kessel & Phaneuf Trades by Jamie Gilcig JUNE 21, 2015 #leafs

While this draft is highlighted as one of the best in recent vintage the Toronto Maple Leafs seem to want to rebuild?

In the cap age asset management is key.   Asset value is dictated by contract as well as talent now as well.

For all the rhetoric of Toronto wanting to rebuild is there a real reason to?   The team has some solid NHL talent.   A reboot seems to make much more sense than a total rebuild.

Of course fans buying into that gives Brendan Shanahan and his team an excuse to suck for a few years, right after they gave Brian Burke five years to take the team forward.

Last season was very odd.  The team seemed to be poised to be a clear bubble team with a chance to make the play offs, but not be a cup contender.   Boom, Randy Carlyle was dumped and the team seemed focused on finishing last.

As a hockey fan it looked like they were tanking.   The Leaf’s being the Leafs they missed the McDavid sweeps, and will be selecting 4th.

Short of Connor McDavid there really don’t seem to be any sure fire solutions in the draft.  There will be some strong future NHL’ers but that stud big centre isn’t really there nor is a trade that easy.   Toronto could try and over pay, but even then who will they end up with? Mikko Koivu?  Vincent Lecavlier?   They simply are in a boat that most NHL teams are in during the cap age and have to strive to reach their team goals.

Edmonton has proved the continued sucking out doesn’t necessarily lead to Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Their team last season was chock filled with great early draft picks.   Will even McDavid put them at the top of the food chain without a well rounded supporting cast?

Teams like Chicago and Detroit have shown the importance of developing the players you draft and not just getting lucky early round picks.

Whether Toronto “blows it up” or reboots there will be no easy solutions.    And what you get for Kessel and Phaneuf will be critical to future of the franchise.   With both signed up long term the team needs to sell high unless it truly is getting an asset worth over paying for.

What do you think Leaf Nation?  You can post your comments below.


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